ZENIQ Coin Price | Token Dips 5% in Past 24 Hours, Royal Partnership

ZENIQ Coin Price: developed by ZENIQ technologies in Dubai, the coin dips 5% in its Uniswerp market value in the last twenty-four (24) hours.

Although its volume is an impressive figure, around $36,711 at the time of writing, it trades only on one exchange. Holders expect to trade derivative crypto markets on ZENIQ Coin’s unique blockchain network instead of Etherium. But the project has not come to fruition yet.

As per the trade stats for the last 24 hours, ZENIQ Coin Price is $0.315956. At a glance, the ETH token ranks #4,587, records zero public info about its circulation and loses some 73% of traded volumes in Uniswerp.

You can learn more about the ZENIQ token in this article. We also explain relevant points about the ZENIQ technologies, Dubai, an MLM pro, and a blockchain developer.

ZENIQ Coin Price: Overview

Crypto coins add to their numbers daily on many exchanges. ZENIQ Coin is one such asset.

In the last few days, holders speculated the maximum yields of the token, hoping to make profits from CFDs in the future. In the same period, the ZENIQ Coin Price scaled down 5% amidst uncertainties about its market cap.

Despite the decline, ZENIQ Coin has its strong suits. For instance, it has sizably stocked trading pairs like LINK, $1,630; ETH, $34,203; UNI, $0. That is a good start for any cryptocurrency on ETH.

Besides serving as a crypto exchange, ZENIQ intends to broker transactions requiring payments from cryptocurrencies to fiat. That is a reverse-order crypto brokerage, moving from the typical fiat to blockchain fad. Also, the coin launches off a famed project in Dubai. Here are the details below.

ZENIQ is reportedly a tech developer leveraging modern software to build a blockchain, a crypto exchange (ZENIQ exchange), and a hub, among other things. At least on the public side of the company, Erwin Dokter, former CEO of Safir International, heads ZENIQ Technologies. Beyond these known facts, information tying Safir International to ZENIQ becomes fuzzy.

But generally, keen observers imply that ZENIQ Coin is a convenient egress for Safir International. Since the coin is only a part of the company’s MLM business, it is allegedly another Ponzi siphon. Currently, we cannot confirm any of these issues.

Regardless, ZENIQ Technologies might not be as high-profile as media hype would have you believe. A quick search on Google shows that the company offers its crypto exchange on UNISWERP, not ZENIQ EXCHANGE. Further, the token is only an ETH token. You can confirm these disclosures on available reviews online.

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ZENIQ Coin Price: Blockchain Network

ZENIQ Coin Price: here, the market dynamics in this platform are not the usual walk in the park. Why? Because instead of incognito operators offering vague trading terms, ZENIQ attaches a print of its so-called ZENIQ Block Explorer on the website. This section briefly explains some of the details available on the site.

On the platform, zeniq.net, you can see the supposed blockchain tools in this order:

Node Status,


Browse Blocks,

Mempool Summary,

Transaction Stats, and

Unconfirmed Transactions.

As always, the problem with these tools is that they avail a trader of little use if they remain unreviewed. As mentioned previously, traders can only infer the ZENIQ Coin Price from its single counter _ Uniswerp. That is an obscure deal for any crypto pro, cue Dubai winding up frequently in MLM Ponzi. ZENIQ should impress the legitimacy of its supposed Dubai securities license by pairing a popular exchange like Huobi Global or Binance or featuring on up-to-date market caps.

Even on the preferred counter, the current ZENIQ Coin Price is 4.7% less than its value yesterday. That is not a good prospect in the light of Uniswerp being relatively obscure to crypto traders.

Royal Family Endorses ZENIQ

While the ZENIQ Coin Price remains speculation in most communities online, its tokenization in the UAE gets many laudations.

Also, ZENIQ might seal its legitimacy in the UAE by leveraging its partnership with the royal family. There are videos of Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum partnering with the company.

The coin might kindle skepticism online, but it is acceptable in the UAE as a decades-long answer to large swings in cryptocurrency values. The media currently reports the prospects for the UAE. Reportedly, ZENIQ might advance the UAE within the first few tiers of top industrialized tech countries globally.

P/S: the royal endorsement does not serve as an SEC pass. OneCoin, one of the monumental scams in Defi history, numbers a Sheik Saoud license among its legitimizing paperwork. Further, there is no proof of ZENIQ having any regulation from Dubai’s DFSA. Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum might only be buying into the media hype of ZENIQ Technologies.

Reiterating, media ratings, and partnerships with royal families in the UAE do not imply security is not fraudulent. Recently, the volume of nose-diving coins proves that vested interest plays more roles in launching tokens than market tools. You can observe this in the case of Million Token. All it takes to seize the trends is a celebrity figure, like Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum, doing a few cameos for a crypto token. You can draw a parallel from this link: https://nomics.com/blog/essays/transparency-ratings.


Like Nomics.com, many popular reviews online report that the ZENIQ Coin Price lost 5% of its value in twenty-four (24) hours. At this rate, it still tallies to hundredths of US Dollars.

Also, ZENIQ does not disclose its market caps to the public. Impliedly, top investors backstage are pumping the token’s value, baiting holders to buy valueless coins. That is not a good business strategy, even in the UAE.

Note: we merely share the details of ZENIQ Coin as we find it. We do not intend to defame any company or induce people to buy the token. Readers are acting at their discretion.

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