Yahoo Mail Password Change | Get a New Yahoo Mail Password

Yahoo Mail Password Change: you can create a new password for your Yahoo Mail or Yahoo mobile app account using the easy steps here. To continue accessing your current Yahoo Mail account or the mobile app, use the procedure in this article.

Why You May Need to Change Yahoo Password

Recently, Yahoo! has been offering a flurry of software updates. While some of these services are entirely new, others are marked improvements of previous products. Chances are older, redundant features of the ad-ridden Yahoo Mail versions may pose several privacy issues for users.

If the early versions of the software jostle some previous settings on your Yahoo Mail Account, they still offer re-set options. With the Yahoo Mail Password Change steps in this post, you can get a new Yahoo Mail Password and continue using your current Yahoo Mail Account.

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Yahoo Mail Password Change: Easy Steps

You can change your Yahoo Mail Password in this section if you do not remember the current one. Follow the procedure below closely to change your password.

  • Go to
  • Click on the Sign-in Helper link.
  • (This redirects to a Password Recovery webpage)
  • Then provide a Password Recovery contact (phone number, email address, or sign-in phone number)
  • Once you specify a recovery media, which can be any of the above, you will get a message from Yahoo confirming that your account exists.
  • Now, choose a recovery code option to receive the code you will use to reset your password. (Option can be email, text, or phone call, typical charges apply)
  • Enter the code into the specified box.
  • Click on Submit
  • Subsequently, you will see a new page that allows you to change your password.
  • After entering your new password, click on Submit.

Now, you have a new password.

Change Existing Password

Besides replacing a forgotten password with a new one, you can update an existing password even if you still remember it. Below is how you can do so on your Yahoo Mail account.

  • Open the Yahoo mobile app on your PC or cellphone, and click on Menu.
  • Yahoo Mail app users can click on Manage Accounts.
  • Click on Account Info, then Security Settings.
  • Type in your Yahoo Mail Security Code
  • Now click on Change Password
  • Select I would change my password.
  • Provide a new password and confirm it.
  • Then click on Continue.

Easy as that, you can change your password. The method may not always work for all Yahoo mobile apps, however. This is because the features are not general for the different Yahoo Mail versions.

Moreover, always change the password after a period of inactivity to avoid password issues while trying to log in.

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