Xsinergia Review | Crypto Elite Travel Club, Coopts Proxies and Ponzi

Xsinergia Review: the platform, an obscure crypto trader from a proxy CEO, offers calibrated bots for automated crypto trading, despite showing zero trade online.

Xsinergia is not the first to propose novel earning options, notwithstanding how infeasible such alternatives are. Like the usual spin, trade patterns involve an algorithm running investments from ground level to the tapering top of a typical Ponzi triangle.

Regardless of the negative feedbacks about it online, Xsinergia puts in much work for its PR. So, our Xsinergia Review gives it the benefit of the doubt and discusses the packages, travel and e-commerce, and multi-level marketing sides to the platform. See more details in the following sections.

Xsinergia Review: Overview

Xsinergia starts off poorly as regards legitimacy in MLM. For one, the website does not say who owns the company. Instead, it only mentions what the company can do for clients, which is the thrust for the supposed crypto bot owners.

(Correspondingly, these software providers rack up the most discredits from reliable reviews online.)

Also, the company is not new to the MLM business since it booted in 2019. In this period, Xsinergia already has partnerships with travel agencies/facilitators (TOR GLOBAL TRAVEL S.L, Nousgo World Wide Traveling S. L, etc.).

The facts about the company are contradictory, although they concur on the supposed owner (Enrique de Mena) of the platform. We say supposed because we do not see any information about de Mena online. Mena, the CEO of Xsinergia, only exists on the website. This is typical of proxies. They attempt to blur any digital footprints leading to their career history.

Moreover, Xsinergia seems to get most of its followers from Brazil and Mexico. Despite Xsinergia mentioning it is from Spain, the company does not have much running in the country.

Below is how the affiliate compensation works, as our Xsinergia Review makes it out on the platform.

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Affiliate Compensation Plan

Multi-level marketing platforms promise to pay back returns to their clients by either investing their deposits in a business (crypto or forex trades) or remitting bonuses (in cash) for recruitments, as regards the investment packages, which pay fixed profits on the investments.

Investors in the platform hope to clinch a 200% Return on Investments (ROI). Moreover, Xsinergia charges 6% for these transactions.

Here is how it works below.

Legend _ deposit $50,000 and earn two hundred percent (200%) as quarterly ROI.

Investor _ deposit $20,000 for a quarterly 200% ROI

Executive ($10,000) _ pays 200% after a complete trading period (typically three or four months)

Master ($5000) _ pays 200% after completing a trade quarterly (typically three or four months)

Professional _ is available for $3000 and remits twice the deposit amount as a profit.

Advanced _ is available for $1000 and pays twice the deposit amount as a profit to clients.

Intermediate _ remits 200% of the deposit amount for a $500 deposit.

Beginner _ deposit $300 for a quarterly 200% profit.

Start-up _ here, you need only invest $100

You will have to reinvest the entry deposit amount to re-enter the earning period.

Additionally, the compensation does not end with the above scheme. As regards earning from a multi-level marketing company, airdrops/residual commissions play a significant role. You can see the most preferred residual bonus in the following section of our Xsinergia Review.

Airdrops: Binary Compensation

As often as crypto affiliates cum coupon selling breaks on the MLM business, it invariably involves the binary lattice. We explain how the compensation structure works in the following section.

It typically starts with an affiliate peaking a binary team, then branches out in twos for every entry in the structure, eventually forming a composite lattice of branching binary units.

Once you start your downline, you can earn profits continuously from the compensation structure in any of the following ways.

  1. Either directly recruit an affiliate to invest in the platform,
  2. Or get bonuses from downlines, nonetheless, due to indirect recruitments.

The second option is obviously a prop, earning you profits from the flushed recruitment volumes of entries in your binary downlines. You can earn money from the binary compensation plan only on the lower binary team side, which pays 10%.


Although the scheme seems fair and all, it doesn’t earn you more profits per day than your deposit on any Xsinergia package.

See the rank bonuses for this platform (another bonus prop) in the following section of this Xsinergia Review.

Xsinergia Review: Rank Achievement Bonus

Some of the bonuses from MLM companies are decidedly competitive, allowing the company concerned to drive-up recruitments by tying awards to affiliate coupons.

We outline the rank achievements below.

Black Diamond _ is available for $3,000,000, culminating from your lower binary team and two recruitments involving at least the Blue Diamond package/plan.

Blue Diamond _ is available for $1,000,000, culminating from your lower binary team and recruitments involving at least Diamond partners.

Diamond _ you get the rank for $500,000 from your lower binary team and at least Emerald affiliates.

Emerald _ goes for $100,000 from your downlines in the lower binary team and at least recruitments in the Ruby plan.

Ruby _ goes for $50,000 raised in your lower binary team and at least recruitments to the Sapphire Plan.

Sapphire _ earns you a bonus when you generate $25,000 culminating from your lower binary team side and two recruitments involving Gold affiliates.

Gold _ available for $10,000, culminating from your lower binary team and two recruitments to the Silver Package.

Silver _ you get the rank for $500 in your weaker binary team volume and two recruitments to the Bronze Package.

Bronze _ available for $1000 raised in your lower binary team volume

Each of the positions above earns you the following Achievement Awards/Bonus:

  • Maserati GT for Black Diamond,
  • Mercedes Class C for Blue Diamond,
  • Mercedes Class A for Diamond,
  • International Trip for two people for the Emerald rank,
  • MacBook Laptop for Ruby, and
  • iPhone XR for Sapphire.

Contradictions, Proxies, and Ponzi

Xsinergia Review: the most contradictory part of every service quote on the website is that they don’t exist, despite Xsinergia saying they do.

The best proof of any robotic software executing trade orders is publicly-verifiable evidence on the site. This is even overlooking the fact that Xsinergia does not offer any published audit from reliable plugs. I

nstead, the platform expects their merely asserting the existence of a bot to serve as proof. Of course, that is not enough.

Another weird feature of this platform is the recurring proxy theme borrowed from known MLM crypto scams.

De Mena does not provide any information about his career or the mission roadmap but presumes to offer a genuine bot trader. That is unacceptable.

Moreover, our Xsinergia Review could only find one earning option on the platform: recruitment influx.

By all indications, paying bonuses, airdrops, compensations, and elite travel opportunities with affiliate deposits point to a Ponzi scheme. It shows that Xsinergia only relies on deposits to make a profit.

See an Xsinergia promoters’ post on Facebook here.

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