World Life Crypto Review | IMC Shares, Cycler, Securities Fraud or Legit?

World Life Crypto Review: there are special treats like WCL Travel Club and bonus surfeits for WCL affiliates as securities fraud looms.

Due to the platform posing as a blockchain render, its website typically does not contain any information about its Admin. But privately sourced info about the web domain proves that the company has been around for a year. Or so our World Life Crypto Review infers.

World Life Crypto CEO is Francis Yoon, who supposedly lives in the US. If he intends to mitigate any reservations about World Life Crypto, he might use a more credible detail like the company’s location being in California. Why? Because a company operating in such a place get a fair share of SEC regulation.

No doubt, World Life Crypto CEO’s address hints at this subtle point. Initially, Francis Yoon was head of Epika Global, which was a multi-level marketing niche.

Our World Life Crypto Review examines the services, affiliate earning options, and potential issues about this platform. You can learn more about them by reading this article.

World Life Crypto Review: Overview

An important World Life Crypto (WLC) admin occurs in a flurry of outright crypto-related scam projects. He is Chris Principe, and his MLM PR streak involves the notorious OneCoin.

By his confession, Principe is all in with Ruja Ignatova’s idea of a blockchain earning scheme, which is an epic crypto scam. He also mentions that he endorses Ruja’s supposed seminal ideas on global economies. 

However, our World Life Crypto Review finds that the OneCoin fad is a rip-off. It saw many of its promoters behind bars, others are rigging up similar Ponzi ruckus, but some members await trial.

Reprising the unsavory role in Skyway Capital, Principe would sue for indemnities due to his slighted PR job for the company. Supposedly, his principals had to rescind his payments or forfeit their public allure.

Quite undeterred by the opposition, Chris Principe also pressed charges for alleged defamation by Timothy Curry. (The pun on Tim Curry, like the rest of PR/critic aliases, is a frequent feature in MLM circles.)

Besides the handful of the information above, our World Life Crypto Review finds nothing more about Principe or other WLC leaders online. Also, representing as a Defi pro, the website offers no product. However, there are affiliate options.

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Partnership Ranks

You can earn a partnership rank on World Life Crypto in the following way:

5 Star _ available to the IMEX25 investor cache for a $1,000,000 investment volume accruing on the lower team leg.

4 Star _ available to the IMEX10 investor cache for a $500,000 investment volume accruing on the lower team leg.

3 Star _ sells for a $100,000 investment volume accruing on the lower team leg, but only for investors in the IMEX5 rung.

2 Star _ sells for a $10,000 investment volume accruing on the lower team leg, but only for investors in the VIP cache.

1 Star _ is only available to investors in the Elite Member cache, and it sells for a $2000 investment volume accruing on the lower team side.

See the next section for more information about World Crypto Life Affiliate Compensation Plan.

Affiliate Compensation Structure

World Life Crypto Review: investments in the affiliate program in this company is very like trademark “crypto pump”. An influential figure does PR for a scheduled ICO, then buys much of the coin to pump its value on an exchange.

World Life Crypto prefers a different route to wealth creation than a zero sums contract for investors and companies. Instead of trading its coin on an external exchange, the platform pegs one of its IMC token shares at $1. Later, we will revisit this matter. For now, the affiliate compensation structure works like this:

IMEX25 ($25,000) _ available for $25,000, the package is worth IMC and IMEX shares correspondingly valued at $12,500 and $25,000 in returns.

IMEX10 ($10,000) _ available for $10,000, it is worth IMC and IMEX shares correspondingly valued at $5000 and $10,000 in returns.

Also, IMEX5 ($5000) _ sells at $5000 for remittals amounting to $2500 in IMC and $5000 in IMEX.

VIP Member ($2000) _ sells at $2000 for remittals, amounting to $2000 in IMC.

Elite Member ($500) _ pays $500 as profits in IMC for $500 deposits.

Member ($100) _ pays $100 in IMC for $100 investments.

Also, our World Life Crypto Review finds that the platform sources funds for treats to top investors through a “locked” investment cycle. Although it seems only an insinuation, inserting compliance for low-tier investors often feeds the bonus cyclers of MLMs. 

World Crypto Life keeps funds from low-tier investors in a “lock”, pending its six months dormancy. After the period, such investors get 10% per month.

World Crypto Life Review: 3×15 Cycler

There is nothing overtly rewarding in the World Crypto Life 3×15 Cycler bonus structure. Since the company disburses only 1% across all matrix bonus levels, its clients will have to invest more to earn bigger bonuses.

To picture the matrix cycler, imagine a corridor that leads to three other corridors, the three each branching into three more corridors, and so on. The image is that of earning from an infinite set of Russian dolls.


World Crypto Life Review: the company is the same story of an incorporation-heavy securities broker that denies it renders brokerage services.

Previously, we mentioned World Crypto Life CEO, Yoon, offhandedly seeking legitimacy nods for his company by obfuscating his California address with the company’s. If you look through the website thoroughly, you will notice similar tactics.

Our World Crypto Life Review finds a dodgy broker in the public image of WCL. Instead of providing a securities regulation with SEC, the platform scrunches in IM Exchange and a Bank of America debit card to prove its legitimacy. At best, it only serves as a flimsy excuse.

If World Crypto Life hopes to continue brokering MLM investments in a crypto coin, it will have to clarify investors about the status of its regulation. Why? Because algorithm or not, a matrix cycler, or WCL Gpoint, is one way of putting “you can earn profits by buying up IMC shares”.

Pending the time the company publishes an SEC license, clients might do well to invest in more secure portfolios.  

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