WinWheel Review | the Steinkelllers of OneCoin fame boot Scam Algotech

WinWheel Review: like its forerunner, Algotech, the platform rebrands ROIs and dubs former OneCoin scam promoters for a new MLM.

The names in this site strike as the same old favs of failed Ponzi in a notorious cross-continent subtle heist. Keeping to form, Algotech repeats the crypto investment scam template, closes abruptly, and discovers fresh fodder in WinWheel.

But for the hackles these operators could raise in a decent society, they remain vaguely linked to WinWheel. The reason is that the website does not say anything about its owners or principal members. It merely prompts you to sign up and make profits.

Can you make gain a penny from this anonymously-run company, though? We answer the question in this article.

WinWheel Review: Key Members/Promoters

No doubt the company reckons it can do without the snap and zip of company details on the website as it provides zero information about the admin.

Regardless, it does not escape public notice, given the figures promoting the platform online. One of these promoters, Daniel Grenon, is in cahoots with Staffin Liback, a promoter of OneCoin.

Grenon’s reputation rests on a series of botched trial and error Ponzi stints overseen by Staffin Liback. Such lackluster beginnings on the other of securities regulation constitute the business footprint of Daniel Grenon, the front for WinWheel.

Another associate of Grenon’s, although loosely connected to the man, is Simon Le, who roused the Asian chapter of OneCoin, eventually ditching it for refuge in Vietnam.

Le would reboot shades of the infamous OneCoin stragglers, OneLink and Global Sponsorship Network, eventually dubbing the previous gimmicks for the current outfit, WinWheel.

Our WinWheel Review finds Nigel Allen as a lead promoter and founder of several OneCoin offshoots, also doubling as the CEO of Power On Network.

Notice that the company takes care to downplay the roles of publicly-available information by keeping its previous business history secret.

Tip: our WinWheel Review finds that membership sign-up costs $100-$1000 threshold deposits in USDT, with ROIs capping at 400%.

Below is a brief explanation of the revenue generation cum commission/compensation plan. Although they tick the pyramid scheme MLM well enough, everything in the cache is jumbled up. See below for details.

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Affiliate Compensation, WIN Points & 400% ROI

The compensation program works in three levels here. You can use an app that generates WIN (the preferred cryptocurrency on the platform), invest in a package, and earn bonuses on the app.

The investment package provides the following three options (from which affiliates can hope to earn 400% ROIs).

Expert Pack _ available as basic 1000USDT (on the lower bound), equivalent to a 1000 USDT deposit.

Standard Pack _ available at basic 500USDT (on the lower bound), equivalent to a 500USDT deposit

Access Pack _ goes for a threshold of 100USDT investment.

Here is how the ROIs cumulate over a compensation model

Instead of a branching binary team algorithm, our WinWheel Review finds a linear tack-on bonus (WIN Points) model on the platform.

Essentially, the idea works on generated investment volumes on two sides of a medial Sponsor mark on a linear scale. So it is the typical MLM Binary Team, paying daily remittances as WIN Points accumulated on the weaker side.

Affiliates need only worry about getting high points by recruiting people to the company. Serially, recruitments to the following packages earn you the corresponding credits below.

Expert Pack _ gets you 500 WIN Points

Standard Pack _ 250 WIN Points

Access Park _ only gets you 25 WIN Points

So, what does a WIN pile convert to in percentage ROI profits? See the following section of this WinWheel Review for the answer.

How the WIN Points convert to ROIs

WinWheel sums the points to a 400% ROI depending on personally generated volumes (PVG). Here is how it works.

40% accrues on WIN Point Group Volume, 60% on Personal Volume

You get this percentage when you recruit twenty (20) affiliates to the Standard/Expert package

30% accrues on WIN Point Group Volume, 70% on Personal Volume

You get the reckoner for recruiting ten (10) affiliates into the Standard/Expert package.

20% accrues on WIN Point Group Volume, 80% on Personal Volume

The calibration here reduces qualifying recruitment to six (6) Standard/Expert members.

15% accrues on WIN Point Group Volume, 85% on Personal Volume

Also, you can recruit less than the previous set to qualify for this bonus point. You need only refer four (4) members to the Standard/Expert package.

10% accrues on WIN Point Group Volume, 90% on Personal Volume

It only requires you to recruit two (2) Standard/Expert members to the platform.

Moreover, a series of bonuses and rewards prop the above compensation programs.

Our WinWheel Review also finds qualifiers for prospective investors on the platform. It typically occurs in two folds, one for on-platform investment (same as in the above binary shuffle), the second for WIN Blockchain investment.

To invest in a blockchain, get the following prelims.

Six-hours record trading time on the app

Your PVG must include five (5) affiliates, each seeding $2000 in USDT (WinWheel does not differentiate on-platform deposits from the blockchain for this),

Correspondingly, you need to invest the same $2000 USDT.

Promos for investors: you get 10% ROI units on personal downline volume and another 10% down two affiliate levels.

Can you make profits from the website, though? See the following section of our WinWheel Review for a verdict.

WinWheel Review: Verdict

WinWheel merely fronts a 400% ROI flyer in a maze of MLM compensations, bonuses, and loyalty programs. But the truth is the returns on the investment necessarily ride on due diligence by the platform to provide verifiable evidence of the WinWheel app generating profits.

Also, the company sets a dubious record, with principal members promoting an international Ponzi rip-off, OneCoin. That is enough to give an investor pause for a long thought.

Further, the compensation scheme (while evidence of trades resulting from blockchain investments remains pending) only alerts one to the pyramid scheme subtly run as WIN Points. Why is it a Ponzi?

It is Ponzi because it merely shuffles fractions of the deposits back to the depositors (affiliates) as 400% ROI. So, your earning streak ends with WinWheel closing for sudden (imminent, though) bankruptcy.

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