Why Were Chainsaws Invented Fact Check | Chainsaw’s History

Chainsaws are considered universal and beneficial tools in your armaments, though, have you ever thought about why chainsaws were invented? Let’s check out that fact.

An invention of the 19th century the Chainsaw was firstly designed as a tool for cutting down trees.

Regardless, it was during the 20th century the tool became widely used for this purpose.

One of the purposes of Chainsaws are so useful is that they can cut through anything, wood, metal, and even concrete.

Chainsaws can be used for a wide range of things, they are most generally used for felling trees and slicing firewood.

This article will discuss in detail why Chainsaws were invented and facts to check in detail, let us proceed.

Reason For Inventing The Chainsaw

Numerous Chainsaw enthusiasts are inquisitive to comprehend why Chainsaws were devised. Well, the chronology of this tool is quite interesting.

The tool’s acknowledgment began hundreds of years ago when a man named Samuel J. Benschop originated it.

A formal carpenter from Holland Benschop immigrated to the United States in the early 1800s.

He started operating on a new style of saw that would be capable to cut through wood better than any other saw on the demand in that era.

Eventually, Benschop formed a prototype of his design, and it evolved so successfully that he stood competent to sell it to a company known as Disston & Sons.

The company’s mass-produced Benschop saw fastly evolved into the ideal for cutting wood.

The Chainsaw came a long way from its humble beginnings, and it is now one of the basic tools in most people’s toolbox.

As a result of the splendid efforts of Samuel J. Benschop, we now have a tool that can swiftly work any wood-cutting job.

How The First Chainsaw Looked Like

When the first Chainsaw was created, it used a chain with teeth that circled a guide bar and were powered by a hand crank.

The hand crank Chainsaw configuration was afterward enhanced by another German engineer with name Andreas Stihl, who is usually credited as the modern Chainsaw.

The first Chainsaw was invented for the use of forestry but they were quickly adopted in other categories such as building and farming.

This tool became a very vital tool for tree surgeons, landscape gardeners, and anyone who must cut through a considerable part of wood as fast as possible and efficiently.

Today, however, Chainsaws come in different sizes and designs, and they are frequently used for a wide range of tasks, both feeling trees and trimming hedges.

Amazingly, some Chainsaws use batteries and are available for those who need to make cuts in challenging-to-reach places.

While Chainsaws has a long time since its creation, they still perform the same basic function as it did 200 years ago: To make cutting work easier and quicker.

How Chainsaws  Were Invented

Many people search for what the Chainsaw was initially invented for.

Well, this tool was initially invented to fell trees. Nonetheless, it has heretofore been adjusted for a variety of additional uses.

The early Chainsaws that were invented in the 19th century were large and cumbersome and were only used for felling trees.

After the 20th century, Chainsaws started to be utilized for different purposes, such as cutting firewood and clearing land.

Today, Chainsaws are very essential for many people, including loggers, arborists, and homeowners.

The tool comes in different sizes and types and can be used to accomplish a lot.

Other than Chainsaws for farming, chopping down trees, cutting firewood, and various things, there is a Chainsaw for another use: Childbirth.

Chainsaw Invented For Childbirth

In the early day of delivery, when cesarean sections were still relatively new and risky, a chainsaw was often used to cut the infant out of the mother’s womb.

This tool was used to cut through the umbilical cord. Oftentimes, the Chainsaws slice through the mother’s pelvic bone to get the baby.

The Chainsaw was later less commonly used as cesarean sections are now safer and more common.

Nevertheless, it is still utilized when other strategies are not achievable.



So far we have seen that a Chainsaw is a movable automatic saw used for cutting through wood. The chainsaws are powered by an interior combustion motor, although some models are powered by electricity.

The chainsaw was designed in the early 19th century and was initially devised for use in forestry. Yet, it has since become one of the most versatile tools around the globe.

It can be used for multifarious tasks, including bucking, pruning, tree felling, cutting firebreaks in the wild, and harvesting firewood.

Frequently Asked Questions
Was the first chainsaw really used in childbirth?

Yes, the first chainsaw was invented to be used in childbirth – though thankfully it was a distant roar from the electric-powered monsters people cut down trees with today.

The prototype was developed by two Scottish doctors – John Aitken and James Jeffrey – in the late 18th century, for the process of symphysiotomy.

Why did doctors invent the chainsaw?

So to make it easier, two doctors invented an early version of the chainsaw in 1780 to make the process quicker and easier.

It was powered by a hand crank and had teeth on a chain that moved around the edge. It’s smaller and less scary than a modern-day chainsaw.

What is a child’s chain saw?

Chainsaws were invented to assist in difficult childbirths during the 18th century. We know what you are thinking.

Why was the chainsaw invented?

People today usually associate chainsaws with cutting down trees, but their original use you’re more likely to associate with something like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In the dark ages of modern medicine, the chainsaw was invented to assist in childbirth.

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