What does HMU mean on Snapchat? HMU Various Snapchat meaning

What does HMU mean on Snapchat? Social media users love to experiment with catchphrases and abbreviations like HMU & LOL.

While most short forms serve for a language variety (someone in London has a different cliché than another in Hull), others are used generally. HMU is one of these. But then, there are a handful of others like SMH, LMHO, BRB, etc.

Before you read on, what is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a far-flung messaging service that supports the exchange of multimedia data. It takes only a few login procedures to engage with users on the platform. Little wonder its millions of users actively share media content between themselves.

Abbreviations _ like social media memes _ allow an app user to write messages efficiently. Read on below for details.

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HMU on Snapchat: A little details about the app

A multimedia application, Snapchat supports the exchange of pictures (selfies for the most part), video clips, and banner messages.

You can improve your internet experience by taking a cue from some concept creators on Snapchat. Some users focus on a motif that connects them to a regular viewer circle. Once the user’s post gets an impression, the user receives a notification from the app.

So, you can post a picture (or video), edit it, and engage uploaded content. However, there are a few things to watch out for about the app. The maximum uploaded videos never exceed two (2).

Over time, a different layer supersedes the usual post and flit-through format popular on the app. Instead of long sentences or phrases, abbreviations cut to the chase more succinctly than typical clips. So, here we are, with new abbreviations from active users pouring into the app.

What does HMU mean on Snapchat? The question is one of many results topping Google searches for Snapchat slang. You can expect new ones to break on the scene in the next few months.

How Does HMU, or any other abbreviation, help?

Only one use is available for clichéd abbreviations on social media apps: faster engagements. It unloads the reply message bulk by compressing several-word sentences into three or four letters.

Granted that abbreviations help users get the multimedia message moving fast, it may not avail the receiver of much use if the abbreviation is obscure. Of course, such complications are easily solved by using familiar short forms and phrases instead of turning every textual input into a series of capital letters.

What does HMU mean on Snapchat? Which cliché is advisable?

There isn’t much point in constricting interactions between Snapchat users with message guidelines since it reduces engagement and creativity on the app.

However, you can use a popular message cliché for better effect than a personalized abb. It clears ambiguity about the message content.

So, what does HMU mean on Snapchat? See the following section for answers.

What does HMU mean on Snapchat? See others too

The most popular meaning is Hit Me Up.

However, you can find privately-used variants like HMUP (Hit Me Up Please). Snapchat users often prefer personalized clichés to trends. 

Besides the above abbreviations, a user might chip in BRB as a reply in an interaction. So, what does it mean? It means Be Right Back. You can’t paste BRB in every chat, though. Sometimes it seems necessary to create an impression. For one, you can write BRB as BRBP (Be Right Back Please) if you do not want to come off as rude.

Can you use HMU or BRB outside of Snapchat?

Yes, you can use them to express things on other social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

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