Wealth.ng app | Investing with Wealth.ng can Spur Business to Progress

Wealth. ng App is a high-end platform that can help you to manage your finances and grow your wealth with ease.

Many locals in Nigeria have a hard time adapting to the nuances of financial institutions in the country. This happens mostly because they do not wield the necessary tools for transacting in these institutions.

However, with Wealth.ng App, this hitch has been overcome. If you are looking for the best services from a financial institute, then this online platform should be your destination.

Wealth. ng was founded with the interest of the regular trader at heart. Pointedly, it is the first online investment market in Nigeria.

What Is Wealth.ng App?

This marketing platform is all about making online investments. 

Wealth. ng app avails you of a network of investments that cut across assets on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Treasury Bills, and prospects in the Agricultural sector.

Wealth.ng app uses its novel platform to introduce you to higher investments irrespective of your business history. There is always something new to discover on the website.

With as little as N10 000, you can invest in any of the listed assets in NSE for specified periods of time. Any of these assets can be bought in a matter of minutes. 

From products in the Agric-Finance category to real estate, the opportunities to bolster your wealth and expand your profit margin are fully provided by the Wealth.ng app.

All it will cost you to get started on the platform is just 5 minutes to sign up for an account. Visit the COMPANY WEBSITE to sign up

How to Fund Your Wallet

This is easy to do. You only need to follow a seamless chain of command.

You can fund your Wealth.ng wallet in many ways. Basically, you can do this through your debit/credit card, or preferably by using a bank transfer.

All of the funding methods are secure and can be easily accessed. If you fund your Wealth.ng wallet through bank transfer, then you should send your reference code to hello@wealth.ng.

Your reference code will be used to credit your wallet and subsequently confirm your transaction.

All the reviews conducted about the Wealth.ng app agree on their reliability. Even if you wish to liquidate your investment, the operation gets carried out just in one day.

In this way, you get to settle your brokers and reap the rewards of your investment all in good time.

How Reliable Is the Wealth.ng app

Wealth.ng app is reliable. Being an offshoot of the reputable Wealth Tech Limited, Wealth.ng connects many Nigerians with the reality of running transactions in close sync with technology.

Currently, there are many start-ups already making waves in this field. However, the platform bridges the gap between the ordinary Nigerian investor and the complicated finance in developed economies.

This is exactly why you should check out the opportunities offered on this market platform.

Moreover, the company is registered with the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. So, your investments are in good hands.

The company is under Sankore Investments and enjoys every one of the firm’s titular benefits due to this affiliation.

Sankore Investment has a professional niche of certified brokerages, advisory boards, and many outlets that provide wealth management services and assess investment options.

As you can see, with the Wealth.ng app, nothing is left to chance. 

Features & Investment Option of Wealth.ng App

  • Portfolio: the investments and financial assets you own on Wealth are a part of your Portfolio. You can also see a portfolio distribution that shows you how your portfolio is split between different investment types.
  • White Glove Account: An account type that is optimized for Wealth users who do not have prior investment experience and gives them a head start. This account allows Wealth.ng to make investment decisions on your behalf.
  • Fees: Currently on Wealth.ng, there are no fees attached to your investments, and using the Wealth platform is absolutely free.
  • Gifts: You can order gifts for loved ones or friends on Wealth. The gifts on Wealth include stocks, treasury bills, and wealth cash products.
  • Wealth Cash: This is a savings product on Wealth that offers a 7% interest rate per annum.
  • Real-estate Investments: Make real estate investments in Wealth by becoming a part-owner of properties. Own shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) with professional management at a small cost.
  • Agriculture Investment: Fund a farm on Wealth.ng and get up to ~22% interest on your investment. Minimum investment amounts are around N50,000.
  • Foreign and Nigerian stocks: You can become a shareholder of global companies and home-grown companies here in Nigeria. Trade global stocks on major exchanges across the world and also local stocks on the Nigerian stock exchange.
  • Treasury bills: Treasury bills interest rate on Wealth.ng can get up to ~13% depending on the tenor of the treasury bill and the principal amount. Invest in 30 days to 120-day treasury bills on Wealth.ng
  • Investment Options: Treasury bills, Foreign and Nigerian stocks, Agriculture Investments, Real estate investments, and Wealth cash.
  • Trending Products: These are investment products that are popular among investors on Wealth.ng. You can see the different products other investors are investing in at the time.
  • Self Starter Account: An account type that is suitable for Wealth users who have a decent level of experience with investments and can make their own buy or sell decisions.
How to register on Wealth.ng

To register for Wealth,ng, follow the guidelines below

1. First, go to their official website, www.wealth.ng

2. Then you click on the ‘Get Started’ toolbar

3. After that, make sure that you fill in the registration form with your necessary details and click on the ‘Sign Up button

if you want to register for the Wealth,ng, you will have o first download the app from the App Store for those using iOS and the Gogle play store for android users. then you will also create an account after by inputting your details on the app.


The Wealth.ng app paves the way for you to invest in highly competitive markets. The starter plan and performance rates are satisfactory.

Your investments are insured against risky market bids, and you can expect to earn high-income trading on the website. Do not hesitate to visit the platform to start earning big.

Please, share your views with us in the comment box below.

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