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Waptrick is the go-to website for downloading your preferred music videos and viewing the trending artistes in the different music genre. Stay with us on this article so you can learn more about this website and what it offers.

If you conduct a poll asking people to name their favorite website for downloading media contents, you will find that most people prefer Waptrick to the host of other websites out there.

The reason for this is simple, Waptrick offers an exhaustive menu of media contents to millions of users around the globe. You can get Naija music and music videos, Ghanaian hip hop jams, heavy lead from Hollywood celebrities, and more.

You can get the trending music in your locality on Waptrick if you know how to do so on the website.

However, if you are a newbie, we will show you the steps you can take to download the contents from the website. Read on below.

A Quick Look at Waptrick

First, we would like to point out that the website has a simple display. This makes it easy to trace and download your preferred content.

Waptrick surpasses a myriad of other websites when it comes to live streaming. Also, there is a short description of the music video, mp3 music, app, etc that you wish to download. 

Like we said before, you can download different genres of music from the website, not just the Naija stock.

Waptrick offers media brands in different categories. For instance, you can opt for Worships, Rap, Reggae, and many other brands on the website. 

And they are all for FREE! What could be more interesting in a media content website?

On the website, you get to download faster by using the search bar to trace the content. You can search for the artiste if you know the name, or you can look up the music instead.

Do you feel the itch to sing along with your favorite jams? Waptrick can help you to get the lyrics you want. The website is simply amazing.

Wallpapers, Animes, and Movies on Waptrick

Waptrick is replete with many kinds of Japanese cartoons (animes) for adults or kids.

There are other interesting apps you can find on the app, such as ring tones. Also, you can download movie trailers on Waptrick for free.

If you are interested in graphics design, the website has features that help to access this. All you need to do is VISIT THE WEBSITE, click on the right tabs, and start downloading the contents you want.

Downloading any of these on the website is easy. It only takes a click and choosing a file format to download content on your mobile device or PC. 

Download Free Apps on Waptrick

In case you are surprised by this, Waptrick offers free music apps to millions of users.

You don’t see many music platforms doing this. Yet the opportunity to enjoy good music using the free app is provided by Waptrick.

You can as well upload your songs to the website and use track the number of views whenever you visit.  

Free Naija Music 

Nigerian artistes are making waves in the music industry. Their songs are charting market trends in the African music world.

Get loads of Naija music on Waptrick. You can easily download hit songs and cool vibes from Nigeria’s new sensations like Omah Lay, Laycon, Fireboy, Rema, and many others   

You can get a sense of what the Naija genre sounds like by watching just the music clips.

Look for the Naija music you wish to download using the search option on the website. Just enter the name of the artiste, then the list of songs done by the artiste will be displayed.

Free Hollywood Music Videos

When the Mexican favorite song, Despacito, was trending, millions of users got theirs as soon as it was released on Waptrick. 

Waptrick provides the latest songs from Hollywood. If you are a lover of this genre of music, you should visit this website to start downloading it right away.

 Recently, Taylor Swift released an interesting album with a country-life theme. Check this out on Waptrick. Or you can download “Trollz” by Nikki Minaj and 6ix9ine which is trending on Instagram.

Downloading Music from the Website

You can down any number of music videos from the website at ease.

Go through the music categories, or look up the music of your choice by using the search bar. 

When you locate the music you want, click on it

Then click on ”download” on the next page that displays

Select your preferred file format. There are many formats to choose from.

Then just as simple as that, the selected music starts downloading on your mobile device or PC.


You can get all the quality music you could be looking for on the website for free.

Waptrick provides different offers spanning wallpapers, graphics, and music lyrics as well. You can as well take a look at their sports tags, the contents are just amazing.

Visit the website to download all of these and many more.

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