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Waptrick Musician: the media website has a WAP Musician category that helps you to download free MP3 audio and video songs anytime without stress. 

Our article about Waptrick Musician explains how you can access the plethora of music categories on the website. The music cache covers African varieties like Fuji, Hip-Hop/Reggae mix, traditional ditties; non-African varieties like Pop, Blues, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Dance Hall, etc.

For some years, the Waptrick Musician category serves as the go-to place for downloading cool songs, as far as MP3 song downloads are concerned. You only need to search for a title from your favorite crooner to get the download link on the Wap website.

Read more about this web category in the following sections.

Waptrick Musician: About the Mp3 Songs Lists

The Waptrick Musician has an exhaustive list of interesting songs and short audio tracks from your favorite movies. Song file sizes do not limit the available download links, since the Waptrick Musician converts them to the appropriate dimension. How? See below for the answer.

When you click on Download to download a song on your mobile device, you will see server options on a subsequent page. The page also contains options for clipping document sizes to suit your mobile device’s data storage.

Also, you can rely on the website for 24/7 music download at zero cost. (The only nuisance is a pop-up ad _ although they’re typically about video games, movies, and Hentai for adults.)

On Waptrick Musician, you can download the following songs for free:

Aom ft An Original Artiste (Billy Jean Cover) _ recently uploaded on the Waptrick Musician app

Other songs can be found using the first letter of the artiste name such as


Amanda Perez

Van Burren, Armin

And so on.

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Wap MP3 Music Download Clones

Sometimes the Waptrick website, waptrick.com, may not be available on the internet. In that case, there are other clone websites, presumably from the same Wap Admin.

They are 










And other clones of Wap in different continents. The most stable of these websites are the Waptrick.one links and Wapdam.com sites. However, all the clone platforms contain the Waptrick Musician app. At least, they will contain download links for different kinds of music in MP3 format.

Besides the categories for downloading foreign songs, there is a different cache for downloading local music. Do you prefer Nigerian hits to foreign jams? Waptrick has separate categories for the two varieties.

See how you download music from the Waptrick Musician app in the following section of this post.

How to Download

The app comes with the Waptrick. Also, since the Wap websites, riddled with pop-up ads, are unprotected, you can download music from the music section to avoid downloading malware into your device.

Below is how you can download MP3 song from Waptrick Musician on any of the Waptrick websites:

  1. Use the device (laptop, mobile phones, iPods, etc.) you want to download to search Waptrick Music.
  2. Indicate the music category you want by selecting from the list on the site.
  3. Preferably, you can use the alphabetical order option to locate a track
  4. Click on the music you want to download.
  5. Choose a download server and select a file size to start downloading the song.

Note: if the download links redirect to a different website, you can go back to the music and attempt to download it again. As we mentioned earlier, the Wap websites are prone to spam redirects.

Besides this minor issue of ads, you can enjoy free MP3 songs from the Wap sites for free!

Moreover, you can download games, wallpapers, movies, Opera Mini, and other content from Waptrick.

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