Waptrick Games for Asha 200 | Play Asha 200 Games on Waptrick.com

Waptrick Games for Asha 200: you can download and play Real Football 2D + 3D and other games on your Asha-supported mobile phone. Besides the football piece we mentioned, there are other types of games on the Waptrick website that you can download.

Why are they special?

The game parodies will play on Nokia Asha 200, unlike other versions that only run on Android devices. Also, it comes in different sorts, all available for free on Waptrick.com.

Learn more about Asha 200-supported video games in this article.

Waptrick Games for Asha 200 Preview

Most of the gaming apps for Nokia Asha 200 are provided by JAVAWARE since 2000, when the Asha series was popular. Some fans of Bounce, Arcades, Races, Street Fights, etc. still wish to continue their sessions on an Asha 200 product.

If you are one such person, you can download the games you want with the procedure in this post.

What do the Waptrick Games for Asha 200 look like?

First, the Java ware section contains descriptions of the items in their games menu. For instance, the category features a Rating widget for review and votes on any game that features on the platform.

Second, the interface is not a reversion to older blurry versions of games on Nokia Asha 200 products, contrary to popular opinion. We will explain this more in the following sections.

Third, the Waptrick Games for Asha 200 are available for free!

Lastly, Waptrick has a replication of the entire list on its games website. So, you can download games there anytime you want.

What do you need to download the games to your phone?

You only need a reliable web browser, a full battery, and enough memory space in your Nokia Asha 200 phone. Then you can download the games without a glitch.

See the next section of this article on Waptrick Games for Asha 200 for the available games.

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Waptrick Games for Asha 2008

In this section, we briefly describe the various games you can download from the Waptrick website. See the games below:

Real Football 2008 (2D + 3D) _ parodies a previous Real Football version. Also, the graphics give an aerial vantage to gamers, who can now watch from a birds-eye-view.

Further, Real Football 2008 (2D + 3D) contains forty-eight (48) football teams displayed as flat, two-dimensional soccer formats. With confetti, cheerleaders, and commentaries spicing the virtual stadium, all football matches appear real in the 3D extension of the game.

However, if you prefer Action & Shoot games to virtual Footballs, you can download the following piece from the Waptrick Games for Asha 200 instead.

3D Diversant _ this one is a fast-paced spy and goon saga. The plot starts with a wire to Kremlin that hints at a concealed weapon possessed by Nazis. The game’s designated hero, Ivan Braga, attempts to compromise the munition before it reaches its destination.

Nom _ an installation based on a Disney Land character

Doraemon _ a road hike parody from a Chinese start-up animator

Power Rangers (Mystic Force)

Marc Ecko Getting Up

Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra _ simulates the romance between Julius Caesar and Queen Cleopatra

Micro Counter Strike Force _ a game simulation of covert marine operations, shooting, bombing, trussing, and whooping up foes

Chornobyl Disaster Fighter _ an epic spontaneous bioengineering accident that breeds a Sarcophagus on an electric battery and leads to a historic disaster. You can still download it from the Waptrick Games for Asha 200 list.

Ben 10 _ a version of Ben 10, slogging out an alien-attack mission with an eerie object. If you enjoy Benny Tennyson cartoons, you can download the game from the Waptrick Games for Asha 200 menu for free.

Other Games For Games for Asha 200 & 201 List

Besides the games listed above, you can still play other ones in the following categories:



Puzzle & Logic






Street Fights

Car Chase

Further, kid games in the list include the following:

Bouncy Bunny

Dinosaur Talks

Super Jungle Run Pro

And a Talking Cat App

The Waptrick Games for Asha 200 also has adult games. However, they are mostly Hentai vids with heavy adult content.

See how you can download the games below.

How to Download Asha 200 Games

You can download the Nokia Asha 200 games using the following steps:

  1. Search the Waptrick web address for downloading Asha 200 games (or you can go to JAVA WARES).
  2. Go through the games in the download list and select the one you want to download.
  3. Click on the game (if it redirects to a different page, go back to the initial link)
  4. Then select a game file size.
  5. Also, indicate a network route you can use to download the game.

Like we mentioned before, all Waptrick Games for Asha 200 on the platform are for free. 

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