Wales Kingdom Capital Review |, Scam or Legit?

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: social media is abuzz with news of Wales Kingdom Capital discontinued ROI payment. Several reviews online are trending possible lawsuits against the platform for fraud or related offenses on their website.

Is there a kernel of truth in any of this news? Are they just rumors, or is Wales Kingdom Capital in trouble?

Find out the answers in this Wales Kingdom Capital Review. Also learn about the Wales Kingdom Capital Company, its services as listed on the website, its CEO, and its partnership in this article.

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: CEO & Company

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: sign-up/register on the Wales Kingdom Capital website and enter an affiliate program to earn ROI accruing over validity periods. Before you opt for any of its affiliate packages though, learn about the Company CEO and its roadmap here in this section.

Wales Capital offers business management advice as it affects the global market terrain. As stated on the website:

“Wales Capital is a global management consulting firm headquartered in New York, NY. We are the trusted advisor to start-up businesses, the world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions working at the intersection of finance, innovation, and entrepreneurship movements.”

The same Company description page includes an allusion to Wales Kingdom Capital’s unique problem-solving skills. Referencing its ability to solve problems that “no one else can”, Wales Kingdom Capital also says it has provided business management tips to world-leading Companies.

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: who is the Company CEO? 

The CEO, and Founder, of Wales Kingdom Capital, is Daniel Wales. Incidentally, Daniel is also a Nigerian Pastor. The Company has only been operating for twenty-two (22) months since its creation.

See the following section of our Wales Kingdom Capital Review to learn about the Wales Capital Services.

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Wales Kingdom Capital Review: Company Services

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: here you can learn more about the full cache of services on the Wales Kingdom Capital platform. On the website, you can see the following services in different categories:


Alternative Investment

Jobs Act

Sustainable Business.

At a glance, you can see that the most eye-catching service for investors is the Alternative Investment category. Let us see what it offers.

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: Kingdom Wales Capital Alternative Investment is a service leveraging on information to improve businesses in Real Estate, Technology, Consumer Products, and “Alternative Finance Companies”.

Further, the investor cache of the Wales Kingdom Capital services incorporates Forex (FXM) Markets and may even involve cryptocurrency. It allows you to earn through an affiliate system. And this is where the Company divulges another part to its Alternative Investments cache.

Wales Kingdom Capital: an MLM Platform?

The typical MLM promotional strategy show on the Wales Kingdom Capital affiliate marketing scheme. Like other Companies offering daily profits that amount to high ROIs, Kingdom Capital offers an Affiliate program that remits over 100%ROI per validity plan.

Although it does not publish a scheme for rewarding affiliates, Wales Capital offers coupon codes to newbies. The codes entitle clients to daily tokens (in Naira) on the website.

Based on the Wales Capital affiliate scheme, this review learns that Wales David’s Company is an MLM platform.

See the following section of our Wales Kingdom Capital Review for products on the Wales Kingdom Website.

Wales Kingdom Products

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: sign-up on the Wales Kingdom and join an affiliate rank. Are there other products on the platform besides retailing coupons?

There are no tangible products on the Wales Kingdom Capital website. The Products category only calls for patronage from international businesses. While proffering online investment avenues for its Nigerian clients, Wales Kingdom solicits talk show bookings from the USA.

However, the Company says it will discontinue ROI remittances from May. The announcement from Wales David stifles any hopes of buying or investing in a Wales Kingdom Capital investment package.

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: login to your Wales Capital Account on the platform. But first, get the Sign-up procedure in the following section.

How to Sign-up on Wales Capital

Use the following steps to sign-up/register on the platform:

  1. Got the Wales Kingdom Capital official sign-in webpage
  2. Locate Sign-up option
  3. Click on it
  4. Now provide the requisite sign-up/registration details: first name, last name, username, email address, and password.
  5. Retype password.
  6. Tick the box to agree to terms and conditions
  7. Finally, click on Sign-up

Subsequently, you can sign in to the platform at other times using the procedure below.

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How to Sign-in to Wales Capital

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: Login to your account on the website using the login steps below:

  1. If you do not have the unique login code, search Wales Kingdom Capital login/sign-in.
  2. Enter your Wales Capital Login password and email address.
  3. You can also tick the Remind Me box for easy access next time you log in.
  4. Finally, click on Sign-in.

You can also opt for password recovery to create a new Wales Kingdom Login Password.

Wales Kingdom Capital News/Updates

Wales Kingdom Capital Review: Wales Kingdom has currently stopped paying ROIs to clients in a recent announcement from the CEO, Daniel Wales.

Reportedly, the CEO of the Company and notable members have fled their stead in Nigeria after rumors of possible lawsuits from unsatisfied customers. If these news bits are correct, then Wales Kingdom Capital might be going bankrupt.

Moreover, recall that other platforms offering high remittances to affiliates go bankrupt gradually. If the rumors are true, then Wales Capital will not be available for long.


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