Wakanda Inu Price | Meme Token Dips approx. 50% in Just 24hrs

Wakanda Inu Price: trading straight off its launch on PankcakeSwap, $WKD struggles against a current 47.2% plunge on the counter.

The storied entrance of the token, taken from an Ubuntu-inspired Wakanda epic, does not seem to check this dip on any of its listed exchanges.

Despite its odd tally (falling as low as the millionth of a dollar, or ten-thousandth of a cent), $WKD roused enough interest for an ICO pomp across various African crypto communities.

Losing more than half of the market cap in one day might be a decisive loss for any coin (except Wakanda Inu?).

What prospects does the coin hold for buyers? Does the Wakanda Inu Price prediction portend better results than the near 50% decline of $WKD?

We provide the answers in this article, including a brief look at the history of the coin as a crypto token. Read on below for detailed information.

Wakanda Inu Price: About the Token

Wakanda Inu adapts memes and catchphrases from the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) Wakanda for traction. Below is the recurring epithet for the origin of the coin.

Wakanda Inu is a community meme project forged from the deep and warm consciousness of humanity.

Put in context, $WKD represents the struggles and dreams of a growing community in Africa. It resonates across culture and digital finance as it attempts to give African crypto traders a unique coin.

Also, it is the first cryptocurrency from Africans, which cues the traction on Defi platforms. The Medium account delivers the intro with a tinge of folklore, referring to the coin as Vibranium-infused.

In keeping with the Black Panther story, presale members of two thousand five hundred (2500) $WKD Ambassadors on the shortlist are the best part of the Wakandan Army in the community.

And so, the hierarchy continues as follows.

Champions _ draws one thousand five hundred (1500) holders

Warriors _ draws one thousand (1000­) winners from the referral cache

The above threefold set makes up the presale Whitelist that supports the Wakanda Inu Price, which subsequently trades on Pinksale Finance and Pancakeswap Listing. Currently, advertorials for the coin appear on popular blogs and newspapers in Africa.

Note that the cryptocurrency is barely through with IDO (Initial DEX Offering), which started on November 5. So, you can easily follow its roadmap, including the start-off pricing peg at DEX. See below for details.

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Wakanda Inu on Roqqu, Quidax, Others

The token appears on public listing on Pinksale and Pancakeswap after starting on a presale. Well, that is not all. Roqqu and Quidax are in the fray now. We will take them in order.

The presale coin-rush only lasted three days, ushering 2500 shortlisted candidates into an exclusive thirty (30) minutes prelim with the Launchpad. Afterward, every aspirant to the platform (the Wakandan Populace) can access the same portal.

The listing booted on November 6, 13:00 (UTC), with a BNB/WKD pair off. At the start, the peg was 1BNB to 45,000,000,000 WKD. But the unfortunate -47% growth bears heavily on this tally.

Further, you can only deposit a minimum of 0.1BNB or a maximum of 1BNB for the coin, and the listing rate is 37,500,000,000 WKD. Wakanda Inu provides the following Smart Contract Address on its website: 0x5344C20FD242545F31723689662AC12b9556fC3d

Wakanda Inu Price: buy on Quidax

Do you know you can get free Wakanda Inu (WKD) on Quidax? All you need to do is get the requisites to qualify for a token reward.

Below are the steps to follow.

  1. Have a 500QDX threshold
  2. Stake the amount in Quidax Vault
  3. Finally, you can receive the free tokens in your account.

Wakanda Inu Price: Buy on Roqqu

You can also buy the token on the Roqqu counter by first registering on the platform.

To purchase the cryptocurrency, follow the steps below.

  1. Fund your wallet on the platform.
  2. Click on Add New Wallet
  3. Select Wakanda Inu from the listing.
  4. Click on it and select buy.

Wakanda Inu Price Today

The current Wakanda Inu Price is $0.000000191845 on CoinGecko and $0.0000001803 (an average of the millionths of $0.1373 and $0.3038) on CoinMarketCap.

Like we said previously, the Wakanda Inu Price plunged 47%, aggregated from several sources. Specifically, the dip is 32.24% on CoinMarketCap. None of these prices is good for holders.

The crucial question is, does this incident set a trend for the Wakanda Inu token? Any legit answer to this question depends on two things.

The first is the holders’ reactions.

Secondly, the buoyancy of the coin will affect the price trend in the coming weeks.

Holders’ Reaction

If the first impulse of users is to ditch the coin for a more valuable token, it might adversely affect the recovery of Wakanda Inu on any exchange.

You can see the same pattern in the now flunked Million Token coin, which derived credence from celebrity figures. It is hardly a market maker. But endorsements (even when it is implied) from celebrities can scale up the market capitalization of a crypto coin.

Million Token plunged down the listing because it lacks any real-time market props.

Wakanda Inu is toddling the same rough terrain, relying on an MCU comic and a few days’ IDO to gain holders.

Conclusion: Will the Coin Recover?

Of course, this question directly affects the price of Wakanda Inu on every counter. Surprisingly, the available data does not reveal much. Here is our surmise.

Wakanda Inu does not have any listed volume on ConGecko. The one on CoinMarketCap (about twelve million) shed four million barely a few days of appearing on the exchange.

According to variously-sourced data, the $WKD price-performance records a daily trading volume of $11,095,912.

At this point, holders can do one of two things.

  • Either keep the purchased tokens and expect the falling price to rebound,
  • Or sell and buy a more useful coin.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency does not even trade on Binance, complicating any projections about its recovery from its shocking 47% dip.

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