Vimeo Pricing | Subscription Tiers, Validity, and Available Features

Vimeo Pricing: the vimeo pricing for nonprofits platform is an artist’s collection of publicizing gadgets, uploading videos, songs, and clips, including storage options.

But the drift is Vimeo Pricing, how it impacts the volume of subscriptions to membership plans. In the long run, it determines the extent and coverage of Vimeo for many international users, including those outside the United States.

If you want to understand the available features per Vimeo membership plan, read this article thoroughly.

Besides merely comparing prices and viable options for each tier, we also explain key points that touch the Vimeo subscription envelope. What is Vimeo? What does it offer?

But more importantly, what edge do the membership tiers offer? See the answers below.

Vimeo Pricing: Overview

We provide a general outlook of the packages you can get from Vimeo pricing for nonprofits in this section.

Vimeo falls under the category of the burgeoning social engine cohorts but with enhancements. Social engines, in turn, enmesh machine-executed algorithms and the media societies on the internet.

Also, they offer niches, communities, and social groups.

While a social search engine connects target populations on the internet, it also archives trends and events as corollaries. Regarding media content and uploading creative arts online, Vimeo, a social platform, is comparable to YouTube.

However, you only get to the search engine integration when you have a Vimeo Business account.

On the surface, the Vimeo Pricing menu covers the general features of the video-sharing website. If you learned about Vimeo from a media community, you may appreciate that Vimeo is more than a music video site. It is a niche for art lovers. So, you can upload any craft that holds sway with the viewers or introduce the fad.

But while we are on the topic, we wish to contrast the membership tiers. How do the features measure up to their subscriptions?

Well, the usual features offer a glimpse into the packages properly. Since the focus is on videos, Vimeo provides the following generalities on the free account:

For Video Uploads

Allows you to upload local files onto the platform. The file sources can also be from Dropbox, Box account, Google Drive, etc.


Curate a voiceover or a soundtrack for your video using the options in Vimeo Enhancer.

Collections, Video School, & Music Store

You can fix tags or folders as caches under Collections, learn how to use tools on Vimeo using Video School, and gather more music tracks through Music Store.

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Available Accounts & Vimeo Pricing

So, the above features are for free. But a more lucrative offer than the lot, Sell Videos, is available for a subscription.

Now, how do the prices (Vimeo Pricing) compare to one another? We explain the membership tiers here.

From the onset, we mentioned that Vimeo helps you monetize videos. It also provides larger storage capacities than the few hundred megabytes, for starters. Briefly, we explain the essentials of each account below.

 How To Get Free Vimeo

The Vimeo Pricing slot for Free Account does not require a subscription. You do not have to pay anything at all. All you need is only to register. However, you may not get very far on this tier if you want to create video content.

What do you get from the Free vimeo Account?

  • You can enjoy the following features from the starter package:
  • 500MB storage capacity weekly,
  • Truncated features, and
  • Zero subscription.

Vimeo Plus

The plus packages bring up the Vimeo Pricing list. Of course, it has its discounts, as props. And it also offers more options than the Free Account. Below is an outline of the available Plus features.

 Subscription _ $12 per month on the monthly subscription alternative, but $7 per month on annual purchases

5GB _ valid for seven (7) days, offering broader bandwidth but less content than YouTube.

Supported Usage _ supports only a single user.

Vimeo Pro

At this level, Vimeo Pricing ups a pitch on the sales. Instead of the above indulging subscriptions, Vimeo provides the following features on a relatively stern offing. (But it is still affordable)

Subscription _ $20 monthly, on an exclusive annual validity period

More Visual Effect _ allows you to enjoy HD and other high-definition content.

Storage Capacity _ increases from the slim 5GB for Plus to 20GB for Pro.

Bandwidth _ unlimited options for the supported period, including analytics and other stats

Moreover, it supports three (3) users on one account.

Vimeo Premium

If the Pro cache is an exclusive tier, it only hints at the treat Premium offers subscribers. Briefly, here are the features.

Streaming Options _ is unlimited and glitch-less.

Storage Capacity _ offers up to seven (7) terabytes of data storage annually.

Also, the package is available for $75 monthly on an annual bill.

Vimeo Pricing: Which Should You Buy?

The Vimeo Pricing is purpose-specific. It reflects the needs of various subscribers, grouping the features in tiers.

Hence, the membership plan you opt for depends on its use. If you wish to get the lay of plans before staking on one, start the free trial. However, you will only access limited features here.

Besides the subscription tiers above, Vimeo offers a Business Plan split into two further caches. Tellingly, you get fewer truncations if you pay for high plans.

So, for a more ambitious stint on Vimeo, consider reaching the top packages. If it comes to skimming uploads without breaking the surface, you may have to tone down the subscription.

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