Videomine Login | Fake CAC Registration and Clone Website | Scam

Videomine Login: The sign-in portal leads to the members’ backoffice accounts, providing access to total ROI accumulations over a cycle.

The company offers many profit options. However, members only have to do a daily task: watch videos, stream shared media content, share the uploaded vids on their website, and invite friends to register on the platform,

Total profits from these activities amount to two thousand (2000) Naira if the member restricts himself to clicking on only one video per day. Note that a single video click counts as a N150 gain in the backoffice profit log. So, just how feasible is the prospect of clicking as many ROI-weighted videos as the affiliate can on a random MLM site?

Common sense suggests that the company might’ve kept the deal and clicked away at the links to generate profit for itself since they do not even have to watch the vids.

Another red flag to watch out for is that Videomine is lying about having a legit CAC registration. A simple Google Search of the CAC Public Search portal reveals that this is clearly a lie. The CAC index provided by the company affiliates and PR bots is actually fake.

People are only looking to accumulate huge profits from this Ponzi before it shuts down.


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We explain the Videomine Login procedure in this article. Read on below for details.

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Videomine Login: What it Offers

The official clone website offers several services at a go _ tutorial, forex, crypto investments, referral systems, and daily task, which remits ROIs daily.

You get two hundred naira (N200) if you share a video to your social media account. Also, you get one hundred and fifty naira (N150) for streaming and commenting on the uploaded videos each (total is N800 per activity).

If you refer one person to the site, you get one thousand five hundred naira (N1400). Accumulated profits are a little over two thousand naira (N2000) for a less than par affiliate.

Based on this model, any affiliate can make up to forty thousand naira in one week. It would still be a rip-off, given that prospective members need to deposit money to join the platform.

Red Flag:

The MLM loyalty bonus grids and unilevel lattice used on the backend always skew the profit cash-outs, ensuring that high-tier affiliates always stay atop the profit chain.

You can’t get any kind of ROI mobility with a triangle scheme. It is a zero-sum game: deposits are paid out as profits.

Until the Videomine Login portal (or any other webpage) directs to a verifiable financial audit, the site remains a scam.

See below for the Videomine Login procedure.

How to Sign in to Videomine

You can access your backoffice using the Videomine Login steps here.

  1. Go to the Official HTTPS Videomine Portal (web login option)
  2. (Preferably, use the Affiliate links to visit the backoffice easily)
  3. Click on the Affiliate Login option.
  4. Enter the relevant details (First Name, Second Name, Email Address and Password, Referral Code, etc.).
  5. Then click on the Login option.

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