VFS Global Nigeria and How You Can Apply For Visa

VFS Global Nigeria is a company that facilitates your visa applications through the VFS center domiciled in the country.

By using the services of this company, you do not have to worry about rude treatment from personals at the embassies in Nigeria. If you plan on traveling outside of the country for any purpose, you can seek the services of VFS Global Nigeria.

About VFS Global Nigeria

Many international companies offer services that involve processing visas and curating applications from eligible applicants. This is exactly what VFS Global Nigeria does.

With this company, you can fill a visa application form, make payments, and receive your visa in due time. You do not have to go through the chain of directions involved in the Nigerian embassies.

VFS Global Nigeria has been in operation for some years, building a healthy relationship with locals in the country. If you are in Nigeria, you will notice that the company is the most prominent visa facilitators in the nation.

Despite the absence of competitors in the business, VFS Global center in Nigeria have been providing laudable services to customers.

The company operates on an inclusive policy that avails its multi-ethnic customers a conducive atmosphere. The workers in the company are selected for their ability to cater to the interest of the multicultural Nigerian environment.

Apart from being long in the business of outsourcing visas to Nigeria, the company has other equally interesting attributes that you should know about. Read on below to learn more about this.

What the Company Offers

The company is renowned for providing efficient services in Nigeria. You can always refer to its website to see the cache of services it provides.

To help you make the right steps when applying for a visa at any of its VFS centers in the country, VFS Global Nigeria has a directory board that stipulates the relevant details.

A few of the good qualities of VFS Global Nigeria are discussed briefly below:

VFS Website:

 Visa facilitators aim to make the visa application process less tedious for you. Bearing this in mind, the company provides a website where you can choose a travel plan, start a visa application, process your application form, and obtain a visa.

You can even make payments on a special page on the website.

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VFS Global Nigeria is a subsidiary of the VFS Global Company. It operates in sync with the parent organization. So if you are familiar with the VFS services in other countries, you should know that the company has a permanent presence in Nigeria too.

Are you planning to go on an abroad trip? Use the VFS Nigeria website to apply for a visa and schedule a meeting with the company.

Customer Care:

If it is your first time employing the services of VFS Global Nigeria, then you might occasionally come across a problem that you want to be clarified on. Do not worry, there is a Customer Care Unit that will help you out.

Some required details in a visa application form can be a bit confusing. When this happens, you can always contact the VFS customer care to clarify any ambiguous statements.

Because of its wide coverage and expansive customer network, the company may take more than a week to reply to a message. Always plan your trips ahead of time to avoid making distress calls at the last minute.

Affordable Prices:

The Company provides quality services at relatively cheap prices. The price of their services generally reflects their quality and reliable performance.

Although there are complaints that the company charges high prices in some demographics, these issues are easily resolved by VFS Global Nigeria. As long as you do not pay for the visa application through a third party, you will not be defrauded of your money.

How to Obtain a Visa from VFS Global Nigeria

You can obtain a visa by filling a visa application form on the website of the VFS center in Lagos. The following is how you can do this:

  • Go to the VFS Lagos Center official website HERE
  • On the homepage, select “apply for a visa”
  • Choose the mode of application (you can apply via mail, in person, etc.)
  • Fill the required spaces in the application form
  • Pay for your visa processing on the next page that displays
  • Go through the “preview form” to make changes or correct any errors
  • Click “submit form”

Note: Do not fill in the wrong information in your visa application form because you risk your chance of getting a visa if you do so.


The VFS Global center in Nigeria has been in the business of processing visas for lots of Nigerians for a long time. You will enjoy quality service if you enlist the help of the organization to obtain a visa.

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