Validus Login | Sign-in Steps, OneCoin Promoters Boot AuLives

Validus Login: after OneCoin’s exit from the public spotlight, its proxy promoters boot AuLives, merged with Validus currently.

The merger follows various, albeit subtle, affiliations with would-be proxy actors and promoters in Dubai and other regions. Notably, Howard Friend, a preferred front, is not Emirati, unlike the rest of the principal players in this contrivance.

We explain the Validus Login procedure in this article, besides other aspects of the company.

Note: we do not encourage anybody to join the membership package in this company. Our post is merely for enlightenment. If you invest in the platform, you do so of your will.

Validus Login: Overview

The company started in Dubai, with Dr. Parwiz Daud and Mansour Tawafi, fronts for AuLives, featuring in the folly.

Currently, the platform throws the PR flare farther than the borders of Dubai, intending to get some following before the ICO frenzy starts. Despite these hints, inferred from the various backgrounds of the operators, the Validus official website does not have any information about its admin.

In the hay days of AuLives, though, it built a one-off sign-on understanding with some members. One of these people is Frank Ricketts.

Subsequently, Ricketts would bolt in the wake of a sustained investigation by authorities in Germany, which speaks so much about heritage enterprises like Validus.

Validus, the lingering snag off OneCoin’s executives, currently has Mansour Tafawi as the VP of sales. He and Friend seem unmarred by the onslaught for Ponzi OneCoin promoters still at large.

What is the big deal?

The prime cut is affiliate investment, the same old MLM trademark, with an in-platform cryptocurrency in the offing. Supposedly, the Validus Login procedure leads you to the dashboard, where affiliate investments could wind up remitting 300% ROIs.

How does the Validus compensation plan work? See the following section for an answer.

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Affiliate Compensation Plan

All deposits in these packages are for a 300% ROI payment at the end of a validity/trade period.

 The arbitrary tallies, dollar to TP are as follows.

TP10000 _ $10,000

TP5000 _ $5000

$3000 _ TP3000

$1000 _ TP1000

TP500 _ $500

TP250 _ $250

$100 ­­_ TP100

TP50 _ $50

Other profit Options for members include the typical MLM unilevel lattice, a binary grid bonus, and a 3 × 12 matrix.

How the 3 × 12 Matrix Works

It uses the same principle as a binary team but awards a $1 bonus on every level down to the twelfth hierarchy.

The first level contains three members with you at the top. The second level has three members for everyone on the first level (making it nine (9)). So, the pattern continues, adding three per entry in the previous level down to the twelfth tier.

However, there are criteria for these members to earn this commission. Validus fixes a threshold investment amount of $15, 000 in PVG (Personally Generated Volumes), which is different from downline culminations.

Moreover, profits include achievement bonuses and other airdrops. Here is a glance at the available awards.

  • Lamborghini Huracan _ available to members in the Crown Diamond package
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class _ goes for members in the Black Diamond tier.
  • BMW 3-Series _ for affiliates in the Blue Diamond
  • Rolex Watch _ available to affiliates in the Diamond package
  • Dubai retreat goes for Emerald affiliates
  • iPhone 13 _ available to Ruby-tier members
  • Apple Watch Series 7 for members in the Sapphire package

See below for the Validus Login procedure in the following section.

How to Login to Validus

Use these Validus Login steps to access your account on the platform.

  1. Go to the official Validus Login portal.
  2. Click on the option to log in.
  3. Enter your Validus sign-in details, such as email address and password.
  4. Then click on Login.

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