Unshare Glo Data | Learn How to Easily Unshare Your Glo Data

 Do you know that your Glo data should be your privacy? Are you also aware that someone may be sharing your Glo subscription without your knowledge? You can learn how to Unshare Glo Data with anyone in this post. 

With the Glo Network, sharing data with friends has never been easier and cost-effective. Once you subscribe to any of Glo Data Packages on the network, you can share bits or chunks of it with your colleagues or acquaintances.

Like many privately-owned data, however, your details may be prone to infiltration, and someone may start sharing your Glo Data without your consent. Sometimes, you may have added a name unintentionally, which could lead to the loss of large amounts of data. Whichever is the case, you will want to Unshare Glo Data with the person(s).

Glo Data List

Always run a preliminary check on your Glo Data List to verify that you share data with the number(s) you want to remove from the Data List.

Also, you may need to consult your contact list to see if you recognize the number and would want to continue sharing data with it, or discontinue. This is because trying to Unshare Glo Data with an unpaired number will always display an “error” message.

To avoid making such an avoidable mistake, you can follow these steps to learn how to check the contacts connected to your Glo Data. Either of these two procedures will work:

  • Use your mobile phone to send List to the Glo link, 127.
  • Invariably, you can request the shared Glo Data List via *127*00#

But whichever approach you take, the result will be the same.

Through these requests, you can also verify if you are sharing Glo Data with anyone at all. Moreover, it is enough to only glance through the shared list and tell which numbers to Unshare Glo Data with.

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Unshare your data with any number

This section will explain how you can unshare your Glow data with a Number you do not want in your Shared List. So, read on below to learn more details about it.

There is an easy hands-on method for doing this: 


Enter this Glo USSD in phone messages, *127*02*number#, to promptly stop any number from sharing your Glo Data.


Send a text message, Remove /number/, to the Glo Link, 127.

The methods above for Unsharing Glo Data uses Glo Quick-link services. As such, your request will go true in a few seconds. And you can always confirm this service by going through the “Shared” list. If you send a wrong request, you will not get a desirable result. So, always make sure to use the correct Glo USSD to avoid this issue.


Sharing your Glo data unknowingly with a number can cost you lots of data. This article will be helpful when you wish to Unshare Glo Data with such a number. You’re welcome to try the steps in this post and see how effective they are.

Lastly, you can refer your friends to this post for help. See here for more information

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