Unitsky String Technologies Review | Yunitsky Renames SkyWay Capital

Unitsky String Technologies Review: citing conflation with SkyWay Capital’s crowdfunding, Anatoly YunitSky offers an alternative.

The sudden (inevitable though) overhaul follows the trails of several public denouncements on the erstwhile SkyWay Capital by authorities in the UK, Germany, and Spain, where the stint was rife.

Note that the redundant iterations, SkyWay Group and SkyWay Capital, are popular in Europe for claiming cognizance of engineering projects. At the height of its operations, SkyWay brandished a monorail moniker.

A timely warning and due diligence from authorities reveal that the company breaches regulatory rules. The same thing extends to other places where SkyWay ran its railway projects.

Here is what our Unitsky String Technologies Review found about the platform.

Anatoly Yunitsky previously ran a rail transport business laced with IPOs through subsidiaries and other prominent SkyWay Capital members. 

Inferring from disclosure by Anatoly, the company only rebranded to extricate the investment part of SkyWay from the engineering mainstream.

Unitsky String Technologies results from a gradual plan to boot serval projects without undermining the parent company. Hence, SkyWay Capital reverts to its roots. Below are the projects in question (we discuss a few of them in the following sections).

  • A string-rail overpass
  • Rolling stock of various capacities,
  • Intelligent control system
  • Power supply system
  • Safety and communications

Infrastructure of the “second level” (stations, depots, railway terminals, turn-out switches, etc.)

Anatoly offers the state-confirmed Unitstky String Technologies building in the UAE as an article of good faith, supposedly proving its regulation. Regardless, many people do not think that is proof enough.

See more details about this company in this post.

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Unitsky String Technologies Review: Picking up from SkyWay Capital

As we mentioned at the start, SkyWay Capital (and other variants of this brand) are the prelude to Unitsky String Tech. So, we start our review by putting the right context for good measure.

Despite launching as a Private Offering, SkyWay Capital (also SkyaWay Group) is at loggerheads with financial bodies in UK, Spain, Lithuania, Greece, and Estonia. The chief services from this company are monorail vehicles and tracks.

Also, SkyWay enjoys a long-running affiliation with corporate bodies in the purview of Eurasian travel. For the most part, the company seems legit, except for instances of infringements chronicled by blogs and FCA bodies in the affected regions.

Our Unitsky String Technologies Review discusses the issues in the old version, SkyWay Group, in two sections: 

  1. String Transport and 
  2. Convertible Bond (part of the crowd investment trope from Unitsky)

String Transport

The core of engineering run by SkyWay Group revolves around string transport. 

String rail and its cohorts mean nothing more than a PC Strand or prestressed Concrete Steel Strand, valued for durability and high tensile strength.

SkyWay contrives its innovative “strings” by reinforcing concrete with PC Strands (we do not know the specifications, anyway). Yunitsky mentions that the finished monorails can run at five hundred (500) kilometers per hour, besides being affordable.

As a bit of credit Unitsky String Technologies forerunner, SkyWay tested a stereotype in Ozyory, Moscow Oblast. But the vehicle had wheels, despite the blueprint preferring sleeperless tracks to grooved ballasts.

After a few subsequent tests, the company gets a test facility from Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park. (SRTP).

Although it spelled fortune for the group, it later stalled due to feasibility while negotiations with India, Australia, Indonesia, and Italy loomed. SkyWay Group currently regresses to the UAE and Belarus for traction amidst warnings of non-regulation.

String Transport Buckles in Indonesia, New Zealand, and Germany

Elsewhere, SkyWay Group cut deals with governments, but not in Indonesia.

The company set up a subsidiary PT SkyWay Technologies in Indonesia but lost it to the government because of suspicious activities.

Also, relevant authorities in New Zealand and Germany similarly published public warnings against the group. Italy is also among the countries to alert citizens to the covert security sales run by SkyWay Capital (a subsidiary of SkyWay Group).

Our Unitsky String Technologies Review could not access the reasons for these moves. However, reliable news portals from SkyWay’s recourse in Belarus mention that the company is merely projecting a false image to the public, citing various botched promotions in Mogilev for example.

Andrei Khovratov (founder of SkyWay Group) sued for damaged reputation and loss in reprisal. In some of these cases, the comeback is that SkyWay later clears the itineraries and implied costs by the defendants.

Conclusion: SkyWay Rebrands to Unitsky String Technologies

Unitsky String Technologies Review: after losing lawsuits bordering on defamation, the company rebrands.

The current iteration features Anatoly as the CEO. But the rebrand does not change the monorail transport bent of the company. So, Unitsky String Technologies offers string transport, severing itself from regulation-beset SkyWay.

We now briefly discuss the second issue: Convertible Bond.

Here, you need to understand the hallmark MLM evasive tactics surfacing.

When pressed on the issue of offering unregulated securities, Unitsky String Technologies mentions convertible notes and private listing as reasons for extending (by implication) its pre-IPO shares to the public. You can already see the conflation coming from Unitsky String Technologies.

Among other things, convertible bonds cede the right to convert loans into a preset aggregate of shares to the holder. So, SkyWay (Unitsky String Technologies) brandishes a pre-IPO logic the wrong way around. Even citing a crowdfund does not invalidate due SEC license for bonds.

In the context of MLM, crowdfunding is the same codified Ponzi as pooled funds, which automatically confers similar financial terms on the contract as convertible bonds (although the company, lacking a regulation, is illegally doing so).

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  1. Thank you for your opinion. I believe in this project, Unitsky String Technology. If you like say all these nonsense it don’t change me mind about the project. Your “facts” are so incomplete.

    If you have doubts about the project visit Minsk and Sharjah and you will be amazed at their achievement with relatively very limited funds.

    1. “using very limited funds” you say! If we let that slip by, how do you account for SEC issues with some of the European countries where these achievements are supposedly recorded?
      The only prototype that the company ever built was a far cry from its string hype, so the “nonsense” comes from where pls?

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