Twindax Boris Scam | Review, Twindax Ponzi Website Down

Twindax Boris: the scam showman CEOs lurking behind the automated trading MLM Ponzi scheme, Twindax, has been unmasked as a fraud.

MLM-touting platforms often daub proxy actors to play the part of a polished CEO for their Companies. Barely gone one year in its business, Twindax turns out to be another Boris Scam. This post briefly reviews the platform. It also discusses some updates about the Company.

You can read below to get more information about the Ponzi organization.

Twindax Boris: Bungled Domain Cover-up

Twindax is a Boris-managed Ponzi rip-off by scammers. The Twindax Boris Ponzi tries to operate with a recently obtained web domain sign-up.

As usual, the platform bungles its effort to run covertly using Australian Securities and Investment (ASIC). See how it turns out below: is a privately-owned digital asset.

However, it presumes offering MLM packages/referral caches without any clear business history to back up its credentials. Its make-believe trading license from Australia is only a smokescreen for an unregulated Ponzi spree online.

The reason is that Australia weakly investigates MLM networks in its domain. This offers a refuge for scammers trying to pull off Ponzi schemes.

Also, now that the Twindax Boris project is uncovered as a typical sham, its publicized credentials and domain are irrelevant.

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Twindax Boris Scam: Proxy CEOs

Twindax Boris: as always, Twindax turns out to be an MLM platform offering Defi-steeped investments to investors globally. But the Company neglects the usual precursor to trading public equities, utilities, etc. For instance, it does not disclose who the Company owner is.

Supposedly, the two stand-in proxy CEOs, Chris Walkey and Ashton Taylor make up for the anonymous owner of the platform. Without more information about its brandished CEOs, it’s possible that the names are mere Ponzi fronts. Either the two men are using their genuine identity, or the Twindax is making it up.

Also, the Twindax Boris CEOs appear to have scheduled News Conferences before their recent hasty closure. While it was still available, you can access the official website to get the date of the conference (April 30).

Further, Chris Walker and Ashton Taylor can be inferred from the platform to be hosting events on Twindax. During the occasion, the duo would share development plans and bolster Twindax’s marketing strength. It will also serve as the springboard for recruiting newbies to the organization.

However, it turns out that the so-called recycled affiliate marketing niche shelved much of its schedules. Even worse, the website is down currently.

Twindax Office Location

Again, the Twindax Boris platform resorts to illegitimate entities in Australia to secure an office address. Like we said previously in this article, this works because Australia does not investigate Ponzi setups properly.

Moreover, several reviews online point out that the office location of Twindax is fake. It does not exist on any government bodies with oversight on digital financial securities.

Referral Levels

Twindax clients can hope to reach any of the following levels through the affiliate referral system on the platform:

Beginners _ pay 8% to level 1; 5% to level 2; then 1% down to level 10.

Diamond Directors _ pays 20% to level 1; 12% to level 2; 3%, 2% to levels 3 and 4; and then pays 1% down to level 10.

Gold Directors _ pays 17% to level 1; 12% to level 2; 3%, 2% to levels 3 and 4; and then 1% down to level 10.

Silver Directors _ this tier entitles you to 15%, level 1; 10%, level 2; 3%, 2% for levels 3 and 4; and then 1% down to level 10.

Shareholders _ here you earn 14%, level 1; 9%, level 2; 3%, level 3; and then 1% on other levels down to level 10.

Gold Partners _ also a higher package than the Beginners tier, it pays 12% to level 1; 7% to level 2; 3% to level 3; 1% to subsequent levels.

Partners _ further, you can make 11% profit in this cache on level 1; level 2 earns you 7%; 2% for level 3; and then pays 1% for other levels.

Managers _ one step above the Beginners tirade, this package earns you 9%, level 1; 6%, level 2; 2 % for level 3; and 1% to subsequent levels.

Beginners + _ you can make 8% profit for level 1; 6% for level 2; and 1% for other levels down to 10.

Currently, though, you cannot earn from any Twindax Package nor can you benefit from the referral structure. The reason is clear, Twindax is down. With the Ponzi pace it sets, the website is not likely to come back.


Twindax Boris topples over sustenance measures since it cannot meet up with cash-out volumes. The Company offers entry prices pegged at 0.001BTC/0.1ETH (preferably pay in $20). 

However, it then toes the Ponzi scheme line by promising 800% ROI. As credible reviews point out, the Twindax payment model is untenable. And now Twindax is unreachable too.

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