Tuxler Review | Download Tuxler, Pros & Cons, Useful?

Tuxler Review: as free VPN add-ons, Tuxlers for Windows, or Mac, crack Firewall blocks, connecting to the internet through a proxy extension.

In simple terms, Tuxler gives you access to the internet through the unconventional route, anonymous server. But unlike most Internet Protocols (IP) from free services, Tuxler only provides a Home IP, not the business one.

Tuxler offers many benefits to users. They include unabridged bandwidth, fast connections, and a free VPN. Despite all the freebies, Tuxler offers an affordable Premium account to users.

Tip: of course, the software is invaluable for many social media users in West Africa, especially Nigeria, where #TwitterBan remains a trending hashtag. But it helps to determine the pros and cons of any online service before buying it. That is only one of the things we attempt to explain in this Tuxler Review.

Read on below for details.

Tuxler Review: Why Use the Software?

The reasons Tuxler is good for you also comprise the Pros and benefits of using the free VPN. So, we categorize them accordingly below.


At a glance, they are as follows.

Affordable pricing _ the pricing cache rated 3.5 on average is proportional to the unlimited bandwidth, thousands of IP addresses, etc. Yet these offers remain the basic deal, available only on the Free Plan. You can get a Premium account if you want extras like one hundred (100) different locations per day.

Reliable Support _ allows you to fix a broad range of local issues about setting up the VPN to work in your region. But that is only scraping the surface. The best thing about the support service is its 24/7 availability. That is a significant improvement on the usual one/off performance from many VPNs out there.

UX/UI compatible with a broad strip of the user-arc: the VPN has a simple interface, providing one of the best UX to customers. Another peculiar point our Tuxler Review finds about the software is the intuitive visual prompts. Although they are concise and plain, they cue the desired responses, helping newbies familiarize themselves with the software.

Moreover, you can use Tuxler on any OS, exempting only a few systems from the catalog. The reach of the virtual network is arguably extensive, working on Mac, Windows, and several web browsers like Chrome and Opera.

Security Encryption _ surpasses basic encryption in most third-party networks and coopts AES-256-bit. The -256 hash is popular for its file security edge on the less useful 192-bit encryption. As our Tuxler Review finds, 256-bit is available in critical areas of SSL and AES coding, including Area Code.

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Possible Issues

We also explain the downsides of using either the installed app on your PC or downloading it into your mobile device.


Tuxler Review: we attempt to explain most of the issues about the VPN in a few tags below.

Disables Firewall _ makes your Windows Firewall vulnerable to attack from a user since it leverages users’ IPs to provide servers to other clients on the virtual network. We explore the situation more in the next part.

Not So Secure _ despite the security hang-ups the 256-bit encryption attempts to defuse, it still has inherent problems in its server operation, which is delegated. Cue disabled Firewalls and unidentified users accessing an off-limit product via your IP, and you get enough cause for panic. There is no telling what goes at the other end of the line, where a stranger uses your IP.

Privacy Issue _ Tuxler VPN does not have at least a publicly available policy on data usage. Also, the connections tend to be disruptive over a period, making it unsuitable for serious work.

Hints of Selective Blocking _ while we cannot prove that the software works better for some users than those on supposedly blocked IPs, we cannot overlook the possibility. Our Tuxler Review already finds complaints about privacy and unsteady connection on the network. Still, the complaints are sparse and only surfaced recently. So, it might be a singular experience instead of generality for all users.

Tuxler Thwarting Connections _ delayed connections to the virtual network, a tad on the complaint side, is another recurring issue on many user reviews. Add-ons require more than freebies to catch on with client communities. Tuxler VPN is one such add-on; it needs work as per intermittent blocks by Globe Wifi ISP. So far, our Tuxler Review finds four complaints about this issue online.

How to Download Tuxler VPN

Here, we explain how you can download the Tuxler VPN for your mobile phone.

Note: the non-subscription (Free) VPN has ads. Regardless, it grants you access to content in geo-restricted areas using residential IPs all through. Also, you can check the following list for supported PCs and mobile devices.

  • Tuxler for Windows
  • Tuxler for Mac
  • Mozilla Firefox Plugin
  • Google Chrome Extension

Below is how the download process works.

  • Go to the official TuxlerVPN website, tuxlervpn.cm/download-chrome-extension/
  • Ensure you are at the Download VPN webpage. Otherwise, open the category from the menu.
  • Now, depending on the device you are using, choose the device for the VPN.
  • Whichever one you select, look down the site (you need not go far) for a brief guide on how to install it.

The How to Install prompts are easy, as we mentioned previously. So, you will have no problem installing the app into your preferred PC or mobile device.

Tuxler Review: Is the VPN any Useful?

We conclude our Tuxler Review by briefly explaining the areas of use for Tuxler VPN.

As long as virtual network providers go, Tuxler offers all the IP options you want. But they are mostly residential IP addresses (a whole lot, covering up to 70,000 IPs)

However, Tuxler is not always reliable for steady 24/7 server connections. Why is this so? Because in some instances, the server option for some locations circumvents to a different region. Requests for an IP in a European city might yield one in Africa, but not often.

Taking all things into consideration, our Tuxler Review rates the software 8 out of 10 ranking scores. If you want to know which downsides to avoid, check the cons in this post. The rest is a satisfactory experience.

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