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Trust Wallet Transaction History: your account on this wallet is a good prop for clinching airdrops from traders on Reddit, Binance, etc.

Often you can do more than view charts and analyze price trends using your Trust account. If you want a detailed purview of the chain of transactions on the Binance counter, get to your Trust Wallet Transaction History cache.

How is this even possible?

There is a bit of sleuthing run by the algorithm overseeing your wallet. It does no damage to your deals, however. Generally, it merely gives you a transaction tag for dispatched transactions. It creates a history cache for every forward deal (any operation running through the app at all).

Do you know about this aspect of Binance’s mobile wallet? Perhaps, as a newbie, you wish to access the dossier for some reason? We explain the relevant procedures in this article. Read on below for details.

Trust Wallet Transaction History: Overview

First things first, what is the Trust Wallet Transaction Wallet all about?

It basically records your transactions, every bit that runs through your wallet.

It is not a directional index in the sense of tracking only the credits (received deals) to your account. Contrarily, it operates both ways, encompassing the ins and outs of all calls, buys, and sells running through your account.

Here is an easy way to picture this feature.

History cache on mobile devices and PCs apparently retain the records of every operation on the active browser on the mobile apps (regardless of possible integrations with the primary browser in the smartphone or PC).

So, it essentially does the same thing as your mobile phone browser’s cookies cache.

But there is a catch. Unlike the history feature on your smartphone, this bit needs downloading from the Trust Wallet App before it can run. Thus, you should learn the download steps before adding the feature to your app interface.

See below for how this works.

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Download Transaction History Using these Steps

Ensure you follow through with the processes outlined before downloading the transaction history. (If you click on the wrong options between requests, you might comprise the steps)

  1. Access Pancake Swap using the DApp browser in your Trust Wallet.
  2. Find Connect Wallet and click on it.
  3. The connection initiates when you click on Wallet.
  4. You can start the download by finding the View on Bsc Scan on Wallet (the wallet is in your Profile).
  5. Since the request is essentially an API, it redirects to a different page (the Bsc Scam website).
  6. You can see the Trust Wallet Transaction History on this page by default. However, if your object is to download the result, click the CSV banner.
  7. Continuing the download process, set a time range for the transaction history.
  8. Check the Captcha box, and tap on Download.

After a few seconds (if you have a stable network), you can get the file.

Already have the transaction record? See how to use it in the following section.

Check Transactions for any Token

If you already have the download steps for retrieving the transactions file, use the procedure below to check the records for any cryptocurrency listed in your ledger.

While on your Trust Wallet, opt for any crypto token.

A drop-down cache shows the Trust Wallet Transaction History for the cryptocurrency.

You are at liberty to access the debits/credits history for the coin.

Further, you can import more details from the source blockchain (a redirection is also possible).

Last Words

Although there are many things you can do with this records API, they do not include reporting to any internal revenue bodies.

If it were necessary, you could draft a tax report using an integrated template from

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