Tronvest Review | Troncase Reboots 300% ROI Fake Smart Contract Audit

Tronvest Review: this platform is a spawn of the same MLM crypto cocoon as Troncase, but without the bogus audit of 

Either the current website is a cycle of an unfinished smart contract platform, or Tronvest is a stripped-down MLM Ponzi. It starts as the usual tech-steeped crypto-investment avenue, then reverts to the same cants riddled in Troncase.

As this Tronvest Review finds on the website, the company mentions the following services, lifted from, as its Defi trade game-changer:

Smart Contract

Decentralized Service

SafeMath _ an algorithm

And the same Defi trade buzzword litters the website’s Services page _ although, differently worded.

Typically, the Tronvest website does not contain any information about its so-called SafeMath. It also doesn’t link to the audit on the website.

Since its obscure cursory audit lacks merit, Troncase probably does not want to repeat the same gaffe. What does it do instead? Troncase offers a parallel platform daubed as Tronvest.

You can learn more about Tronvest in this review.

Tronvest Review: Overview

You will notice that Tronvest is a 99% copy of Troncase. We reviewed Troncase previously, and we found it is a Ponzi MLM scheme.

As per the world of profits supposedly awaiting you on Tronvest, they are all tall-tales. For one, there is no proof of an AI trade that runs on a math program. So the Tronvest’s SafeMath spin is a ruse, which is why the company doesn’t publish an audit.

Further, the supposed cutting-edge blockchain tech on Tronvest is hype for the platform’s SafeMath. The first proof of this is that automated traders are not the typical selfless services link. Anybody who has one will not offer it to random investors in the public. So, why does Tronvest do so?

The answer is simple. Because Tronvest is a cloaked 100% MLM service.

If you attempt to source out more details about the Tronvest blockchain service, you only get short shrift. No matter how many times you try, you can’t view the audit. It seems to be some scarecrow for any inquisitive customer. And their plan works.

Our Tronvest Review finds that the platform weights revenue generation on only the affiliate cache. In that regard, it is a pyramid structure. See how the affiliate program works in the following section.

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Tronvest Review: Affiliate Packages

Tronvest Review: affiliate subscriptions accrue 1.5% daily profits, which culminates in the company’s 45% ROI per month. The basic entry amount is 100 TRX (Tron), for the specified validity period.

Below are the available bonuses per affiliate package in the company.

Basic Bonus _ pays 1.5% daily profit caps culminating from 0.0625% hourly profits. Also, you get rewards for making zero withdrawals five (5) days at a stretch.

Personal Hold Bonus _ accrues 1,5% (sic) after five (5) days’ consecutive investment without withdrawals.

Leader Bonus _ earns you a 0.1% bonus when Tronvest hits a 20,000,000 TRX investment volume.

Community Bonus _ earns you a 0.1% bonus per 50, 000 active participants on Tronvest. You also get (Max?) 0.5% bonus for every five (5) days’ investment without withdrawal.

 Contract Total Amount Bonus _ there is no specified membership tier for this bonus. It offers 0.2% for every 80,000,000 TRX volumes traded on the company’s Smart Contract as residue.

As we mentioned previously, Tronvest generates its revenues from the affiliate cache. Without any proof of its Defi trade executor’s existence, it offers an affiliate blueprint as a backup plan. So instead of a computer algorithm, there is a pyramid scheme with clients’ unwittingly scrambling for the peak.

See what this Tronvest Review knows about the supposed audit on the website below.

Tronvest Recycles Troncase’s Audit Ruse

Tronvest Review: everything on Tronvest, including the 300% ROI, is hauled from Troncase. One more copied item on the website is a lackluster audit of Tronvest’s smart contract.

However, the file is inaccessible on Tronvest. So much for proof of the bot’s top-notch performance. It appears that investors’ funds are poorly handled, and intentionally so.

While vouching for its so-called smart contract, the company says that funds are not handled by a human agency. Below is how Tronvest puts it on their website.

“Tronvest is not managed by anyone, including its software team. It is developed as a fully automatic system. Nobody has access to funds. Your funds are secured between you and the smart contract.”

And yet, clients can’t see an audit of the smart contract that supposedly secures their funds. 

Tronvest paints the picture of the zero-chaos financial scenario with their smart contract rhetoric. Since they own the algorithm, assuming it exists, they can tweak operations. On the flip side, they cannot vouch for a system they do not run _ their link to its audit is not functioning.

Here we are at a strait. As our Tronvest Review surmises, the company either has a bot-trader, which it refuses to audit, or it has none but baits investors with an inaccessible audit.


Our Tronvest Review concludes on the following note:

There is no evidence of a SafeMath program on the platform. So, we’re left with the next profit generator that is MLM.

To stay put, Tronvest reinforces top-tier investors with remunerations from the bottom rung. In this way, the biggest shareholders cut out the largest pie from the profit cart. But like all MLMs, their pyramid schemes don’t last. You will lose your money in the long run. 

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