Troncase Review | 300% ROI & Audit, Credibility

Troncase Review: the platform brandishes a brief audit from an obscure firm as proof of its credible 300% ROI, Defi tech, and smart contracts. It makes no further effort to back up its claims as a broker of derivatives in crypto investments.

Our Troncase Review finds that the operators of the company rely on the trademark MLM affiliate/partnership recruitments for traction. Also, the anonymous owners of the platform provide little information about their experience brokering commodities through Defi crypto trades.

In this article, we review the Troncase Company, its services, CEO, and its credibility. Read through this Troncase Review for more information.

Troncase Review: Overview

Since there are no details of the Troncase admin on the official website, our review sources sparse information about them from Troncase’s YouTube and LinkedIn PRs. The result of this search is available below.

The company reaches out to audiences in predominantly Northern Europe (Estonia), and a sprinkling of foreign investors from the USA, Australia, and Pakistan. Currently, though, it seems to extend services for an equal mix of investors from all locations. 

Regardless, the operators continue to work from an Estonian base (since the company’s recent start in September last year). 

A strong hint to Troncase’s preference for Estonian PR media is the choice of language in its private contacts with clients. In such cases, our Troncase Review finds that the North European accent is pronounced during conversations.

As per investment in Troncase, the website shows a SafeMath, a Defi algorithm that executes unit smart contract investments. Supposedly, this process works on the Binance blockchain, where Troncase’s TRX deposits would rack up a 15% bonus per referral and 300% ROI per affiliate.

Moreover, our Troncase Review finds that the minimum investment deposit on the company is 100 TRX.

Learn more about the admin of this MLM crypto business in the following section of this Troncase Review.

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Troncase Review: Daubed CEOs

Keeping track of the Troncase CEO is a Schrodinger’s puzzle _ except for his name, nothing is known about him. The Troncase CEO mentions he is Erik Nurm. But a name alone barely serves as CEO Info especially for an operator of Defi blockchain securities.

At the helm of the company’s marketing branch are Martin Karus and Ryan Conley, who also stand in for CEOs of the company when it suits their book. Our Troncase Review finds that Ryan Conley is allegedly involved in several proven Ponzi MLM trades. 

Nothing else is known about Troncase’s other admins, assuming there are any. The trio of Karus, Nurm, and Conley variously serve as CEOs depending on when one looks up Troncase CEO on their occasional YouTube videos.

 Further, our Troncase Review gathers the following information about the three key persons of Troncase:

Martin Karus already ran multi-level marketing gigs in over ten years before he appears on Troncase. He mentions his stints with Questra World, Crowd1, Lyoness, etc.

Erik Nurm is implicitly linked to Nano Club, although he is not a known PR for the MLM Ponzi.

However, the two men, Karus and Nurm, would allegedly initiate a Ponzi scheme through their links to MLM bogus blockchain investments. The aftermath of the MLM projects is a pyramid structure that siphons investors’ funds to private accounts. 

Currently, the two men allegedly do PRs for Troncase from covert locations in Malaysia and Thailand. Our Troncase Review cannot confirm this report, though.

See how the affiliate registration works in the next section.

Affiliate/Membership Registration

For all transactions on the Troncase platform, payment is in Tron (TRX), and it is transferable from personal wallet to Troncase Wallet.

Also, the entry price for the least affiliate package on the platform is 100 TRX.

After the initial deposit, you can fund your wallet to continue earning on the platform, this time from high-tier affiliate packages. Besides the 300% investment caps, you can earn bonuses as a promoter of Troncase.

Below is how the compensation structure works.

Troncase Affiliate Compensation Structure 

Previously in this Troncase Review, we mentioned that the company pays 300% ROI per investment period. Subsequently, you can re-invest in the same package with the tallied deposit amount.

If you invest in the platform, you earn quarterly caps as daily accruals in the following way:

1% every day with a matching 0.1% extra _ available only if investments supervenes for five (5) consecutive days before withdrawal (cash out is then 0.5% bonus plus 1% daily profit).   

Moreover, you can get 0.1% when fifty thousand recruits invest in the platform.

Other prop-up bonuses include another 0.1% bonus when Troncase records 20,000,000 TRX volumes in referral downlines.

Additionally, you can earn 0.2% bonus (1% cap payable after five consecutive days) on each 80,000,000 TRX deposit pile-ups in Troncase.

Bogus Audit: CoinSwap P-2-P, LP Token

Troncase Review: despite publishing a truncated audit that does not even prove its Defi credibility, Troncase heightens the trope for its valueless LP Token. Why does this trend in MLM business raise a concern? See the answer below.

MLM Scam platforms usually offer affiliate coupons _ until their collapse, when they cue an exit by selling valueless cryptocurrencies for fiat deposits.

Also, given Troncase CEO’s anonymous status, no contract is truly binding on the platform. Regardless, none of these Troncased scam suspicions have been proved.

Briefly, the LP Token works in this way:

Trading on a Binance Blockchain counter, CoinSwap, the LP Token launches with an ICO incentive of 15% paid as a referral bonus for recruitments in Troncase investment.

As per the reliability of the Telescr In audit, our Troncase Review finds nothing tangible online. Telescr In submits a report that is as vague as Troncase Smart Contract, which makes the audit unreliable.

Hinting at the insufficiency of its audit, Telescr In warns that its Troncase Review only focuses on possible exit scams by the company. Since it did not examine the SafeMath algorithm of the Troncase Smart Contract, Telescr In cannot serve as any level of insurance for Troncase.

How credible is the company?

See the next section of this Troncase Review for more details.

Troncase Credibility

Our Troncase Review finds no Defi investments going on in the platform. Instead, we see installments of cryptocurrencies that have zero value on any blockchain.

Recently, Our Troncase Review finds that the company switched from its LP Token hype to boosting a hastily created CoinSwap Token (CSS). The new coin is nominally valued at $0.25. It also marks the pitch of Troncase’s Ponzi rhetoric.

For instance, since the coin is valueless, Troncase boosts its worth by promising to pay a 15% bonus to clients who refer the CSS Token to recruits.

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