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Topface Sign Up: as an global dating site for mostly singles, the platform allows you to register with your social media accounts.

In case you are wondering if the method doesn’t already limit the enrollment to the users of the supported social media accounts, you can easily access these social plugs to get to Topface. You can still sign up (and always log in to your profile on the app) with only your Facebook account.

Also, there are incentives for newbies. On your first visit, you can expect the following services from the platform.

  • Local Dating for people in any African country
  • Meet Singles Online
  • Free online dating in Nigeria
  • Singles chat rooms for easy hookups with likely partners from Nigeria.

On the first brush with the site, you might assume it serves only Nigerian users. No, the app is for everyone willing to abide by the rules of the dating community. It operates in over two hundred and thirty-one (231) countries worldwide, catering to more than fourteen million users globally. For users in Africa, though, the dating site doubles as a reliable hook-up link.

Do you want to know how the Topface Sign Up portal works? If yes, read this article to the end for enlightenment. We also share important information about the general features of the website and what to expect. See the details below.

Topface Sign Up Overview

Right off the bat, we mentioned that you can get a partner in Africa on this app. But that is only an aspect of Topface. The entire view is that of a global community coopting several sign-in options for every member.

Also, to allow users to link up with partners in their vicinity, the platform mentions the user’s location. In Accra, Ghana, you can get the same site offering to connect you to friends in the country. The same works for residents in the USA. You only have to specify your interests when you sign up on Topface.

Besides the friendship arc you indicate on registration, you can also find other users outside your craving by using the search button. It is even a better option for people who do not wish to disclose their privacy in a monetized platform (Topface earns profits from ads anyway). How is privacy disclosed?

When you enter your dating interests on the website, you actually share rather private information with members who can now suss your obsessions. And there are enough sultry pics and silhouettes in the background to spur a user to publicize his sexual preferences.

However, judging by its controlled interface and millions of users, Topface appears to be a well-organized dating platform.

If there are any deviations from the above conclusions, they border on the fringe strip of the larger community. So, you can expect a safe dating space. Regardless, it is absurd to expect a dating app to map a member to a ready partner. You can always tell when a website is overselling its strong suites by checking for a boast to play the matchmaker.

Topface does not guarantee a long/short-term relationship. Instead, it avails you of a large dating circle for easy hook-up.

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How to Sign Up on Topface

You can register on the platform through the Topface Sign Up portal. Below are the relevant steps.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click on the menu icon (three short horizontal lines).
  3. Opt for Topface Sign Up.
  4. Enter your Email Address, Password, country of residence, and profile picture.
  5. (Note that you will have to create a password for this procedure)
  6. Then click on Sign-up.

If you want a less difficult way than the procedure above, try signing up for an account using only your social media account.

Sign Up With Facebook

You can register on the dating platform using your social media account. Some of the supported accounts include:

  1. Facebook,
  2. VK,
  3. ru, and
  4. ru.

Here is how it works.

  • On the homepage (, click on Create an Account.
  • Indicate a signup preference by ticking one of the social media options above (else, enter your email address and password as described previously).
  • Then enter the login details for the social media account you chose.
  • Automatically, Topface logs you into your nearly created profile on the platform.

See how to log in to the website in the following section.

How to Login to Topface

Login with email and password

  • All you need to do is enter the password and email address you used for registration.
  • Then click on Login.

Login with Social Media Account

  • The homepage lists the available options for you on the interface.
  • Click on the one you signed up with to log in to your Topface account automatically.

(Note that Topface automatically logs you into your account by retrieving the relevant sign-in details from your social media profile.)

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