Top Jobs in Canada for 2022 | 6 High In Demand, Where to Apply

Top Jobs in Canada for 2022: as job restrictions due to Covid ease in Canada, many employment opportunities are available for eligible applicants.

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Canada’s economy recovers gradually from the negative decline due to lingering compromises. Lockdowns, curfews, and other restrictions are gradually eased and expected to wear off soon.

At the early stages of the pandemic, many businesses have to change their mode of operations by adopting new approaches in line with the health safety measures in place due to covid-19.

Businesses started using online platforms to carry out their day-to-day activities and hold meetings. As such, workers have to work from their homes. Those that required physical attendance now abide by the health and safety rules in place. These rules include face masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing, and avoid touching the face.

Due to this, many employees have lost their jobs because certain businesses became dormant due to the restrictions. However, a lot of employers are willing to reemploy laid-off employees. Different experts are already predicting the outcome of the 2022 employment rate.

According to a firm known as Randstad, many jobs will be in high demand, and those with special skills will have a better chance of getting accepted in 2022.

However, we have decided to compile a list of jobs in high demand in Canada in 2022.

Top 6 High in demand Jobs in Canada

Software developers

There will be high demand for employees in the software development field. Because now, there are greater chances of employees working from home and the increase in the popularity of e-commerce.

Also, many people now resort to buying things online and get them delivered right to their doorsteps. Individuals that code and design websites, e-commerce site and other types of websites, will be in high demand in Canada.

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Top Jobs in Canada: Nurses

Before the pandemic, experts predicted a shortage of nurses in Canada. The pandemic further proved this prediction and also exposed the need for more nurses in Canada. Also, reports show that Canada will require over 60,000 nurses in 2022 to help them in the health sector.

Financial advisors

A lot of individuals and companies are already feeling less financially secure as a result of the pandemic. These individuals or companies will require the help of financial advisors to help them with decisions on their finance, rent, mortgages, and other business decisions.

Top Jobs in Canada: Drivers

There are predictions that drivers will be in high demand in Canada. The reasons are that they are necessary for delivering medical supplies, foods, and other essentials. Also, it is a very valid point and should not come as a surprise.

Customer representatives

The work of customer representatives is to attend to persons who need urgent assistance. Most times, they may be emotionally unfit or depressed. So, these persons will need someone to talk to, and in most cases, help them fill an order or process a refund. Presently, there is a need for customer representatives, and it may increase in the future.


In situations where there are financial issues and inconsistency, that is where you have accountants coming into play. The job of an accountant includes giving financial advice to companies and individuals. Accountants help them access government loans, pay up taxes, and make proper financial decisions.

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