TMWhatsApp APK v7.74 | Latest Version of the WhatsApp Installations

TMWhatsApp APK is known as a chatting application that is the recent version of the official WhatsApp Messenger. And because it is a WhatsApp mod app, it is an illegal product that you are going to have.

However, it is mostly used by people to get features that are banned or exploit all the features of the original product without being banned. But the reason is that this app is also known as the Anti-Ban application.

The most important feature of it is that you can send a message to unlimited contacts. We all know that the official messenger allows you to send messages to just 5 persons.

You can also have amazing themes, animations, and other kinds of backgrounds for your chats or you can even change the color of the whole layout and interface of the top

Do you wish to upgrade to the latest version of WhatsApp available online? Are you aware of the latest WhatsApp Update known as TMWhatsApp APK v7.74? Learn all you need to know about this TMWhatsApp APK here in this post.

About the TMWhatsApp APK v7.74

Based on the Fouad WhatsApp model, the new TMWhatsApp APK v7.74 has better features. The improvements on the App allow you to schedule messages and also indicate IP address settings through VPN. With the VPN options, you can side-step bans on the TMWhatsApp APK v7.74 app in certain countries. 

It further has an autosave option, and the app is not prone to infiltration.

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Features of TMWhatsApp APK v7.74

You can enjoy the following features on TMWhatsApp APK v7.74:

  • Enjoy the app for a long period before it expires.
  • Includes options for deleting messages at the sender’s discretion
  • It can send messages to multiple receivers simultaneously.
  • Also, the new TMWhatsApp APK has a VPN that allows you to browse above the radar.
  • You can be able to convert the application format on the new TMWhatsApp APK. 
  • Allows you to stop “Delete Messages” on your device
  • Has features for improving background features by simulating snowfalls, hurricanes, lightning, and more.
  • Once you change to the “sleep” mode through settings, you automatically disconnect from the internet.
  • Keep parts of the chart if you wish to clear the entire conversation.
  • You can duplicate a status from a WhatsApp friend.
  • With the new TMWhatsApp APK v7.74, you can get as high as 500MB video transfer or 100MB audio messages. These supersede the previous 16MB tops on the other apps.
  • The new TMWhatsApp APK v7.74 app further allows up to 250 characters of input. You can also disseminate texts to at least one person.
  • Rid of Ads
  • It further has options for adapting the default icons on the application to your liking.
  • It shows who is currently online and who is not.
  • Tells broadcast messages and regular text messages apart
  • On the TMWhatsApp APK app, you can use Theme Server to get more designs of themes.
  • It also allows you to make up to seven minutes of video.
  • Using the TMWhatsApp APK, you can also transmit up to one hundred (100) files lump-sum
  • Moreover, you can send and receive 100 images on the TMWhatsApp APK app. Previous apps do not allow more than 10.
  • You can also draft a message and schedule it.
  • Send text broadcasts to groups.
  • Distinguish between normal messages and broadcast messages.
  • Filter messages when you clear chat.
  • Copy a friend’s status.
  • Change the app’s icon and notifications icon.
  • Able to run alongside any other installed WhatsApp so you don’t need to uninstall your other WhatsApps.
  • And many other features …..try it out to discover them by yourself, TMWhatsapp download

Improvements on the Previous WhatsApp Apps

The following are the improvements on the previous WhatsApp Applications:

  • TMWhatsApp APK has a base update of and an auto-unlock spying tool for some Android Phones.
  • Options for advanced searches
  • You can be able to extract themes from ZIP.
  • Spots Group Chats with blue ticks
  • Allows you to copy friends’ status by simply clicking on them
  • Options for recovering lost messages

Do you want to download the TMWhatsApp APK v7.74?  Click here. 

TM WhatsApp for iOS/iPhone

Actually, the TMWhatsApp is not available for iOS and iPhones. But you can try to download and install TMWhatsapp for iPhone/iOS devices by installing an Android emulator on your iPhone or iOS device.

For you to download and install WhatsApp on an iOS device, first, go to the Tweakbox site from this link: Tweakboxapp, and make sure to open the link from your iOS/iPhone Safari browser and not Chrome.

This is because they want to install the app directly to your iPhone device without any stress. But this can be stressful if you use the wrong browser, therefore, make sure that you make use of the Safari browser that comes by default on an iPhone device.

How to Download TMWhatsApp APK

  • First, download TMWhatsapp from the link below
  • Then you back your chats on your original (stock) WhatsApp.
  • Uninstall your original (stock) WhatsApp
  • Install your downloaded TMWhatsApp
  • After that, you restore your chats upon installation and proceed.
  • And you now have TMWhatsapp running and enjoy.

How to install TM WhatsApp update

For you to install TMWhatsApp update on your phone, you will first download the new update from the (TMWhatsApp) website. Then you open the downloaded APK and simply click install TM WhatsApp. TM WhatsApp will install on your phone and you’ll not lose any data.

TMWhatsApp APK  Details

Name                                                      TM WhatsApp

Version                                                   Updated

Developer                                            Titus Mukisa

Size                                                           77.2MB

Package Name                                  com.tmwhatsapp

Price                                                        Free

Android Versions required        4.2 +

VPN Proxy

TMWhatsApp has been fully equipped with an inbuilt VPN proxy to unlock blocked WhatsApp. You don’t need to pay OTT Tax to use this WhatsApp Mod on your smartphone.

Try it out yourself today to prove the above

Manual Update:

Automatic updates are permanently disabled and it gives the users full control over updates. Users only update the app at their wish and when they have enough data bundle to do so.

This article can help you know about TMWhatsApp APK v7.74

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