Thrive Agric | Investment Opportunities and Challenges on the App

Thrive Agric is a start-up investment company that you can use to earn profits by funding agribusiness and getting paid after the fixed maturity date.

If you are a Nigerian living in the country presently, you will be familiar with the dearth of satisfactory returns on marketable farm produce. 

This decline may be due to local farmers not having access to modern farming methods or improved farm inputs. Also, plying their trade in a highly volatile market can be a contributing factor.

With Thrive Agric, much of these handicaps can be overcome and the lot of the common farmer can be bettered in Nigeria.

Using the investment platform, you can become pro-active in driving this change while earning huge on your investments in Thrive Agric.

What Thrive Agric Is All About

Thrive Agric is concentrated on channeling funds towards investment opportunities in the Agricultural sector. 

It avails you a chance to invest in low-risk businesses in the agricultural sector through the myriad of tradable assets in stock.

Thrive Agric became fully operational in 2017, having been founded in 2016 by Ayodeji Arikawe and Uka Eje.

You can read up more detailed first-hand information on the COMPANY WEBSITE and also download the app on your mobile device.

How Thrive Agric Works

First, sign up for an account with the company. Then you can be able to view the features on the mobile app platform without any stress.

Basically, you can see features that allow you to:

  • Fund a farm project
  • Add details to your profile if you have any new updates
  • And monitor the progress of your investments

Let us take a brief look at how you can fund a farm project.

As with most investment platforms, Thrive Agric provides three alternatives if you click on “fund a farm”.

Here you can view market stocks in three categories, such as 

Open: for investment opportunities that are currently available for funding.

Closed: for completely funded farm projects.

Coming Soon: for market investments that will soon be available for funding. 

You can view important details about the investment option you choose on the Thrive Agric app. This is done to help you make an informed choice of investments.

The company shows you

  • The amount of fund,
  • Return on investment, and
  • Maturity period of the asset you are investing in.

There are specified funds for different investments shown on a graph. If this looks complicated or entirely new to you, look for any reliable brokerages or seek advisory assistant before investing.

You only get to pay when you have concluded the selection of an investment option. A page will display at this stage guiding you on the steps you can take regarding this.

Investing in Thrive Agric farm projects is easy. It should not prove hard for you to familiarize yourself with.

Also, many reviews have praised the mobile app interface for being user friendly.

Once you are logged in, you can run a seamless transaction on the app using the easy guides on it. Even newbies will have an easy time using the platform to invest.

Possible Challenge

You should know that Thrive Agric has been functionally reliable for a very long period since its inception.

However, there are pockets of complaints that some investors have not received remuneration for their investments on the platform. 

We are looking at the performance of the company by considering its complete business history. These complaints might be unfounded or prove to be a minor issue with the investor.

Also, you may not always find farms available for funding on the platform.

Prospect for Growth

Although the investment platform is a high performing business avenue, it faces tough competitors such as Farmcrowdy. But the list of competitors is few.

This shows that the company is leading the investment platforms in agribusiness.

Allowing for an investment period of at least six (6) months, you stand a chance to earn a minimum of 11% returns on investments. And the company looks poised to increase these profits in the coming years.


From sustained business activity to yielding satisfactory profits to investors, the company continues to make its mark in the market environment of the Nigerian business space.

You should visit the website to start investing today. We welcome your views in the comment section below.

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