Thomas Langu Sweswe Played for 90 Minute and Never Touched the Ball

 Football Matches have their ups and downs. Some players aim for glory, others for the lesser feat. Thomas Langu Sweswe appears to be on the comical side.

The Zimbabwean footballer, Thomas Langu Sweswe, plays the full period for a football match and never touches the football. In a comical twist, the experienced sportsman lasts 90 Minuit on the pitch without so much as kicking the football.

Afterward, the question on everybody’s lips was, “how did he do that?” 

Perhaps Mr. Thomas Langu Sweswe is in the best position to answer that question. In the meantime, we wish to let you in on one or two less known facts about him. So, stay with us. 

Thomas Langu Sweswe Playing Streak

It is on record that Mr. Thomas Langu Sweswe has played for these clubs:

Dynamos and ZPC Kariba

Kaizer Chiefs

Wits and Black Leopards

And for Manning Rangers.

The 38 years old footballer may no longer be a career footballer, after his epic match, probably.

Thomas Langu Sweswe set a blazing pace, pushing his football career from obscure local teams to international clubs. Once in the spotlight, he was the center back while playing for Zimbabwe National Football Team.

Rumor has it that Thomas Langu is currently playing for a South African club. It is possible that this is a local club, though.


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Previous Career History

He was at the 2007 Merdeka Tournament in Malaysia, playing for his country Zimbabwe.

As the records show, Mr. Thomas Langu Sweswe scored against Singapore. Eventually, Zimbabwe tallied a 4-2 win over Singapore.

Despite their promising start, however, the Zimbabweans fell off the Semi-finals losing to Myanmar.

A similar situation also played out in Cosafa Tournament, where the team lost to their Mozambique counterparts.

His other matches look like this:

  • Two appearances at the Zimbabwe 2012 African Cup of Nations 
  • A tie with Liberia on September 5, 2012
  • Another tie with Cape Verde in October
  • He appears in the 3-0 loss to Brazil in June after recovering from an injury,
  • And subsequently, he plays in the triumphant match against Mozambique. 

Thomas Langu also plays for his country in the prelude to the African Cup of Nation Qualifiers 2012. There, Zimbabwe loses to Mali.

Subsequently, Zimbabwe pays the score debt in 2011 in a return match against Mali.

Despite his eventful gig with football, Thomas Langu Sweswe is more famous for playing 90 Minute’s period without so much as kicking the football.

To date, no football player has beaten this record.


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