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The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme: focused on South African audience, the gifting MLM spree runs incognito and offers $500 ROI to affiliates.

Of course, the company is alright with a broader affiliate range than its current base in South Africa. Recently, it held a webinar, gushing about the opportunities that people can access through the gifting model of Prosperity Grid. It bodes well to aspire for huge profits. 

But while you strive for the tiny peak, do you realize it might be another doddering pyramid? If you know the risks in The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme, will you still stake your cash?

This article explains the compensation structure of Prosperity Grid and its Affiliate Program. See if the profit grid is a triangle structure in this post.

The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme: Overview

The Prosperity Grid is relatively obscure to MLM fans in Africa. It does have the attention of many South Africans, though. Regardless, the company is run anonymously.

After a quick scrabbling on the site and promoters’ platforms, we find the following details about the platform.

The Prosperity Grid is supposedly a peer-to-peer rotational savings community network. Anyone with a decent knowledge of double-speak will find loads of it in this savings community platform.

It supposedly proffers the one-for-all solution to lackluster work cycles: The gifting Economy. Also, the site does a great job trying to explain how the so-called Gifting Economy works.

So, we briefly explain the model below.

One client’s testimony on the website is revealing enough to explain the Gifting Economy. Her name is Susan, and she has made a good pile by investing for five (5) months in the platform.

How is this possible? 

Susan is part of the gifting community in The Prosperity Grid. She could make that much profit from the association because of the core values in practice _ the democratization of wealth and ownership, localism, protecting the commons, community sustainability (sic) and resilience.

An experienced investor would want to see the revenue inflow and sustainability of The Prosperity Grid before buying the above spin. We will explain this bit later.

At least any 5-month long investment in The Prosperity Grid is an early start. Why? Because the company website was only created in March. Nothing else is public about the company.

Fortunately, we can access The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme compensation plan. And it offers enough information to pin the company to a self-gratifying Ponzi. See the following section for the Affiliate program.

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Affiliate Compensation Plan

The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme: the process does not rely on traditional value-demand relations. It offers a glimpse of the Gifting Economy. In this model, money circulates due to surpluses. 

Someone has an excess of X and gifts it to another person who might have an excess of Y. That is how X and Y join the monetary stream, also comprising the reserves.

Subsequently, The Prosperity Grid maintains your initial $500 deposit through a 2×3 matrix. In MLM, such a payment structure is a lattice, comprising two columns (binary legs) and three rows (downlines) split into twos successively until the third level. You will be at the top of this structure if you invest $500 enough.

Moreover, recruits enter the referral downlines by depositing $500. However, since the profit comes from the lowest level, it goes to the highest-ranking entrant on the matrix. That is you at the top. Also, this system allows you to move a level higher by paying $500.

In the third row, the total splits amount to 2×2×2, eight in all. Now, $500 by 8 gives the $4000. That is how the matrix works. You are free to invest in it anytime. See why The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme is a triangle structure (Ponzi) in the following section.

Gifting Economy: Abundance or Ponzi?

The double-speak here is Gifting Economy. It is the new hype for most sensationalist platforms. But its core is Ponzi, shroud in confusing glamour. If you earn solely from the deposits of recruits in a company, you profit from a pyramid scheme.

The gifting Economy involves people giving away extras. But the giveaways are seldom money. The moment people leverage this system for profit, it becomes a supply chain, not a gift network.

Now, without any supporting revenue sources, The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme is only a Ponzi. 

As long as the payment structure allows members to vie for referral levels by depositing $500, it is not a monied democracy. That is the roach on this platform.

There isn’t much point in quitting your job to live off someone else’s money.

Moreover, one webpage of The Prosperity Grid site links to an example of a Gifting Economy. The scene is an isolated case where two people coincidentally interchange excess woods and eggs.

They did not wait on a matrix to earn eight times the value of their deposits. In this context, The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme is the opposite of what the Gifting Economy does.

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