Thank you Letters | How to Write Thank you letter On Getting Admission

Thank you letters can be a bit tough to write if you do not know the first thing about it. Naturally, you should send a reply to a University admission letter showing that you appreciate the offer.

You can be notified of University admissions through missives on your email, and you can also reply through the same medium. But this requires a little more than the enthusiasm to show appreciation. You need to be able to write correctly.

You can set about this task by drafting thank you letters for people who stood in for your recommendations and then another for the person who interviewed you. Additionally, you might need to express gratitude to a few contacts of yours in the office that just gave you the university admission.

Among other things, sending these letters is a gesture of warmth and good character. Do you wish to learn how to write thank you letters properly? If yes, then read on below.


Once you are ready to compose these letters, you should have at your fingertips the points, features, and tone you wish to convey through the thank you letters to the recipients.

We have helped out with a few pointers that will be of help to you as write your thank you letters. They are:

Write Concise Letter

You should always remember that the recipients of your letter are likely to be too busy to sit down trying to fish out hidden details. So, make sure that you plunge straight into the meat of your thank you letters.

The recipients of your letter will read through the letter if you get to the points quickly as it then holds their attention.

If the recipients of your letters occupy public offices such as the ones we mentioned previously, then they probably receive more letters than they care to read. That is why we recommend that your thank you letters should be concisely written.

After composing these letters, through what medium should you mail it?

Well, if the recipients are not particular about the media through which they receive letters then you can send it through email or post office couriers.

Bear in mind that your tone should be formal by default, these thank you letters are being sent to people occupying offices.

Sample Formats for writing thank you letters

This letter-writing format is easy but you should stick to it closely.

You can begin expressing gratitude. Then you can add further details such as the role the recipient of your letter played in helping you to apply for successful university admission and highlighting how useful his/her advice has been.

Additionally, you can suggest keeping him/her abreast of further developments. 

Here’s an example:

“I am grateful for your efforts in writing a recommendation letter to my University of choice. Your lectures on Entropy informed my preference of Physical Chemistry over Economics in the higher institution. I am so excited to tell you that I have been accepted by three Universities including my dream school.”

As you should know, you should always fulfill any promises to the recipient involving updates because it says a lot about your character.

Writing thank you letters to interviewers

This can be a bit trickier than the previous thank you letters you would have to write. The reason is that the recipient of the letter was your interviewer and you can also use this opportunity to create a model image of yourself for the university.

Bearing this in mind, you should make sure to allude to your positive qualities and how it can be of use to the university. You can hint at some moments during your interview at the recipient’s office to clear any signs of aloofness and be more engaging.

You can even spice your thank you letters with popular phrases in the University that you initially picked up from the recipients.

Here’s an example:

Thank you for making out time to grant me an interview at the University of Nigeria Nsukka last Thursday. I was thrilled by your description of the school environs, unique landscapes, art galleries, and the impressive science laboratories. Our meeting left me feeling eager to commence studying at the University already.

You should always keep your letters concise, not blunt or bulky. 

Also, ensure that you send in the thank you letters to the recipients at least a day after you get the letter of admission from the University. However, you should still send them if they were deferred for any reason.

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