TextNow Free US Phone Number | Pros & Cons, APK Download

TextNow Free US Phone Number and the APK link you to friends and family in the USA or Canada via unlimited free text messages and voice calls.

In a nutshell, TextNow, designated a phone service for everyone, is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Although it is not thoroughly a simplistic network service as the above description puts it, TextNow offers fascinating free plans to people in North America.

Right off the bat, here are what you can get from TextNow besides a free US phone number:

  • Connect to friends and families through voice calls
  • Send picture messages (and also receive pic)
  • Use Emojis, Gifs, and other visual effects
  • Also, you can transcript voicemails, forward calls, sign text messages, customize ringtones & vibrations, etc.

We briefly explain some of the features in the following section before getting to the TextNow Free US Phone Number. See more information below.

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TextNow Free US Phone Number: Some Features of TextNow

Continuing the list of features you can enjoy for free through the TextNow sim kit, we highlight the following:

Home Screen Widget

Any adaptable tool on a device home screen is always welcome news. TextNow not only allows you to create a text message on this widget but also make phone calls.

Also, the experience has an impressive UI touch, given the customizable background of TextNow.

SMS, but synced to your computer/PC

Have you heard of TextNow.com yet? Well, for starters, the address is a thing. It allows you to send and receive text messages on your PC through your mobile phone.

Where do the messages go? The answer breaks on the next impressive free feature of this app, Unified Inbox.

Unified Inbox

If users have one reservation, other than pricing, about a messaging service, they pin it on too many message folders. Messages from a pre-categorized cohort get sorted into different folders, making it easy to overlook.

However, TextNow offers an intuitive solution to this hulking oversight by offering a Unified Inbox. In that way, you need only focus on one folder to access your text messages. And that is merely your TextNow inbox.


Not leaving any bit of its userspace to unauthorized intrusion, your TextNow Free US Phone Number has a Passcode option. It requests the code, which requires prior setting, anytime anyone attempts to view text messages on your phone.

What else can you get on the app? There is the Google SmartLock.

Google SmartLock

The feature ensures you do not encounter login problems due to password issues. All you need to do is sync your mobile phone with the feature. Voila! Everything is ready. You can then log in at your leisure.


As long as the TextNow Free US Phone Number holds the trends, it scales due to its free services. These include free texts, free phone calls, free miscellaneous mobile phone services. With the voice calls, you can enjoy connections with about ten (10) different lines.

Also, the data is sizeable for offers on a non-subscription package. This deal, however, requires a $40 monthly subscription to work on your TextNow Free US Phone Number.

Further, the data details get bottom barrel rating as it winds down to 2GB from its 23GB of LTE (the usual plan is Unlimited LTE Plan) at the start.


So far, the only brow-raising, maybe discomforting, side to acquiring a TextNow Free US Phone Number is the unrestrained ads.

As often as you make a free phone call with TextNow, you will have to wait out a popup video or a fit-to-screen picture advert. Also, this happens amidst zero discounts on any number of sim purchases on the Family Plan.

It seems that TextNow supports few phones for its free service. Unfortunately, the preferred devices are going out of trend, with near-obsolete features.

Moreover, you will have to pay for the TextNow supported sim to enable activation. That sort of chips off the completely free network pitch from TextNow.

See how to get a TextNow Free US Phone Number in the following section.

Get TextNow Free US Phone Number from the App or APK

If you are comfortable with the ads and phone call options on TextNow, get the free US or Canadian number using the steps below.

  1. First, download the mobile app from Google Store.
  2. Create an account for the downloaded TextNow app using the following steps.
  3. Provide your email address and password, then specify an Area Code for any preferred US location.
  4. Subsequently, TextNow gives you a free US phone number.

Note that some devices might not run the app. For example, it will not work on your iPhone 12, detracting from the usability of the software.

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