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Teqra Boris: barely gone half the year in 2021, the Teqra.com website is beset with many issues already. Teqra Boris turns out to be another up-jumped rendezvous of Ponzi actors out to milk undiscerning investors dry.  MLM Scheme/Defi Investment, Teqra Crypto invesmtents.

Also, our review team shows that the company website is unavailable. Likely, it will not serve for any meaningful investments already in progress or still unhatched. This trails the bulk withdrawals from the Company’s investment.

With clients closing their accounts hurriedly, Teqra Boris shut down its website to salvage the funds in its grasp. Read about Teqra Ponzi CEOs here

Teqra Boris: Company Overview, Goals & Services

As popularly brandished on its website, Teqra Boris promises to help investors earn daily profits aided by hi-tech market tools. Being a De-fi platform, the Company presumably attempts to increase your profit caps after quarterly trade periods.

How will it do this? By providing investment caches offering levels of investor-entry prices to clients, Teqra Boris promises to pay them high ROIs. Although this article is yet to divulge Teqra’s Ponzi downside, it already pinpoints MLM Ponzi traits on the teqra.com website. Briefly, they are as follows:

The official website is currently down.

Teqra Boris ROI is too high to be a tenable risk in any reasonably managed portfolio

Ponzi CEOs, proxy reps on social media, etc.

Lastly, and most bizarrely, some shrewd investors currently unmask the Frederick Glaesser proxy CEO stunt of Teqra.

Further, the Company promises to offer services in fields it supposedly specializes in. But the website is blank as to the Teqra’s qualification and history offering these services.

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Teqra Boris: Scam? See Updates

Teqra Boris: like we hinted at in the preceding sections, the CEO fronts of the Teqra Company are all frauds. The Company repeatedly uses Russian actors and faked English natives as stand-in CEOs for its media outreach.  

Before the spotlight divulged Teqra Boris CEO Ponzi, the teqra.com platform postured as an English-owned venture. But online media remain cynical about the website. If anything, the Company’s CEOs looked tasked to keep up their Englishman character. And now, the debacle unfolds. Teqra.com is nothing more than a scam and its CEOs are Teqra Boris actors.

After failing to convince clients that operations are run from Russia, Teqra now closes its website from users. That makes it a scam and a Ponzi front.

Although the website is unreachable now, it leaves defrauded investors in its wake. Online automated trackers reveal that the Teqra Boris scheme is popular in Russia and the USA where its faux crypto trades are popular.

Moreover, you can see the available investment offers from the website in the following section. It helps you picture the MLM footprint in the Company payment model.

Investment Packages/Plans

There are caches in the Tegra platform offering crypto investment options. But you can also earn from investments in Teqra’s Packages. You can enter any of the packages below at the fixed prices (in USD, BTC, or ETH):

Highest offer from Teqra, VIP Plus (5% daily profit) _ you can buy into the plan for 2127ETH/0.002BTC-57BTC or $1000000, valid for one hundred-and-eighty (180) days.

Teqra VIP pays 2.7%-4.5% per day. It is available at 2127ETH/0.015BTC-57BTC, valid for sixty (60) days.

2.3%-3% daily profit (Plan 4) _ valid for fifty (50) days, you can join the plan for 2127ETH/1.5BTC-57BTC or $50000-$1000000.

1.9%-2.3% daily profit (Plan 3) _ accruing over forty (40) days for 106ETH/0.15BTC-2.99999BTC. Preferably, you can pay $5000-$49000 in dollar USD.

Also, 1.5%-1.9% daily profit (Plan 2) _ accruing over twenty-five (25) days at 10.5ETH/0.015BTC-0.29999BTC. You can also pay $500-$4999 in dollar USD.

1.1%-1.5% daily profit (Plan 1) _ accruing over ten (10) days at 0.05ETH-1ETH/0.002BTC-0.029BTC. Preferably, you can pay $50-$499.

Additionally, you can earn from the referral bonus according to Teqra unilevel payment schemes.

Referral Payment Scheme

Teqra shows the typical Boris conman exterior. While promising to pay you high ROIs for minor investments in its company, it uses a triangle scheme to award you bonuses like MLM platforms.

How do you earn money on the platform? First, recruit a member. Then Teqra props your profit pile-ups with bonuses cut from recruits in your downlines. After the 27th level, you will have to re-invest in the affiliate cycle as the bonuses reach a peak.

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Referral Awards

Briefly, the referral awards are as follows:

Diamond Director_ available for a cumulative $25000000 on your levels. You need at least 12%, 7%, and 3%, for levels 1, 2, and 3. Affiliate levels 4, 5, and 6 require 2%, while 7-14 require 1%. Levels 15, 16, 17… 27 require only 0.5%

Platinum Director _ available for cumulative $15000000. You need at least 0.5% from levels 13, 14, 15…22; 1% on 7, 8, 9 … 12; 2% on 4, 5, and 6; 3%, 6%, and 10% accruing from levels 3, 2, and 1.

Gold Director _ available for a cumulative $10000000. You can get this award when you have at least 9%-5% on levels 1-2, 2% for levels 3-5, 1% for levels 6-9, and then 0.5% on the subsequent levels until level 17. 

Silver Director _ requires at least $3000000 pile-ups accruing over 0.5% for levels 9-14, 1% for levels 6-8, 2% for levels 3-5, and then 4% and 8% on levels 2 and 1.

Bronze _ requires $500000 pile-ups accruing over 0.5% for levels 8-11, 1% for levels 6-7, 2% for levels 3-5, and then 4% and 7% for levels 2 and 1.

Agent _ this requires $100000 accruing over your affiliate downlines. It is also available at 0.5% for levels 7 and 8; 1% for levels 4, 5 and 6; 2% for level 3; 3% for level 2; and lastly, 6% for level 1.

Moreover, the least affiliate partnership is the Manager tier. You only need to register to earn on this tier. You will also need personal recruits to gain a 5% bonus from Teqra, though. It further pays 2% for level 2, and then it pays 1% for the third and fourth levels.

Teqra Boris: Aftermath

Teqra Boris: from day one, shrewd reviewers point out that Tegra is run by proxy scam CEOs. The platform, like all triangle matrix MLM platforms, is now unreachable. So, there is no point in trying to invest.

Newbies can learn to spot scam investment platforms by taking  a cue from the series of Teqra Boris CEOs. It helps to always run a background check before investing in a Defi platform. 

Please, tell us what you think about the Teqra Ponzi using the comment section.


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