Telepreneur Corp Review | Enthuses Faith, Affiliate Commissions, a Ponzi? 

Telepreneur Corp Review: instead of concerted effort at explaining a tenable blueprint for its business, Telepreneur offers faith-induced coupons.

Unlike the spate of MLM companies supposedly offering equitable passive earning formula, Telepreneur Corp allows you can top the affiliate chain by investing more. If you scrape the surface, all the multi-level marketing platforms spur recruitment by awarding more profits to higher-tier investors than the regular affiliate. So, what makes Telepreneur Corp different?

As our Telepreneur Corp Review finds, the company encourages leap of faith: seeking a break by cueing religion. That is a convenient bypass for any dispassionate business proposition.

Besides the usual MLM rhetoric above, Telepreneur Corp provides marketable products. Also, you can partake in Stockist outreaches, seminars, and other random airdrops accruing members in Partnership with Stockists/Investors.

Our Telepreneur Corp Review explains the affiliate program, enrollment, and compensation structure of this company. In the end, we discuss the credibility of the platform as an MLM pro. See more details in the sections below.

Telepreneur Corp Review: The Foundation

Although Telepreneur Corp often goes with an acronym, TPC. It also has a Telepreneur Foundation on its official website. You can see the information alongside the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration number, 201736589.

On different customer reviews, discussions about the TPC as an MLM company are predominantly in the Philippines. The section on Reddit about the platform outspokenly discourages enrollment in the company, pending SEC due diligence from TPC.

But the site mentions that Telepreneur Corp is more than any MLM retail. Subsequently, it describes Telepreneur Foundation, a subsidiary of TPC, in the following terms.

“…a non-stock, non-profit charitable foundation which aims to help, aid (sic)and assist the sick, the poor and the needy through support programs that will help alleviate their plight and help improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children and their families.” (Bold type ours)

Already, the qualifiers in bold print contrast with the function of an SEC in a non-profit organization. Either Telepreneur Foundation requires an SEC as a part of TPC, or it is overcompensating. Despite how it turns out, Telepreneur Corp nominally has a foundation that supposedly helps victims of earthquakes, typhoons, etc.

Besides these huge outreaches to society, Telepreneur Corp Review finds the typical MLM earning options and the corresponding affiliate compensation structure.

Note: as seen on the website, Lorenzo B. Rellosa is the CEO and owner of TPC and its other fixtures. Reportedly, he also owns at least one other MLM business, hopefully, detached from faith earning.

You can see the available products on this platform in the following section of this Telepreneur Corp Review.

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Products & Reselling Percentage Commissions

Telepreneur Corp Review: supposedly, you can get products spanning different consumer niches from the company. They include the following:

But Telepreneur Corp ties details of the products to membership registration for good measure.

Moreover, there are the percentage profits for sub-retails run by TPC affiliates. As our Telepreneur Corp Review finds, TPC keeps a ratio of your membership subscriptions, shuffling it as resell commission when you sell a purchased product.

For the most part, the chunk of commissions go to these affiliate bands:

City Stockist _ gets 35% discount (retained ratio) on purchasing goods;

Mobile Stockist _ gets 30% discount (retained ratio);

System Owners _ receive only 25% (being the cut for non-top rung investors).

Other reshuffled commissions from the Telepreneur Corp platform are Transaction Charge Commissions, Loading Commissions, etc. Telepreneur exacts competitive preliminary sales volumes for qualification in these caches.

For instance, bonuses accrue to subscribers in the Loading Commissions on the typical MLM unilevel lattice. Albeit, the levels are not more than ten (10). The percentage commissions for some of the levels are as outlined below:

0.12% for Level 10,

0.11% for Level 9,

Down to 0.08% for Levels 1 and 2.

More Commissions: Binary & Unilevel Lattices

Telepreneur Corp allows you to earn bonuses through a binary and unilevel lattice of downlines.

Payments typically depend on downline volumes and the influx of recruitment. While the unilevel structure rears at the tenth (10th) level, it augments commissions via infinite binary teams, apparently flushing out after a validity period.

Also, our Telepreneur Corp Review does not find a clear-cut difference between the commissions culminating from recruitments and matching bonuses. The company pays out bonuses on the following binary pairs:

700 PHP _ available for pairs from the Silver package

1000 PHP _ up for pairs in the Gold Package

2000 PHP _ available for matches in the Platinum package

3700 PHP _ goes to pairs in the SGP package

The pair-offs get intricate as the downlines become sizeable piles. Regardless, any stragglers in the binary compensation cycles can leverage the unilevel structures for more profits.

Telepreneur Corp Review: Conclusion

Our Telepreneur Corp Review finds the same MLM issues about product description and retails, vagueness.

Reportedly, Telepreneur Corp could muster such a retails ensemble by adding items into its products cache. Fully-fledged, however, the company relies heavily on incentives and shuffled cuts as various commissions.

Besides the tapering space at the top hierarchy, marketing terms seem skewed as per the revenue pie chart (Telepreneur takes a chunk of it, anyway). WereTelepreneur Corp any equitable platform, it should offer a less steeped ascent to big affiliate ROIs than ceding seven accounts to a recruit on request.

Moreover, if members comply with the rat-race earning options in this platform, they would require the indulging religious tidbits punctuating earnings on TPC. The sprinkling of religion works well on the local investors (Philippines). Contrast this scrambling scheme with verifiable revenue structures.

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