Telepreneur Corp Owner | the Many Faces of Rellosa, Telepreneur CEO

Telepreneur Corp Owner: on the public side, Lorenzo B. Rellosa runs Telepreneur Corp as per finance, but elsewhere online, he has other names. Are they the same person or separate individuals?

Anyone visiting the company for the first time only learns about its tech retails (aka E-loading). That is not all the information about the platform. Being a Filipino enterprise, Telepreneur Corp (TPC) attempts to train the local participants in relevant MLM skills. Below is how the TPC official website puts it.

We will continuously train our leaders, dealers, and partners to be professional MLM builders, networkers, and entrepreneurs.

It doesn’t stop at mere MLM retails algorithms. The company also offers many admin sections, including Dealers and Partners. Besides the above management, top hierarchies in the company include a chairman, directors, and a treasurer. The director part is where the Rellosa jumble starts.

Lorenzo B. Rellosa is the President & CEO, the preferred front, in many Telepreneur Corp marketing videos. In an affiliated blog, the chairman is Dave Lopez. It wouldn’t be the first time an MLM business attempts to avoid providing admin info. However, the Telepreneur Corp Owner is likely a shuffled title among the TPC Leadership & Support Team.

We share more details of the Telepreneur Corp Owner in the following sections of this article. Read on for more information.

Telepreneur Corp Owner: Two Rellosas, a Family Business?

Like we mentioned previously, the noticeable thing about this Filipino Telepreneur Corp owner is the various candidates for the position. Is that the best move while launching an MLM to the public? Of course, it is not.

Either some top headers are switching roles, or they are undecided on a commensurate Telepreneur Corp CEO. But then, we only require a Telepreneur Corp Owner, not a CEO. This platform mentions Dave Lopez (at the top of the TPC Leadership list) as the Chairman of the organization.

With Leonides as a director, most positions in the admin team involve three groups:

  1. Chairman,
  2. Treasure (one slot for this position), and then
  3. Four Directors.

Now, the name, Dave Lopez, gives one pause for thoughts. Is he the Dave Lopez of the Dean A. McGee Award (by Downtown Oklahoma City Inc.) fame?

Of course not, since he would then be exchanging his Philippine roots for a Mexican pedigree. The award-winning Dave Lopez comes from Las Cruces, New Mexico. So, we have the typical case of MLM admins attempting to launch a career by mimicking popular names.

If we allow that the issue depends on chance, we would have to point out it is strangely suitable for the image of Telepreneur Corp Owner. If an obscure MLM platform wants to go public, it conveniently launders images of public figures.

Leonides Rollesa and Lonzo are likely candidates for the CEO position. In this regard, the TPC team has at least two people from the same family directing the affairs. Below is the complete list of the TPC Board of Directors:

Chairman: Dave Lopez

Treasurer: Leonides B. Rellosa

Director: Lorenzo B. Rellosa

Director: Sajiron R. Dayao

Also, Director: Alejandro Libao

Director: Anna Lorraine Rellosa

The last name in the above list awakens suspicions again. Is Anna Lorraine Rellosa the sister of the previous men with the same surname? She probably is.

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What Does Telepreneur Corp do?

The clip below comes from the Our Mission part of the Telepreneur blog,

And thru our unique compensation plan, TELEPRENEUR CORP will provide its Dealers and Partners the financial freedom they have been dreaming of and a residual income all Multi-Level Marketers have been looking for.

In a nutshell, the Telepreneur Corp Owner attempts to give you financial freedom through augmented MLM. That is the by and large of investing with the company. What do you need to start on the platform? You only need a consistent enrollment. As Telepreneur Corp specifies, the residual incomes go to affiliates alone.

Possible Issues

Besides the unpinned ID of the Telepreneur Corp Owner, TPC has other irregularities to straighten out.

One of these is the supposed links to pictures of legalities and permits. The link is currently flagged down on Facebook for non-conformity to Facebook Community Standards.

That is ever the problem about the passive earning option plugs offering unpopular payment dossiers. They hardly have a regulation or SEC license. Despite mentioning the SEC Reg. no. CS201115301, Telepreneur Corp could not prove that the index is genuine.

Moreover, there is nothing IT about the company besides Telepreneur Corp merely mentioning it. E-loading, a vague expression from Telepreneur Corp, undercuts all references to the IT part of operations.

Telepreneur Corp Owner: Last Words

It does good to read disinterested reviews about any multi-level marketing company before investing funds. Telepreneur Corp Owner could never be remiss if the company were in the public spotlight.

However, as it relies on social media and the zest of affiliates to gain traction, Telepreneur Corp shifts attention from SEC prelims to partnership coupons.

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