Tastecard Login | Get App, See Limits, Sign-in Procedure

The Tastecard Login portal gives you access to thousands of restaurants, taste your favorite dishes, and enjoy a two-for-one (2 for 1) bonus.

It operates from the United Kingdom, connecting customers from all parts of the globe to desirable eateries, restaurants, and food stalls. What does it take to start enjoying this relish?

On the part of the customer, it only requires a Tastecard. Partner restaurants will have to check the eligibility and other requirements, though.

Besides giving a fifty percent (50%) cut on the pricing, Tastecard offers benefits to registered members. Also, there are loyalty programs and other airdrops for customers.

Read on below for more details.

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Tastecard Login: Overview

The company was founded in 2006 and has since ushered in novel dining models into restaurants. Also, the owner of the platform is Matt Turner, who doubles as the originator of the 2 for 1 offer.

Subsequently, the company begins to blend its unique idea into the popular dining plugs in the UK, racking up positive feedbacks and the intended results in the process. Currently, it has thousands of names, selling foods and crunchy snacks on the 50% discount charge in its list.

But that is not all. Tastecard saves money for you.

If you often spend more than your budget on feeding while in a restaurant, reduce the expenses by getting a Tastecard app today. Alternatively, you can become a member and enjoy the full spectrum of benefits, including travel opportunities and insurance.

Here is a glimpse of the cuts on savings for the listed items below (some of them are on utilities, relieving customers of some bills). 

10% savings on food delivery & collection

50% off meals (with applicable criteria from the involved restaurant)

30% for movies

50% discount on attractions (Tastecard goes into the specifics on the official website)

Perks (including airdrops and other bonuses coming to the members)

Also, you can get a 50% discount on pizza delivery from Tastecard restaurants.

See how to download the application in the section below.

Download the app

Here is a short, quick procedure for downloading the app into your mobile device (apple or android phone).

  • Go to Google Play Store (or open Playstore on your smartphone).
  • Search tasetcard (offered by Taste Marketing Limited)
  • Click on Install.

That is all it takes to get the app into your phone

 Once you access the Tastecard Login page, you can enjoy offers for different caches like Silver, Platinum, Student, and Graduate Accounts.


Although Tastecard avails you of the best terms for any online booking, it requires you to meet some criteria. Some of them include the following.

The 50% cut is may not be available all days of the week. Even then, there may be limits depending on the restaurant.

Some 50% discounts on dishes may not include all customer specifications.

Also, the 2 for 1 offer does not cover extras and snacks after the main course.

You will have to present your card to put through an order.

Only the holder of the Tastecard card (the person who opened the account) can order food. Even then, it must be done in advance.

We explain the Tastecard Login procedure in the following section.

How to Sign-in to Tastecard

Follow the steps below to log into the platform successfully.

  • Search tastecard.co.uk/log-in (if you do not have the app on your smartphone).
  • Click on the login option (if you are using the app).
  • Now, enter your Tastecard Login username and password.
  • Now, click on SIGN IN.

Moreover, you can retrieve your password (or change it) by clicking on the Forgot your Password option.

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