Tapestri Review | Monetized Data Embroidery, Credible MLM or Scam?

Tapestri Review: unlike the usual, retails algorithm, Tapestri is a multi-level marketing (MLM) data-monetizing application by Walter Harrison. It is a change from traditional MLM-style payment.

If you visit the website, you’d see the make-money-from-data trope requesting you to sign up. Many people are comfortable trading data for remuneration. But other people might get skeptical about the handling of their data.

Big tech companies have attempted to pry the overnight asset from their owners. But always, they meet firm rebuff. So, why is this app making rounds online? On a fair toss, the reason is the passive earning option _ the usual MLM forte.

On the flipside, Tapestri might be onto a bigger nugget than the typical daily token streak of most MLM sites. These are what our Tapestri Review attempts to explain in this article. So, read below for details.

Tapestri Review: App, Instead of Company?

Despite Tapestri reflexively speaking in the collective _ like any investment company _, it doesn’t mention any paperwork. The platform only offers a mobile application, available on App Store and Google Play.

Regardless, we’ll start our Tapestri Review with a brief detour into the tidbit background info of whoever owns Tapestri. For the record, the official website mentions Walter Harrison as the owner of the business.

Now, for all the storied piles you can make from the app, you have zero information about how it runs behind the scene. As usual, the focus is on the number of clicks, the hands-on deck, always the recruitment influx. So, you can opt to earn from the affiliate package, recruiting members, and making daily profits.

Also, you can make money by entering the so-called Tapestri Founding Member tier. Subscription costs $9.95 for activating your affiliate link and validating it for the ensuing twelve (12) months.

Further, our Tapestri Review finds vague suggestions of a 50% Matching Bonus for this investor group. You could already see the drift of the supposed data monetization app. (We will get to the whole revenue part later). You can see the affiliate program in the following section.

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Tapestri Affiliate Program, Payment Structure

Our Tapestri Review could not find the hallmark affiliate rank on the website. But there is a payment structure, though.

As you may expect, it is the typical unilevel lattice. The scheme comprises downlines recruiting new members and increasing their chances of making profits. As with all MLMs, the payment schemes spurs recruitment competition.

Supposedly, you only get ahead by either using the app or referring people to the website. Optimally, you get more profit by doing both. Now, there is a queer rule in this structure. You do not have to use the Tapestri app, as per recruitment requisites. Affiliates will lose their $1 commission if they don’t use the app, however.

To reiterate, enrollment to the Founding Member tier costs $9.99 monthly. Subsequently, ulterior bonuses, like the Matching Bonus, goes to affiliates who meet threshold recruitments _ ten (10) active fee-paying recruits to the membership program.

Moneyed Mobile App, or Just MLM?

Currently, our Tapestri Review could not ascertain any known user of the mobile app. Its functionality status on promoters’ media remains: the app is yet to launch. Yet, recruits gleefully await daily tokens.

Tapestri is accepting subscriptions for a so-called Founders Affiliate Club. That is before it even provides an app. Pending any serious revenue-generating stints, the so-called founders club sounds suspiciously like the tapestry rhetoric on tapestri.io.

Instead of an app, the same old recruitment-weighted payment structure sources remuneration for affiliates. If it is not an early marker of Ponzi, such a scheme hints at a vague investment.

With unregulated MLMs, the terms of investment are as good as the pizazz of recruiters; its distortions comprise all the insurance. Tapestri does not even attempt to explain the regulatory bit. Already, its monthly enrollment fee is an unnecessary hardliner. After all, Google allows you to monetize personal data.

The big roach here is the staple of multi-level marketers: anonymity. At best, investors can only guess the route of monetized data. That is not a blank slate intro to a lucrative business, especially one without enough details for the public view.

If you look closely at the Terms and Conditions, you will get the first inkling of its skewed policies. Generally, it retains rights to change the rules of the business, only ceding a notification.

Your only reprisal to any unwelcome changes is to discontinue using the website. Then follows various compliance, forfeitures, and disclaimers. As the website recommends, you only have one recourse to any issues about the services:

Your sole remedy with respect to the Services and/or the Website and/or any linked website and/or the App, (sic) is to stop using the Services and/or the Website and/or any linked website and/or the App, as applicable.

Tapestri Review: Is there a License or an Insurance?

Our Tapestri Review could only find references to a licensor on the website, not the address.

At least, read the terms under which Tapestri presumes to monetize your data before surrendering your private details to the unaudited app. It ignores every concession to fair play as regards company-client relations. From the start, it unabatingly sheds responsibility for any glitches on its part.

Additionally, you are covering all liabilities if you tick the terms under which Tapestri operates. See the below clip from the webpage:

Neither Tapestri nor any of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, shareholders, members, licensors, sponsors, agents, successors, or assigns, nor our or their directors, officers, employees, consultants, or other representatives will have any liability to you for any damages, expenses, or other liability incurred by you _

Irrespective of the offending party, you would still be forfeiting indemnities for any of the following problems.

 (i) any inaccuracy, incompleteness, or misrepresentation of any information, content, postings, or submissions provided or posted on the Services by third parties, or (ii) your purchase of any third-party products or services through the Services.

Such business conditions should never be an item in any transparent contract. Clients will likely skip the long-winded webpage, but they’ll be stepping into the cut.

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