Taboo Token Coin Price | See Where to Buy, Prediction, Verdict

Taboo Token Coin Price: provided by Enjin Developers, Taboo currently values at $0.02439 and maintains its hold on the ERC20 network.

The daily traded volume is $9330604, comparing the stats from listings in several exchanges.

However, the cryptocurrency is taking bearish stints this week, although it manages to retain its #296 mark on CoinMarketCap. Note that the market cap does is not diminished by the small swings. After all, -8.79 does not pass for a plunge by any stretch.

Also, the crypto coin serves as an adult NFT token, facilitating transactions for rated content on many Defi platforms. In this regard, you can already see that the name is suggestive.

We explore several aspects of the platform, including brief background information. We also share insights into the price trend, predictions, and uses of the token.

Do you want to read about the Taboo Token Coin Price for today? Go through this post for details.

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Taboo Token Coin Price: About the Token

The best description for Taboo Token, as far as NFTs go, is available on the website. Here is a revealing clip below.

Taboo aims to be the Playboy of Blockchain.

If you want a streaming agency for exclusively porn content, but not necessarily hardcore, try Taboo. You can see the models on the official website, which makes for passive clickbait.

Also, remunerations from trading Taboo Token on the exchanges are cached for different categories in the platform. Some of them include the ones below.

Tokenomics (actually a feature on the website)

Liquidity _ Taboo shelves four percent (4%) of all transactions for this category, helping the company stabilize prices and check dips.

Redistribution _ shuffles out 2% of the proceeds to all coin holders as passive profits.

But the most prominent feature of the platform may well be the Burn aspect. Despite driving the demand chain for most crypto holders, burning cryptocurrencies can skew the profits in favor of the managers.

For one, burning crypto tokens implies forfeiting some degrees of security and financial freedom of holders. It also carries a regulatory overtone, deferring to the demands of the coin owners.

Moreover, the Taboo website is a colorful ensemble of sultry thirst traps, if not soft porn already. So, many people naturally wonder if the models are adult film actresses. The answer is no, according to Taboo.

Note that all collectibles on the website, like software cores, are essentially operating on the preferred NFT projects of Taboo. See what the Taboo Token Coin Price for any real-time frame allows you to do in the following section.

Where You Can Trade the Coin

Taboo Token Coin Price: from presale to IDO launching on PancakeSwap, $TABOO winds down to lock liquidity for half a year in Unicrypt. Currently, though, the company is through with all presales plans. It focuses on building a Taboo community.

So, you can buy the token from the following exchanges:



LBank, and (of course) PancakeSwap (V2).

$Taboo Coin Price: What the Analytics Say

Taboo is one of the cryptocurrencies to break set barriers as per 2021 coin predictions. While most canons place the maximum tag at 0.028 USD by the year ended 2021, they ignore the impact of cross-platform optimization, which yields the greatest traction for Taboo.

Regardless, a section of the observers hints at a spurring, marginal uptrend for the Taboo Token Coin Price come 2030. If the bulls keep the perceived spike up for several months, it might place the token on an all-time high of 0.88USD.

Although Taboo Coin may slog up its near 10% dip in the next few days, it generally holds better prospects for the coming months.

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