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A lot of girls are interested in sugar daddy apps that send money because they do not have to meet the person physically. Well, there is a lot of Sugar daddy dating sites on the web with amazing apps.

Sugar dating is getting more famous, and the higher demand develops a higher supply.

Nevertheless, there exist not numerous apps and sites that satisfy the need and anticipations of more limited sets of people.

Precisely, sugar babies who are nosy in sugar daddy peeking for virtual connections only as well as sugar daddy apps that send money.

In this article, we will discuss top-rated sugar daddy apps we discovered the best sugar daddy sites for sugar babies who want to obtain funds without meeting.

Top-rated Sugar Daddy Apps in 2022

  1. SecretBenefits – 9.8
  2. AshleyMadison – 9.7
  3. – 9.5
  4. WhatsYourPrice – 9.6
  5. SugarDaddyMeet – 9.6
  6. SugarBook – 9.3
  7. RichMeetBeautiful – 9.1
  8. – 8.9
  9. SudyDatingApp – 8.8
  10. EstablishedMen – 8.4
  11. LuxuryDate – 8.4

Secret Benefits

  • Free for: Sugar babies
  • Free Features: Creating secret albums, search, support
  • Paid Features: Access to secret photos, messaging
  • Design: Modern, easy-to-navigate, and functional
  • Safety Measures: Video verification, email confirmation, and real photos are required.

SecretBenefits which has a rating of 9.8 is undoubtedly one of the best sugar daddy apps to make money. The site has more visits and members than the great majority of other websites.

Thus, the possibilities of encountering a virtual sugar daddy who’ll send you money are considerably higher than anywhere else.

This site is likewise one of the securest sugar daddy dating sites, profiles can be verified by uploading a video, which is a relatively good safety step against swindlers.


  • Free for: Female sugar babies
  • Free Features: Registration, messaging for women, search, support
  • Paid Features: Messaging for men, priority mails
  • Design: Simple and polished
  • Safety Measures: Email verification, swindle reports, discreet photos

AshleyMadison rated 9.7 is indeed one of the best sugar daddy apps without meeting in person. It’s genuinely a half-affair website and a half-sugar daddy website.

Hence, it means mainly married men are using this medium, and they may be inquisitive in starting long-distance sugar relationships too.

Another benefit of using Ashley is the highest level of solitude compared to other masks.

Another fascinating feature is that sugar daddies and sugar babies can spend some credits on priority mail to make sure a potential partner will surely notice their message in his or her inbox.

  • Free for: Sugar babies
  • Free Features: Editing profile, creating Secret albums, browsing profiles, likes
  • Paid Features: Messaging, access to Secret albums
  • Design: Modern, easy-to-use, consistent layout
  • Safety Measures: Video confirmation, email validation is a somewhat new sugar daddy website with a rating of 9.5, but it’s rapidly increasing due to its great layout, good moderation, profiles in segments, and exceptional features.

A sugar baby can smoothly join the site, but she won’t be able to use the site without at most nominal uploading 6 authentic pictures of herself. The same applies to sugar daddies, so the number of scammers on the platform is lower than on many other sugar dating sites.

Most sugar daddies there are not willing to pay virtual sugar babies, but finding a sponsor that pays is still possible, especially considering rather reasonable and specific chat filters.


  • Free for: Partially free
  • Free Features: Registration, browsing profiles, sending winks
  • Paid Features: Messaging, bids on dates
  • Design: Simple, intuitive interface
  • Safety Measures: Verification, an email confirmation

WhatsYourPrice rated 9.6 is one of the free sugar daddy apps that send money which means a sugar baby can receive money right on the site. Let me describe how that works.

Messagingbecomes available only after you verify your account and add some photos. Members who are not verified can only view profiles and send winks.

If a sugar daddy wants to meet a sugar baby, he places a proposal and if he wins, implying a sugar baby accepts it, she gets paid immediately.

This has nothing to do with escorts, but most men look for genuine dates. Nonetheless, you can find sugar daddies peeking for virtual dates too.


  • Free for: Sugar babies who study in college
  • Free Features: Basic search, limited messaging, favorites
  • Paid Features: Messaging, search in other countries, Incognito Mode
  • Design: A bit outdated but user-friendly and minimalistic
  • Safety Measures: Account approval

If you are interested in joining one of the top sugar daddy sites, you can try SugarBook — With the rate of 9.3 SugarBook is a rapidly growing platform, which has official mobile apps available both on Google Play and App Store.

Precisely like seeking arrangements, this company allows sugar babies to use premium features for free if they sign up by providing their college email.

Though you may need to wait until your account is authorized, it’s worth it because it underrates the number of swindlers on the platform.

Unfortunately, it has fewer sugar daddies than older sugar daddy websites, but there is still a good possibility to encounter an SD there.

 Top Sugar daddy dating tools to send money

It doesn’t count if you’re a sugar baby, an individual who has experience in sugar daddy dating, or a full sugar daddy novice. Here, we will talk about the most common ways to pay money to a sugar baby (or to get money from a daddy).

The fact is, sugar daddy dating sites are satisfactory—but even the best sugar dating sites don’t allow their users to send each other money.

Even if you choose the most extensive sugar daddy site or a premium dating site for a real sugar connection such as Ashley Madison or SeekingArrangement (the oldest sugar dating platform), there will still be no alternative to send money directly via the site.

That’s why you will have to either send monetary and material support to your sugar dates or get your online sugar baby stipend from a daddy.

Let’s converse about how to settle or get settled for sugar arrangements. Below are some ways you can settle or get settled:

Global E-wallets

There is another alternative that performs splendidly for those who date internationally—e-wallets. These are expense platforms you can use to send money to almost any country around the globe.

Payoneer, Skrill (previously known as Moneybookers), EcoPayz, and Neteller may be suitable alternatives for those dating someone in another country or wanting to send/accept an allowance for being on relaxation somewhere in Asia or, for instance, South America.

  • Moderately easy access: Of course, you’ll need to provide documents to create and verify your account, and if you choose Payoneer, you will also need to wait for your card delivery, but it’s not that hard and usually doesn’t take months or even weeks.
  • Suitable security: Of course, not all e-wallets are 100% safe, which is why we mentioned the top-3 platforms with great security—such wallets have 2-factor authentication and biometric authentication.
  • Availability in different countries of the world: Such systems work great who desires to dispatch and accept expenses from overseas.
  • Additional fees: Most international payment systems have extra fees for all transactions.
  • Speed: Transactions may take up to 7 business days.

Before we’ll converse about complimentary sugar daddy apps that send money without a meeting, we just have to converse about cash. Untraceable and secure—that’s exactly how we would describe a perfect payment method for sugar daddy dating. Yet, it’s not perfect.


  • Cash is extremely common when it comes to sugar relationships
  • Untraceable—if you don’t want anyone to know you’re using sugar daddy sites, cash is a perfect option
  • Sugar babies love cash because it’s impossible to cancel the transaction
  • Sugar daddies love cash because no one will ask questions about the card/bank/PayPal transactions
  • Counting the cash in the wallet is cool, but keeping track of cash purchases is quite hard. If a sugar baby has no money management skills, she’ll waste the money she got from a sugar daddy quite fast.
  • Awkwardness: That’s not a problem at all if you’re an experienced daddy or sugar baby, but in all the other cases, handing the money can be a bit awkward.

PayPal is one of the numerous common ways for sugar daddies to pay their babies. It’s easy to set up an account, it’s fast, and it’s secure—but both sugar daddies and sugar babies need to be aware of the downsides of this method.

  • PayPal safeguards the confidential information of both sugar daddies and sugar babies
  • It’s fast and very easy to use
  • It’s a very convenient way to send money to a sugar baby
  • PayPal sends the Form 1099-K to the IRS if the payments a sugar baby receives exceed $20,000 in gross payment. So it depends on how much money you get from your sugar daddy or sugar mama—if it’s less than $20,000 per year, it’s ok.
  • PayPal leaves a track—if that’s not the case, this app won’t work for you.
  • The payment can be reversed. This is a suitable thing for both sugar daddies and sugar babies, but only if a daddy is not a swindler. The swindlers can send sugar babies money through PayPal and get a refund later when they get what they want.

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Cash App

Cash App is one of the most common payment methods for people on sugar daddy websites. Formerly known as Square Cash, this service has more than 7,000,000 users. It’s convenient, it’s instant—but it has a certain reputation among the sugar daddy website users. Let’s be more detailed.

  • Fast and convenient
  • Refunds are possible
  • According to some users of sugar dating sites, CashApp is quite a familiar payment method for sugar dating scammers
  • Not anonymous and not untraceable

Zelle is the app that allows Americans with bank accounts to send money directly to each other. It’s like a P2P bank transfer between different banks.

  • The sugar daddy can’t reverse payment.
  • The app is very easy to use and the payments show up in the account instantaneously.
  • Secure and very convenient.
  • The app shows the real name of the person you’re sending the money to and of the person who sends money to you, so neither digital sugar babies nor rich men can’t feel anonymous with Zelle.
  • Zelle is not that popular among young millennials (those in their 20s). Only 11% of people between 21 and 29 use Zelle—so taking into account the fact most women who use sugar daddy apps are in their 20s, Venmo looks like a good option.

It’s not the method you can use to send money to a woman you’ve met on a sugar daddy website. It’s the method you can use to pay for the needs of a woman you’ve met on a sugar daddy website. A wealthy man can pay for the rent and tuition of his sugar baby or babies and use this way as a quite convenient one.

  • A rich sugar daddy pays for everything needed—mutually beneficial relationships and sugar dating at its best.
  • Everything is clear and transparent—sugar babies enjoy getting their bills paid, and rich sugar daddies know what they pay for.
  • The baby doesn’t get the daddies’ money directly.
  • A certain level of trust is required.

Sugar Daddy app is a free sugar dating app for rich men/women looking for young and beautiful sugar babies.

There are over 10M rich older men and younger women here. So what are you waiting for? Download our app today! (Both are Available for Android & iOS)

Frequently Asked Questions
How to get money from a sugar daddy?

On the guides of how to get money from a sugar daddy, such apps are among the favorite ways of getting paid.

There are even sites that offer a feature of bidding, so sugar babies can pick the best one willing to pay more.

In some cases, such apps might offer a chance to meet in person before assigning any payment.

What is the best sugar daddy app for Snapchat?

Sugar Daddy Snapchat #1 Sugar Daddy App Sugar Daddy App is the leading Sugar Daddy dating app where over 10 million members have sugar daddy relationships.

What is PayPal for sugar daddies?

PayPal is an incredibly convenient way of sending and receiving money without having to bust out all of the sugar baby’s details.

All that is needed is an email, after which the sugar daddy is free to send the allowance whenever he chooses to. The protection of personal information is very convenient, fast, and easy to use.

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