Student Coin Review | Earn STC Token, How to Join, Credibility

Student Coin Review: this cryptocurrency platform attempts to proliferate blockchains for digital transactions. The Student Coin Token (SCT) platform intends to provide a synergy of crypto tokens for University Students while building a parallel Defi project.

Despite its stance on proffering Digi-media for creating crypto tokens, the Student Coin organization still leaves much to be desired in terms of the nature of its trade. 

For instance, several Reddit communities share differing thoughts on the legal status of SCT services. We intend to share some insight into the Company and explain key crypto terms relevant to this Student Coin Review.

Will the tokens on Student Coin be publicly traded, or will they be Subject-to-Contract (STC)? 

If the platform is offering shares to the public, does it mean that it is regulated by credible financial firms?

You can get the answers to the above questions in the following sections of our Student Coin Review. Read on below.

Student Coin Review: About the Organisation

Student Coin review: through several digital avenues, Student Coin aims at ushering crypto tokens to Universities and Students. It captures its Company Goals and Vision lump-sum in the following descriptor:

“To allow everyone, including businesses, to create and manage their own personal, corporate, Defi, and NFT tokens as easily as a social media profile.

To make tokenisation more mainstream by supporting education about blockchain technology, decentralised finance and tokenomics.”

By rendering services that will help hoist crypto tokens onto the Defi exchanges market, Student Coin wants to offer platforms for Students interested in cryptocurrencies.

It also has an exchange-based cache for OTC crypto trading. Although the coming Student Coin blockchain will augment services by the Company, Student Coin is already growing its STC token via Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Further, this Student Coin review learns that the STC coin tether around 0.0116USD. And that subsequently, STC coin holders are eligible for ownership of more tokens created on the Student Coin Platform. This is also where there might be possible problems with the safety of investors’ money in the Company since STC does not publicize its regulation by appropriate firms.

See the next section of this Student Coin Review to understand how the Organisation works.

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Student Coin Review: Services, how it Works

First, understand that the Student Coin Company Roadmap goes back to 2018. At least it proves that the Company has been working on a digital finance project for a few years. Now, it provides an exchanges counter for crypto tokens. 

Second, the flagship coin on the platform is the STC token after such a long period.

Third, the platform intends to provide dividend schemes remitting profits to members of the STC token pool.   

Besides these offers, there are still some cliffhangers about the eligibility of the Student Coin Services. Learn about it in this Student Coin Review.

Possible Issues with the Student Coin Token  

Student Coin Review: the Student Coin Company has many downvoters spanning several cryptocurrency review communities online. And the mixed feelings about the Company converge on one point: if Student Coin is truly a Subject to Contract (STC), then why is it publicly traded?

Moreover, a more intriguing question is: if Student Coin Token is publicly traded, why is it unregulated by appropriate authorities?

For a start, here is what an STC is.

Subject to Contract (STC) is a term in legally traded financial securities used to imply that while a seller has agreed to a deal, he/she has not prepared papers for transfer of property ownership.

Student Coin Review: with the STC Token, the Company allows that its services are privately owned. But then it goes ahead to provide STC tokens through Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which contradicts its initial stance.

Additionally, there is nothing to prove that the STC coin has garnered extensive traction in a few hundred universities. While a gaggle of student groups uses the STC token,  it does not imply that the students’ universities endorse the coin (at least officially).

However, Student Coin replies with the fervent negative takes about its STC Token in a few youtube video clips. In one of these clips, Student Coin says its token merely serves as utility crypto bits. This implies that the coin does not confer entitlements to holders.

See the next section of this Student Coin Review to learn more about Student Coin Education.

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Student Coin Education

Student Coin Review: learn about the Initial Coin Offering ICO) rife on the STC token platform

With over a hundred commits per day, Student Coin offers its STC token to a large community studying under its Education project.

Although there are specific algorithms for generating tokens tradeable on an ICO offing bid, few of these projects are organized enough to offer a parallel Education Category to clients.

Another interesting aspect of Student Coin is the STC News section. It discusses updates on crypto markets daily. In that way, clients can make informed choices in their crypto investments.

See how to join the organization below.

How to Join

  1. Go to the Student Coin Website
  2. Click on Sign-up
  3. Enter the requisite sign-up details
  4. Finally, click on Sign-up/Register


Our Student Coin Review rears to head on the following note:

Student Coin is a Defi platform offering Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on its platform.

It also publishes the names of its Administration on the official website.

Lastly, it does not disclose any plans to safeguard investors’ capitals, and it isn’t regulated by any known financial regulators. 

Note that this post is a disinterested review of the STC platform. We only explain some points about the platform without advising readers on what to do.

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