StateEarn Login | Register & Make Money Online – Legit or a Scam

StateEarn Login is the only means to access your account on the platform ( The StateEarn Login page is currently accessible in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania, including many other countries around Africa.

Additionally, to avoid being a victim of scam operations, carefully consider this article, and find out if StateEarn is legit or just another investment Ponzi scheme.

Most online users visit the internet daily searching for a way to earn money online, not all are lucky in the quest because some might find themselves dealing with the right platform to earn, while others might see themselves being scammed by most online earning platforms via the Ponzi scheme.

However, we won’t say that StateEarn is one of those platforms, because, you can also earn on the platform via many income opportunities that are operative on the platformToto start earning on StateEarn Login, you’ll need to register an account on the platformOncece you are registered on StateEarn, you can start earning real cash on the platform via their offered income opportunities that are easy to perform on the platform. See below, and find out how you can create/register an account on StateEarn.

How to Register an Account on StateEarn

To register an account on, follow these procedures below, and once your account is ready, you can proceed to access your account via the StateEarn Login page on the platform:

StateEarn Registration

  • Visit StateEarn’s official website via this LINK
  • Enter the following:
  • Username
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Password & Confirm Password
  • Country
  • And then click on the Sign-Up button below to access your account on

Moreover, there are alternate options on the StateEarn registration page, which can be used to create an account on the platform without providing the above details on the formThesese options include Facebook, Google, Github, and Twitter.

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How to Login to StateEarn Account

To access your account via the StateEarn Login page, consider these procedures below, and you’re good to go:

StateEarn Login

  • Visit the StateEarn Login Page via this LINK
  • Enter your Username or Email address, and Password
  • Tick the Remember Me 
  • Finally, click on the Sign In button below to access your account dashboard.

You can also access your account via the Facebook, Google, Github, and Twitteoptionson on the StateEarn Login page, and once you access your account on the platform, you can now start earning on the StateEarn.

StateEarn Login

If you find it hard to access your account on, don’t hesitate to click on the Forgot Password. option on the login page.

And then, enter your Email address on the following page, attempt threcaptureer challenge, and click on the send button below.

Access your email, and check the inbox section. Open and click on the link sent by StateEarn to redirect to a page where you’ll reset your password, and have full access to your account via the StateEarn Login page.

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How to Make Money on StateEarn Login Account

Once you register and access your account on StateEarn, you’ll activate your account with a 5% fee for your investment on the platform, with no other charges attached.

Paying the sum is for account activation, and to participate in the platform’s income opportunities that will make you money on the platform.

On, you have access to participate in different activities on the platfortoto make money online. On the platform, you’ll come across these income opportunities:

  • Referral Program
  • Watching uploaded videos daily.
  • Earn via PPC, just by clicking on ADS on the platform.

Also, if you activate your account using Ksh 450, you don’t need to pay any other fees on the platform. And to earn big on this platform, you should be very social with others around you and have the skill of convincing people you know.

The referral program or affiliate program on StateEarn can help you earn passively on the platform without doing anything on the platform, which means you have to invite others to join the platform and earn via your referral link.

And once they join and invest, you will get a commission from the company. Inclusively, watching videos on the platform can help you earn daily on StateEarn, but the profit won’t be greater than that of the referral program.

However, do you think that StateEarn will offer you these commissions, and allow you to withdraw the earnings directly to your local banks? This is what you’re to ask before joining StateEarn.

Let’s find out the answer to the above question in the following section below, and then decide for yourselves whether to continue with the platform or not.

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Is StateEarn Legit Investment or Scam Operation?

Is Stateearn Legit?

StateEarn seems to be operating under a Pyramid schee, and currently has its major payments system to be from referrals. Meanwhile, from their official platform, they made no mention of the platform’s owner or admin.

Without disclosing information about who owns or runs the platform, we can’t go ahead to invest or work with an unauthorized or unidentified company that claims to offer income opportunities once we invest 5% of our funds on the platform.

But we believe that the owner of this platform must be an African, and situated out of most of the countries it’s supported & operating in. Most of these African countries are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

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Frequently Asked Questions about StateEarn Login

What is

StateEarn Agencies is active online at, which is an online business with multiple income opportunities, and ways to earn online. its referral program is seen as the major method of earning on the platform.

The platform was launched on October 15, 2022. And most of its web traffic comes from Uganda, and other countries including Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania.

How does StateEarn work?

How Stateearn works

StateEarn operates via a networking model and pays via a Ponzi scheme on the platform. You join the company using referrals and activate your account with a fee of Ksh 450 (UGX 17,000).

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