Spectranet Broadband | Introduction to Stryker Internet MIFI Modem

Spectranet Broadband – Spectranet is known as the leading Internet Service Provider that offers 4G LTE-based Home Broadband and Fiber-based Fixed Broadband providers.

Moreover, it has unveiled “STRYKER,” a high-tech internet modem that essentially allows users to access the web when busy or at their residences.

For further information, read below for more of the new update.

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Introduction to STRYKER – The Internet MIFI Modem

Spectranet Broadband: the all-new compact MiFi gadget is themed around football and is scheduled to coincide with Nigerians’ support for the Super Eagles when they face the Black Stars of Ghana in a world championships qualifier back then in March.

Stryker is the name of the MiFi to express support and appreciate the Nigerian National Team’s innate flair and ability to reach for a World Cup ticket.

Spectranet Broadband – Ajay Awasthi Thoughts on STRYKER

Stryker’s competitive price and bundled bandwidth, according to Ajay Awasthi, would enable more individuals to use the internet.

Awasthi added –

“We understand that our clientele is football fans. The season will be a terrific opportunity to cheer on the Super Eagles and inspire more people to support them in their quest for victory,”.

Also, referring to the brand’s desire to promote Nigerian businesses and lifestyles, Awasthi went on to say that the Stryker MiFi Device’s effectiveness will enable customers to take action on the net and achieve big goals without limits.

Spectranet Broadband: Awasthi also said –

“After two years of isolation, the internet is where we all play, study, and conduct business; we should all be striking excellent bargains and making quality advancement without limits”.

Spectranet Broadband – Functions of the Internet MiFi Modem – STRYKER

Spectranet Broadband: The Qualcomm MDM9225 chipset microprocessor in the Stryker MiFi gadget smartly enables maximum performance.

This gadget allows users to share their MiFi connection with up to 10 devices at once thanks to Wi-Fi technologies that support multiple sensors and multiple outputs (2 x 2 MIMO).

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