Social Rebel Login | Survey Ads & Play Games for Profits | Legit or Scam?

Social Rebel Login: The platform is a crowdsourcing MLM that offers tiers of affiliate subscriptions, referral bonuses, and a $50 sign-up perk.

Based on the trend in West Africa, Social Rebel probably draws the most user traffic from Nigeria and Ghana, where socialites tend to promote MLMs as bylines. Interestingly, many people wonder if the company is legit.

Some publications conflate an MLM refer-and-earn slate with crowdsourcing giants (like Amazon). But there is a clear-cut difference between the two models. Ever the subtle scam, MLM frauds coopt cosmetic survey links to pass for credible crowdsource plugs.

However, the spotlight and consumer attention are currently on Social Rebel. How does it work? Also, who is behind the company?

If you are merely looking for a paying stint, you could get suckered into MLM scams. We encourage you to check basic requirements/criteria for operating a public investment company (even if the said enterprise operates remotely). Read on below for details.

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Social Rebel Login: About the Company

Strange enough, nothing is public about this company except the affiliate/membership sign-up slip. 

No record of any existing business traces to Social Rebel, anyway. Members typically share the referral link to score credit points in the back office. Also, ROIs depend on basic routine tasks that must be done daily on the site.


We have seen the same blueprint with Racksterli, where clicking on a vid, or sharing an uploaded link to your social media account earns you a point. But at the end of the road, Racksterli members reaped tears while the owner bought expensive cars off their sweat.

So, (back to the company) who is behind the ROIs? Nothing

It doesn’t matter how many times you ask. The answer is invariably a muted silence. It is enough for the admin that people sign up via the Social Rebel Login portal without knowing about operators. How does that guarantee that investments are safe?

What Services Does the Platform Offer?

So far, the consensus is that people get to earn points by surveying videos, ads banners, and other third-party posts on the site.

Social Rebel supposedly generates enough revenue to pay $500 per week for completed tasks.

Such passive options are conveniently available in less glitz and gaudy platforms than Social Rebel. For one, Remo Tasks could pay more than $500 per day to the performer, but for tougher tasks than merely viewing uploaded content.

Contrast the thorough assessment on legit companies with the faux crowdsourcing run by Social Rebel (see the clip from the site below).

Share & Earn

Share your invite link with friends, family, and colleagues and receive $1 when they click it, and $10 for every sign up. With us (sic) you can earn cash Not swag, not points, Cash.

So, some anonymous company splurges on members for the above tasks! It’s a typical MLM passive profit whitepaper. Surprisingly, people fall for the same trick many times over.

The Social Rebel Login link leads to the affiliate sign-up page. Below is how it works.

How to Login to Social Rebel

You can access the Social Rebel Login portal via the following steps.

  1. Search the internet for the official Social Rebel Login website.
  2. Click on the Affiliate Sign-in option.
  3. Enter your membership login password and email address.
  4. Finally, click on Login.

Conclusion: Legit or Scam

You need only look at the profit-paying framework to see the scam afoot. And it has precedents: Wales Kingdom, Obaforex, Poyoyo Investments, Inksnation, etc. None of these platforms, including Norderworks and Dev Rackstaerli, came through with the advertised ROI at the end.

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