SkyWay Capital Review | NEEW Exit Cue, Affiliate, Transport Projects

SkyWay Capital Review: SkyWay Capital’s high-toned trans-national transports investment policy lists several MLM earning programs. The entire earning model revolves around rail travel and deploying pooled funds to sustain its payment model.

Despite its stance as a legit group, SkyWay Capital recently publishes a notice hinting at its platform’s NEEW rebrand.

This SkyWay Capital Review looks at the company affiliate packages, referral programs, bonuses, etc. Also, it starts with the latest news of possible Ponzi flares from the company website.

Further, as many blogs suggest, SkyWay’s rebrand reads as typical scam MLM trademark. If the reports are true, the NEEW might just be SkyWay Capital’s exit strategy.

Is it the cue investors need to withdraw from the company? Let’s find out in this SkyWay Capital Review.

SkyWay Capital Review: Crypto Units Project

Actually, the SkyWay Token from SkyWay is only one of its failed projects trading different securities to customers. Initially, SkyWay Token/CryptoUnits supposedly cap SkyGroup’s umbrella policy for international investment. But the crypto project flunked a mere beat from its launch time. 

SkyWay Capital Review: the company offered crypto coin pairs to its clientele in the hopes of increasing the worth of SkyWay Token. The coins derive a bit of credence from the company’s decade-long history as a business group. But then it doesn’t last long.

Just like other lay-off crypto coins, SkyWay and CryptoUnits lack true values on credible P-2-P networks. Their worth relies on tallied bonuses to partnership recruitments on the company official website. Also, in their prime, both coins only thrived as news fodder on the SkyWay Group website.

What became of SkyWay Token? See the following section of our SkyWay Capital Review for more details.

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SkyWay Capital Review: Rebrand

SkyWay Capital Review: citing bureaucratic issues with Belarus financial agencies, SkyWay pushes for a rebrand. Meanwhile, the company’s crypto coin projects were shelved. And the platform offers no tangible explanation for the outcome. 

Also, other PR gigs were recalled and SkyWay follows up the retractions with a notice of its termination. The notice mentions a SkyWay rebrand and discloses that the company has stopped operation as SkyWay Group.

SkyWay Capital Review: the media front of the platform is Anatoly Yunitsky. He also doubles as the company CEO. 

But all links proving his business credibility trail back to SkyWay Capital Group. The current SkyWay platform represents variously as a group, an investment niche, crypto network, etc. Ultimately, various SkyWay Capital Review posts put the website down to a sham project.

Further, the SkyWay Capitals’ foreclosure notice lists it now operates as SkyWay Capital Investment Group (SWIG). Our SkyWay Capital Review gathers that the play on a company name is a ruse. Why? Because SkyWay’s rename frenzy results from a deeper issue.

A skim through Wikipedia shows that SkyWay engages in image laundering to gain traction. But despite its stealth, a Belarus regulatory firm publishes deep-dives on ghost projects SkyWay supposedly undertakes.

One of the glaring scam projects includes the following item on a road-map appearing on the SkyWay website:

“April 2015 – the start of construction of the EcoTechnoPark in Belarus”

However, it turns out that the alleged projects are only PR strategies. See the next section of this article for updates about the company.

SkyWay Capital Review: Transport Project

SkyWay Capital Review: SkyWay offers a “string transport” travel innovation. String Transport is an auto-run train. It plies a rail track that leverages ballastless track tech to improve transport.

The string transport from SkyWay Capital uses asphalt ballasts inlaid with steel wires. In engineering, this is an improvement on sleeper/tie rail.

Based on its light train transport, SkyWay owns some securities involving human and cargo transport. Our SkyWay Capital Review learns that the company holds shares of Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding (ERSSH). And this tips off a Ponzi alert in the SkyWay/SWIG merger.

SkyWay Capital : Possible Red Flags

SkyWay Capital Review: SkyWay’s rebrand, SWIG, sidesteps financial hurdles by laying off customers who do not register with ERSSH.

Due to its partnership with new organizations, SkyWay Capital loses every encumbering customer ID in its baggage. It also means that customers’ funds are gone.

Moreover, the platform will not pay all ROIs hinged on ERSSH Shell Company shares. By its admission, SkyWay Capital rescinds every ROI offer accruing its former PRs.

Although the scam alert from online sources may be a panic reflex, it’s worth the attention of SkyWay Capital investors.

See the products and services in the company in the following section of our SkyWay Capital Review

Products & Services

SkyWay Capital offers transport-steeped investments. Although its MLM earning options are new for a transport pro, SkyWay boasts of several feats. You can several features of the String Transport from SkyWay Capital/Group.

500KM/HR Track Speed

Less Traffic (culminating from separate freight and passenger rails)

Cheaper travel prices

Low fuel consumption

Lastly, it vouches for the safety of its passengers (without listing any insurance).

SkyWay Capital Review: besides transport, SkyWay offers MLM affiliate earning packages. You can see the partnership plans below.

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Affiliate/Partnership Packages

You can invest with the company and earn from its pegged ROIs/validity periods. Although SkyWay Affiliate Package lists tiered plans, it offers ROIs on an index.

Our SkyWay Capital Review gathers that the company promoters mention different payment methods. Instead of fixed ratios per investment range, ROIs run on conditional terms. 

Offering SkyWay Token, the package values at $500:500 crypto units (with over 20% growth prospect).

Bots on the website pitch ROIs at $30 per dollar unit.

Subsequently, the cumulative profit pile-up caps at $200 after eight (8) months-investment on the platform.

Affiliate Levels

SkyWay Capital Review: below are the affiliate levels available on the SkyWay platform:

Top Manager

Leader Manager _ available for 5000-20000 bracket units. 

Manager _ available for 1000-10000 bracket units.

Consultant _ you can get this affiliate level when you invest any amount in the range of 301-2000 units.

Agent _ available for 50-300 bracket units

Partner _ you can get this partnership when you trade 30-200units. It is also the least rung in the affiliate ladder.


To conclude our SkyWay Capital Review, we highlight the following points about the company:

It is mostly run by Russian Admins on an offshore high-brow scale. But despite its alleged knack for big wins, SkyWay Capital publishes ghost rail projects. The strongest points for the rail scam feature in an article from journals in Belarus.

Moreover, various sources point out that much of the company’s publicized assets are fake news. At best, they’re merely PR strategy.

Lastly, the most main issue with the platform is its NEEW rebrand updates. Likely, investors are not going to get their money back.

P/S: since both SkyWay Capital and SkyWay Group feature Kudryashov as CEO or Keyperson, the two companies are the same.

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