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Six Flags Review: the platform offers thrilling adventure, with twenty-seven (27) parks, holiday getaways, and fun rides for customers.

It is all fitted for the optimum relaxation experience riding on a roller coaster, kiting, viewing animals up-close, partaking in various fun punt games, and ticket programs. There is no dull moment with the company.

How does it operate? Well, the working is simple enough, merely requiring the customer to select a park and enjoy the fun. Also, you can get the most offer if you tag along with a few friends, making up a Group, which might be companies, youth clubs, religious organizations, and schools.

Broadly speaking, Six Flags offers a three-way express service, upon which most other offers depend. They are Investors, Groups, and a membership login page.

Our Six Flags Review highlights the criteria for positive ratings accumulated on different user/employee satisfaction polls. If you want a detailed analysis of this fun rendezvous, see the following sections of this article.

Six Flags Review: the Company in a Nutshell

Six Flags is composed of the three units below if an aerial description is necessary.

Investors _ offers several headway cues and real-time insights into world finance, current events, and in-platform news. The above characteristic sums the Investor category on the homepage into several focal groups.


News & Events

Financial Info


And so on. Each unit contains sub-headers that provide details about fun park-related news, trends, or developments in the company. Of course, the most versatile branch is the Six Flags Investor stock quote.

The advertised Six Flags stock value is $37.99 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), while the six-hourly value loses 1.22% in the recent widespread market index performance hiatus. Quoted stock is $37.99 (close) and $39.21 (Open), while trade volume is a shade more than 1.203 million (actual price is 1203492).

You can consult the chart for the best trades on the timeline, with emphasis on recent dip spots, spike regions, and leverage sets. Our Six Flags Review finds that the company fairs better than most similarly-sized assets listed on the NYSE.

Six Flags provides Daily Updates. 

The most off-putting aspect of any publicly-available internet service is amateurish work. Our Six Flags Review finds competency in this aspect of the company.

It provides updated news compressed in a PDF format, expertly detailing the recent developments in its service. Such updates typically keep investors informed about the wheels of business, stock listings, quarterly performances (the details for Q1 are available on the site currently), and scheduled events.

Choice park stations and Group promo packs are also other aspects of the company. 

How do you access the list of available parks in your location? Read the section below for details.

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Finding a Six Flags Park in your Locality

If you need a cruise jig for a period, try accessing any Six Flags Park available in your locality, provided the company operates a facility in your specified region.

The company majorly operates in Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America (similar projects are underway for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), with fascinating facilities that compare to Disneyland (if only fractionally).

N/B: you can contact the company customer service for timely placement in a park near your location. But before opting for a spot based on proximity, factor in all the other options to ascertain the best deal for you. A river ski recreation might not feature in the service catalog of your closest Six Flag Park.

Some of the most popular spots include the ones below.

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix (Arizona)

Six Flag Magic Mountain (Los Angeles, California)

Hurricane Harbor (Los Angeles, California)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (San Francisco/Sacramento, California)

Six Flags White Water (Atlanta, Georgia)

Hurricane Harbor (Chicago, Illinois)

Six Flags Great America (Chicago, Illinois)

Six Flags New England (New England, Massachusetts)

The company also has parks in other US states like New York, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Mexico, Quebec, etc.

What are the employee benefits? How does the general work ethic impact the company-customer relationship? See the answers in the Pros & Cons section below.

Pros & Cons

Service delivery seems above par on the customer end, inferring from the stack of reviews about the site. However, most negative votes come from the employee division, bordering on a slim paycheck and long work hours.


For customers

  • The catalog provides chances to even out short-break period experiences
  • Discounts on many items
  • It offers many options (like ski, coaster ride, and many more)
  • Season-toned events and promos

 For employees

  • Discounts and free group booking (for groups of two people)
  • Fast paycheck, promotions, and weekly bonuses 
  • Free lunch


For Customers generally

  • Pricey food, drinks, and even snacks
  • Short-staffed and instances of poor service (a fringe of the Six Flags customers complain about understaffed sections of the cruise batch, citing poor ethics as the cause)

For employees generally

  • It is not ideal for an image-builder employer since some workers report that the system is rather uncreative and monotonous.
  • Some workers mention instances of long work hours and zero compensation.

Every other issue about the company seems to revolve around the above two points.

Six Flags Review: Conclusion, Is it an enjoyable plug?

Factoring every detail in the picture, Six Flags cuts an impressive profile as a reliable park.

You can compare the stats from several platforms with the result that Six Flags is an all-around positively-rated company. Also, the cruise membership is one of the most sought-after options ranking behind only six (6) alternatives in the US.

N/B: Sometimes, an employee review comes across as a mere detraction than an independent view. However, our Six Flags Review does not find a skew train of thought in the submitted reviews online. So, Six Flags may need to work on that issue.

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