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Silwana Global is a Multi-Level-Marketing Company offering digital financial securities to its local and international investors.

What services does the Company offer? Has Silwana Global been on an MLM venture before its present web address? You can learn the answers to these questions in this post.

Further, there are speculations on the internet about the business history of the Silwana Global Company. Most of them converge on the name similarity of the Company URL and previous MLM platforms. You can learn more about the Company business history below.

Silwana Global Business History & CEO

Based on business models, similar company names, and investment protocol, Silwana Global is 90% identical to Silwana Diamond. Either the two companies are the same, or the former is a copy-cat. Whatever the case, both Companies offer a cart of investment avenues in cryptocurrency and only require investors to stake capitals and earn daily profits accruing to the downlines bonus pile-ups. 

The Company was registered in 2020, and it quickly puts out investment caches in digital non-fiat markets for interested customers.

Also, the Owner/CEO of the Company is Feras Abu-Hdaib, an Indo-Palestinian crypto trader. Little is known about his experience in digital trade, at least in Western Society. The CEO may have had credible experience working in privately-run companies that do not trade equities, however. But this is only a guess. 


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Silwana Global Services

The trend with many MLM is that they usually do not offer any tangible products. On the unlikely occasion that there are print-outs, they are typically petty and profitless. 

Just like other MLM websites, the Silwana Global website does not offer any products. You can get digital services from the Company, though. For instance, Silwana Global promises to remit a fixed percentage of the worth of your investment in its Affiliate/Referral Package.

In the MLM vocabulary, you can also earn passively through your downlines in the Company. See the next section for how you can do this successfully.

Referral Commissions/Ranks

With a threshold of 500 EUR, you can earn Gogol Token in your wallet when you refer someone to Silwana Global as its Affiliate. Correspondingly, the top-tier value is available for 50,000 EUR. 

Further, the Silwana Global Affiliate system boosts your earning potential with matrix unit prop-ups. By ceding three teams to your level and splitting each group progressively, the Company ensures that you earn profits without actively referring people to the platform.

Moreover, the Silwana Global Referral Commission reflects the pooled investment resources due to every matrix in your downlines.

Below are the available Referral Levels, and they pegged percentage profits:

0.625% for affiliates in Level 5 

1.25% for affiliates in Level 4

2.5% for affiliates in Level 3

Between 2% to 5% referral profits for Level 2

And the top prize, 1% to 7% for Level 1.

The Silwana Global matrix payment scheme is a diminishing geometrical rate. Continuing from Level 1, the profits approach zero. To earn tangible profits, you should invest in high Affiliate Programs.

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The credibility of the Platform

Previously running as Silwana Diamond, Silwana Global is interested in selling its membership to customers who believe they will make passive profits.

Also, the Company offers only digital services with vague references to making people’s lives better. But this is delusional. Customers who expect to cart away high ROIs on a slim capital will only get Gogol coin. Now, this token is unsuitable for any practical purpose. So what do you intend to do with it?

Further, the Silwana Global Company mainly operated under the radar until it recently surfaced in the international space. The Company does not disclose how it intends to make people rich. It does not sell actual products, and its services are closely kept a secret. It merely remits little profits to investors while investing their capitals in undisclosed digital ventures.

Moreover, Silwana Global intends to proliferate Digital Smart Homes that helps people solve problems. This proposal not only sounds alien, but it is also not worth the bother if it comes to making life-changing investments. It merely promises to provide a sort of digital interface for managing resources.


Finally, just like all MLM platforms offering huge ROIs accruing to slim investment capitals, Silwana Global cannot sustain its payment scheme. Likely, when it runs out of stock, it will cease to appear in the public domain.

Also, the Gogol Coin on the platform has undisclosed liquidity in the crypto markets. It does not have profit-conferring derivatives compared to the other coins with growth prospects. Always go for digital tokens with relative exchange value in the crypto markets.

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