Shiny Grimer | Rare Evolution Muk and Alolan Pokemon | See features

Shiny Grimer is the real rarity member of Generation 1 Kanto Region, evolving from jab fighting skills to fluid poison.

The sludge pokemon, called Shiny Grimer, has evolved into a poison-type rare monster in the franchise.

Based on the Japanese AR (Augmented Reality) series, Grimer uses atypical features to move from place to place. For one, it is no longer a spritely stab-and-jab piece, which follows Alolan and Muk in the game.

Just like modern signed rarity types in virtual reality gaming, ARs retain obsolete powers for some pokemon species. Players now have a phenomenal sludgy Grimer instead of the stiff sidling piece in previous installations.

What are your chances of getting a Shiny Grimer? It depends on a few factors.

  • You have to go to its niche (its specie is adapted for rainforests, rapids, and slightly different ecosystems)
  • Also, you can hatch one using an incubator.

In any case, the probability is over a 500% chance of getting a Grimer on Pokemon GO.

See the evolution in the following section.

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Shiny Grimer: Introduction to Alola

Pokemon lore has it that Grimer came to life upon receiving irradiation from the moon.

Here is a sneak peek at its Bio:

Grimer is constrained to bimanual activities since it lacks hind limbs. Also, its trunk is a sludgy paste of bacteria-rich fluids. So, the critter is a decomposer, rendering non-stony habitats barren.

It also gives off a pervasive smell due to the chemicals coming out of its body.

 Regardless, the settlement of Alola needed a biodegradation agent. Hence, Grimer enters the location in the Generation 1 series.

The Alolan Grimer has evolved with distinct features, making it different from the introduced Grimer. Yet, both forms have lethal toxins in their body.

Behold, Shiny Grimer!

If you think battling an Alolan Grimer is a dreadfully exciting task, wait till you see Shiny Grimer.

Pokedex (Pokemon stats) mentions that Shiny Grimer will have a cameo of sixty (60) minutes presence in the Spotlight Hour, without UI options for seeing or catching the creature.

Pokemon Go throws Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle, etc. in one mix, creating a new rare shiny member in Alola, which appears in a spoofed locator Spotlight Hour (April 6 PM – 7 PM).

Further, the company allows Grimer thresholds to create Muks (Alolan Musks, preferably). In this regard, it provides the lee hour for spotting and gathering Shiny Grimer, if only in a narrow success margin.

Hunting the Specie: Why You Need to Catch It, How it works

Why You Need to Catch It

Pokemon GO has several creatures in its franchise. However, the lines are easily blurred by evolution. As it happens, Shiny Grimer is the shining offshoot of Grimer. It is also crucial for creating an Alola Musk, hard to find, and the recent fad in the ecosystem (even if it is dangerous).

How it Works

It’s a simple task catching a Shiny Grimer. However, the problem is to spot one first.

To find a Shiny Grimer, wait for the Spotlight Hour 6-7 PM window. It allows you to locate a potential catch. Then, you can use any of these pieces to bait it.

Golden Razz Berry

Razz Berry

Is that all it takes? You have to lure it into a tractable position by using the berries. So far, those options are the most viable for players. On any slight miscalculation, Shiny Grimer would disappear from the location.

Moreover, typical Grimer weaknesses might factor in this process eventually.

Apart from a sludgy trunk, two forelimbs, highly active toxins, and pungency, Grimer has special attack powers. However, major weaknesses include Ground and Psychic. See the clip below.

Shiny Grimer

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