Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License | Ruja Ignatova Viral OneCoin Scam

Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License: Ruja Ignatova, allegedly evading regulations, buys a Ponzi Emirates License from Sheik Saoud. The famous Bulgarian author and founder of the OneCoin  token, Ruja Ignatova, is also popular for buying scam regulation from Sheikh Saoud. 

Caught in a tangle of bank prop-up vouchers from Sheik Saoud’s preferred bank, Ruja Ignatova lost nearly 20 million dollars in the fruitless shady deal.

Do you know about the Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License? See who is complicit in this Ponzi scheme in this article. Learn more about Ruja Ignatova, the so-called CryptoQueen in this article.

Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License: OneCoin Scam

According to popular western media, Sheik Saoud enlisted the services of financial facilitators in the Emirates to offer bank licenses to Ruja Ignatova. The deal involves at least a sixteen million (16, 000, 000) dollars down payment.

Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License: probing for more gains, the Shiek later commits to sourcing financial equities suitable for Ruja Ignatova’s ideal purpose. From findings on the internet, the assignment means he will liaise with the UAE apex bank, Central Bank, UAE. The result would provide a sizeable stock for the Initial Coin Offering of Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin. 

However, it turns out that the plan never came to fruition. The elephant project ran aground before its scheduled end. Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License appears to be directly involved in a triangle scheme straddling Macau and Portugal.

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Ruja Ignatova’s License Foiled by GetEasy

Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License: following Tiago Fantoura’s 2014 media outreach, the license procured for Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin seemingly loses its purpose.

The succession of events follows as listed below:

Sheik Saoud offered licenses worth over $16 000 000 to Ruja Ignatova. But previously, the same license was implicated in a Ponzi front from Tiago Fantouri’s GetEasy MLM platform. 

Despite touting precedence over other licensed MLM companies, Fantouri lost the whip barely several months later. In its hay days though, GetEasy offered the following values to clients:

Prospect of investing in a bank to own part of its publicly traded shares.

Assuring investors, albeit boastfully, that their shares in the bank are not susceptible to an abrupt closure. Supposedly, Fantouri assumes the Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License covers his platform for a long period.

Already evident from his earlier insinuations, Fantouri claims to now own a bank. Specifically, the words were transliterated as “We have a bank”.

Sheik Saoud Ponzi Bank License: GetEasy Denouement

After his earlier videos where he asserts that the Get Mania platform is long-lasting, Fantouri loses his trade to government authorities. Also, his GetEasy platform no longer exists.

Although no one knows who put Fantouri’s fraudulent License together, there is no doubt that Ruja Ignatova has the same license.

Recently, on the strength of his implication in the GetEasy Ponzi, Sheik Saoud is now under media scrutiny. Many reviews and media outlets point out that the Arabian royal has a hand in other undisclosed Ponzi license plots.

Further, most reviews point out that the duo of Ruja and Fantouri failed MLM projects were financed by Sheik Saoud-endorsed Emirates Bank. These reviews also insinuate that the Sultan could be involved in the scheme since his father started UAE Bank.

Ruja Ignatova Updates

Based on the preceding section, some journals have pieced the loose bits together. They also publish interesting information about the Sheik Saoud family et al. As it turns out, online sleuths can allegedly trace several banking outfits to the Sheikh’s family.

Recently, the latest sensation in the Sheik Saoud Ponzi saga appears to be Ruja Ignatova. Updates from private investigators suggest that she is still at large under the protection of the Saoud family.

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