Set Hole Punch Notification LED | Set LED for Samsung Galaxy s20 & s21

Set Up Hole Punch Notification LED: set the Notification LEDs of your Samsung Galaxies s20 and s21 phones to a better Hole Punch vantage. Since there are many products already in the Samsung Galaxies series, we will limit the bulky load of separately explaining their use to the s20 and s21 notification LED.

Without a conspicuous reminder of an important event, you might miss your schedules. Besides using hardware reminders like the calendar, you can also set a notification LED on your Samsung s20 and s21 virtual Hole Punch. 

We explain the procedure for setup in this article. Read on below for more details.

Set Up Hole Punch Notification LED: Preliminaries

Every tech requires some setting up. The Set-Up Hole Punch Notification LED steps will require a few prelims also. So, we start by explaining them briefly.

All you need to do to boot the setup procedure is to download the aodNotify app from Google Play Store.

  1. Then Open it and agree to an automatic configuration (involves some connections to your Samsung phone).
  2. You merely have to read the request, and then click on Done.

Subsequently, you now have access to the aodNotify mobile app homepage. Now follow the steps in the next section to start the Set Up Hole Punch Notification LED

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Set Samsung s20 and s21 Notification

Here we continue the process. You can follow the steps below to finish the Set Up Hole Punch Notification LED procedure.

 While still on the homepage, click on Notification.

Since Notification LED is a sort of sensor, it can indicate low batteries (depending on the minimum percentage you set for it). It can also indicate notifications. So, you can set the features you want to get notifications on in the aodNotify Notification page.

Moreover, you can adapt the LED to a different Style and Dimension. If you also wish to add animation visuals to your Notification LED, you can use the Effects option.

Briefly, below is how the above kits work:

Style Option _ helps you vary the position of the LED, from display on the screen to the default Hole Punch of your Samsung Galaxy s20 and Samsung Galaxy s21.

Dimensions _ auto-fixes the position of the Notification LED on your mobile phone.

Effects _ contains animation options, although there are only a few options outside the Pro aodNotify app.

Set Up Hole Punch Notification LED: Always-on Display

After using the special effects in the previous section, you can follow the steps below to set the arrangement to Always-on display mode. How can you do this? See below.

  1. Go to the aodNotify app homepage.
  2. Select Always on Display.

This syncs the LED notification with that of your Samsung s20/s21 default display. After this step, you only have to look at your phone screen to check the notification.

Moreover, you can set the LED display period and color using the steps in the following section.

Set Color & Display period

Click on the option for the LED color. Then you can decide to set different colors for different messages, alerts, etc. Otherwise, you can use the default color for all notifications.

Of course, the light will not keep blinking a notification since it eventually drains the phone battery. To prevent this, set the Camera Hole Punch LED to display for only a specific period.

  • You can also set the LED display period on the aodNotfy homepage.
  • Click on Display Time.
  • Lastly, you can set a time by dragging the knot to the desired length of the light period range.

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