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Samsung Galaxy Cloud: Cloud Storage is off the cart for all-purpose Samsung Galaxy storage since 2021, although the web portal still promises access to it.

But there is a window (for users who want a bit of space to sync Gallery files and all that) available on the trending 50 GB OneDrive storage backup. Ordinarily, the company uses its less-obvious branch, Samsung SDS, to boost server coverage and tether for people looking to back up their valuable files on the product.

We’ll retrace the topic a bit now _

Is the Samsung Galaxy Cloud still a thing? Has the company phased it out?

If it has been phased out, what’s the option for users?

One answer is inevitable _ users definitely want to buy a bit of storage space, even if the tariff is going to be expensive.

We get varying reports from users regarding the Cloud issue, though. However, we’d like to start on the note that a Samsung Storage portal is still up and running, which doesn’t imply that the Galaxy series necessarily have a Cloud Sync support, of course.

OneDrive, on the other hand, promises seamless backup, sync, upgrade experience, restore, and manage preference options across all Galaxy series.

So yes, offer is still there for all Galaxy series, cue S22 with fascinating features.

It follows an announcement in 2021, where Samsung began OneDrive migration support and a gradual rollout phase after notifying users to cancel subscriptions to the Cloud option. Retaining the basic features remains the object, with Samsung holding out the same packages for Galaxy devices. Some of these features include:


Sync, and

Restore Data.

However, Gallery Sync and Premium Storage will no longer be available on Cloud.

Read more in this article.

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Samsung Galaxy Cloud: Options for You

You can enjoy a 15 GB ration on all Samsung Galaxy devices using Cloud and Microsoft OneDrive. But you do not have to toggle both options every time you want to save a file, especially as the current Samsung Galaxy Cloud Portal specifies OneDrive features for users.

OneDrive Pricing

The pricing is $3.48 per year, which doesn’t rope extra capacity paid for in previous subscriptions into the current price. (Please, check that the 2022 Samsung Galaxy Cloud subscription aligns with this information)

So, you pay for a 10 TB storage space on 1Drive via the portal, using the offer for twelve (12) months. It’s a great offer, definitely.

For the complementing Cloud storage features, see the section below for details.


You can’t switch up the transition if your country of residence and other determiners aren’t supported. According to,

“OneDrive may not be supported, depending on countries, carriers, and models. In this case, only the data download to your personal storage will be supported.”

Moreover, OneDrive cinches the integration of Samsung Galaxy Cloud Gallery Sync and other depreciated storage features, allowing users to continue enjoying all functionality on the device.

Samsung Galaxy Cloud Pricing

You can enjoy a 15 GB Samsung Galaxy Cloud storage capacity for free, provided you don’t have a Verizon sub.

Also, it discounts app installations prior to the user getting Galaxy Cloud. Impliedly, every user starts off on the same 15 GB ration.

However, you can unlock more storage capacities by subscribing to the Samsung Galaxy Cloud tiers. Below is how it works.

Get 50 GB for $0.99

You can opt for a 40 gigabyte plus the 10GB basic free plan, as long as you are in one of the supported countries globally (barely 30 of them a few years ago).

Get 200 GB for $2.99

Alternatively, you can get 200 gigabytes for $2.99 for Cloud storage, although the overall pricing is comparatively higher than Google Drive tiers.

Moreover, Microsoft OneDrive topples the price competition with Cloud since it offers capacities in terabytes and provides better integration than the Samsung Galaxy Cloud features.

Apparently, servers aren’t the only things that need switching up for Samsung device users.

Cloud V.s OneDrive Features

With the Samsung Galaxy Cloud, you can do the following (as seen from the site) _

  • Backup and restore data on your Galaxy device;
  • Sync data across all of your devices using Samsung Cloud;
  • And Access device backups.

With OneDrive, you can sync your Gallery photos, accessing up to one terabyte of storage capacity.

OneDrive integration retains basic features and options for deleting Gallery files, restoring deleted Gallery files, and syncing albums.

How to Login to Galaxy Cloud

You can sign in to your Samsung Galaxy Cloud account using the following steps.

  • Go to using any preferred web browser.
  • Click on the Sign-in icon.
  • Enter your email address and password (click on Remember my ID, which is optional).
  • Finally, click on Sign In.
  • Alternatively, you can log into your account using your Google account or via QR Code.

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